Ravens re-sign Brandon Stokley


The Baltimore Ravens have re-signed receiver Brandon Stokley just days after releasing him.

The Ravens released Stokley on Friday in order to sign tight end Billy Bajema prior to the team’s game the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

With the game in the books, the team reversed course Tuesday to re-sign Stokley. Bajema was released to clear a spot for Stokley on the roster.

Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh said the decision to release Stokley last week was because he was dealing with an injury and the team needed the extra body available to play.

“Brandon has a groin/hip flexor issue where he wasn’t ready to play,” John Harbaugh said, via the team’s official website. “We had to find a way to get Billy back up so we could play Billy, and it was a numbers issue. … It was all health related.”

Stokley has nine catches for 79 yards in three games played this season for the Ravens.

19 responses to “Ravens re-sign Brandon Stokley

  1. I really don’t know why they let stokley go in the beginning he’s a real good player it didn’t make sense that they made that move like that but I sure am glad see that they sign stokely back on the roster Listcan catch the ball he’s a big help and contributes to the team

  2. Oh THAT must be the reason Flacco lost Sunday. He didn’t have Stokely!

    Hey, why not… they’re using every other excuse for Flacco this season.

    Omg PITTA is hurt and some OL injuries too! Oh how can Joe be expected to succeed under such horrible conditions?

    Steeler fans have TRIED to explain to Ravens fans that Roethlisberger has succeeded for years with even WORSE o-line conditions, which is yet another reason why Flacco isn’t close to being in elite Ben’s class. Ben’s won under the worst conditions, Flacco’s folded this year like a tent. (No more cushy conditions like you’ve enjoyed the last 5 years, Joe? Awwww!)

    But hey… it could all change now that Stoke’s back! And if it doesn’t, and Joe continues to put up those stinky 53-yards-in-the-half pass performances, just remember…


  3. I wish the Broncos still had Tebow and Stokley.
    They are good people.

    Jets and Patriots really screwed over Tebow (and his future) by making him unavailable to other teams but having no intention of starting him.

    Stokley is a true Colorado stoner athlete. WTF is he doing in the opposite plane of existance? Please give him a bullet proof vest.

    That being said, 2013 Broncos are amazing.

    Video game designers need to write different code for PFM. The laws of physics do not apply.

    Roger Goodell,

    Stop being weird douche about weed. It’s legal now, it’s not a PED. Go buy some Peyton Manning weed from a store in Denver and stop treating Von Miller like Lance Armstrong.

  4. google ross rebagliati, won a gold medal for snowboarding then tested positive for pot. he got the gold anyway as the IOC concluded that weed wasn’t “performance enhancing.”

  5. ampatsisahypocrite

    How do your steelers like 0-4? Flacco is the only reason they won Sunday.

    Steelers: 0-4. Ben is not elite

  6. @ampats…whatever your name is. If you don’t think losing your two top receivers & having a shaking O-line (the left tackle in particular) has no effect on how productive ANY QB is….you sir….are a moron. As more all that nonsense about Rothlisburger being “elite”….the ravens won their second Super Bowl BECAUSE of Flacco’s play….unlike Ben’s 1st won where the Steelers won in in SPITE of his play….check the stats….he SUCKED. Now this season he’s yet to get one single win & they haven’t even played any “elite” teams….go sit down somewhere & finish that tall glass of haterade you were sipping on before you wrote that crap.

  7. Cam was forced out by the Ravens and Bruce was thrown out on his behind by the Steelers and now both teams are having their share of struggles.. If that doesn’t tell you something….

  8. @ampatsisahypocrite

    you seem to forget old ELITE Ben Roethlisberger threw for an amazing 123yards and no TDs in that SB win vs Seattle. He managed to post the worst quarterback rating in Super Bowl history at 22.6…….just sayin

  9. near game choking pick six? you sir are one sad butt hurt Steelers fan! Hows that season going pal?
    The pick wasn’t Flaccos fault. He was hit as he threw. But believe what you want. Nobody has time to fight with Steelers fans anymore. …….you are IRRELEVANT until further notice. 0-4?????

  10. It’s all about roster limitations and gameplanning. We’re seeing the dawning of a new roster management strategem. Money is set aside to compensate players for the uncertainty created by firing/rehiring. Guys are cut but told to hang around town because the probability of a re-add are high. Meanwhile they have the freedom to get picked up elsewhere.

    Expect the NFL to put a limit on the number of times a guy can be added to a roster within a season’s calender year as this strategy circumvents the rules.

    Probably the purview of the competition committee.

  11. @ampatsisahypocrite
    Your feelings hurt? Who cares if Ben is better and flacco is average? It’s a team game and obviously the ravens are winning and the steelers are not. It’s that simple, sorry about you luck.

  12. @ampats. You should lay off the caffeine. You have way too much anxiety over a football player. Flacco didn’t “almost lose”, the Ravens team won. You should be worried about your own team and why they can’t even get one win.

  13. “Stokley gets injured on the job, so then Ravens don’t pay him until he can work again??!?! How did that ever make it into the CBA?”

    since he is a vested veteran and made the team game 1, his salary for the year was guaranteed.

  14. ampatsisahypocrite says: Oct 9, 2013 1:06 AM

    P.S. First line should’ve read “almost lost Sunday.” I realize of course the Ravens pulled it out despite Flacco’s near-game-choking pick six. Now carry on.
    P.S. This correction effectively dials the crazy back from 11 to 10. Am I right that you’re the only Steeler fan in existence who would rather have the Ravens win in spite of Joe than have him throw for 500 yds and 5 TD in a loss?

  15. Given the Steelers D’s performance in the U.K., Stokely should be good for a couple of 70 yard TDs on October 20. Add that to a couple of 60 yard runs for Rice and Pierce and we should all be able to fly out of PIT before dark.

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