Redskins could receive $27 million from league for stadium upgrades

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One of the items on the table during the NFL owners’ meetings this week is a vote to approve $27 million in funds for a renovation to FedEx Field, the home of the Washington Redskins.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the owners are expected to vote Tuesday over whether to provide league funding for the renovations.

The renovations are expected to include seating modifications, in-stadium wi-fi, ribbon boards for signage and an expansion to the Hall of Fame.

The league has a mechanism for providing funding for stadium improvements, though it requires approval from the owners in order to draw from the fund.

42 responses to “Redskins could receive $27 million from league for stadium upgrades

  1. You’ve got to be kidding. Dan Snyder made his fortune in telecommunications and he doesn’t understand wifi. Here’s an idea, move the stadium out of hillbilly county Maryland and put it back in DC. Better chance of hosting a SB that way too. No hotels in Landover MARYLAND!!!

    Of course the NFL is about money and this could be one early exchange for changing the team name and saving Snyder money in the short term since it will be a couple years before massive profits from the new franchise name.

    Help Oakland get a Stadium w proper plumbing that serves 2 pro teams before this team founded in racism that refused to integrate until Doug Williams.

  2. I would not give the Danny a dime. He is making money hand over fist with some of the most expensive seats in the NFL, charging for practices, charging for buses from the parking lot to that decrepit piece of garbage stadium. He wants to fix it let him spend some of the millions he is bilking out of the DC fans.

  3. Dear NFL,

    How about instead we get back $27 million in cap space and John Mara sits in a dunk tank in the FedEx parking lot for a few hours?

    We can totally call it even for that whole “collusion” thing that you guys seemed to have swept under the rug!


  4. The first step to getting a Super Bowl at FedEx? Yep. The PC crowd will be “fake” enraged.

  5. I wonder if daniel snyder will offer free blankets to any Native American visiting FedEx Field???

  6. Is it any coincidence that this surfaces as the same time that the NFL Commish is saying the Redskins name should be considered for change?

  7. Wow, no comments about any other matters pertaining to the Redskins injected into the story? I fully expected there to be suggestions about leverage being exerted, etc…

  8. I got an idea… Perhaps some of that 27 million can go to redo the surface on the field so it doesn’t look so horrendous by week 9 like it does every year.

  9. I can confirm that FedEx Field is a dump. But I thought the Skins were one of the most valuable franchises in the league? Why do they need a bailout?

    Oh right, Dan Snyder. OK then.

  10. Wait… You mean they’re not going to threaten to move the Redskins to London or LA if the city/state don’t pay for the renovations?!?!

  11. Um, what? So the league takes $25 mil of their cap away and then gives them $27 mil? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, something smells fishy here.

  12. Just make sure there are no strings-attached… such as the league’s “right” to pressure them for a name change when the whiners start complaining about be offended.

  13. Did they provide funding for the Bills and Vikings? Real question, I don’t know. Daniel Snyder does not need the money he has plenty. Let him spend it.

  14. I’m not saying I support it – I’m not even saying I care one way or the other – but:

    if the NFL is serious about Team DC changing its mascot name, this seems like the time and place to draw the line in the sand.

    “Oh, you want renovation money? We’ll happily give renovation money…to the Washington Monuments!”

  15. The stadium is in a pit of a location. Unless you’re the 1% who gets to park at the stadium, you have to drive to a satellite parking lot and then take a shuttle bus to the game? Are you kidding me? Who wants to go through that? Build a damn stadium in DC and stop forcing people to get stuck in constant congestion on the Beltway.

  16. Honestly you can give all the updates you want but the traffic is the main problem. You also have terrible parking arrangments. As a former Season Ticket holder these two problems were the reason I decided to watch the game at home on the big screen. You pay $30 to walk 2 miles or catch a shuttle from a business park. On the other hand I’ve been to a Ravens game and it’s so easy to access parking it’s no comparison. Also with light rail you just walk right up to the stadium and into your seat. Well planned Stadium. So in closing Keep your upgrades if they don’t improve parking and traffic.

    Former Season Ticket Holder

  17. In a nutshell how would a name help anyone? Is it going to go to addressing really issues like the high number of rapes, alcoholics and unemployment?

    No, we should do like liberals do and vote to name every street MLK. Perhaps HBS (Heap Big Squaw)
    I remember the Hakowie on F-Troop. Those were some brave warriors right there.

  18. The Redskins were awarded the $27 million, which if you search and read about, was more of a waiver of fees they pay the NFL when fixing their stadium (i.e. kiss the ring, play by the rules, get a waiver)…

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