Report: Julio Jones broke the screw in his surgically repaired foot

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The foot injury suffered by Falcons receiver Julio Jones on Monday night is reportedly related to the foot surgery he had before his rookie year.

Veteran NFL reporter Jason Cole reports that Jones, who leads the league with 41 catches, broke the screw that was put in his foot in that 2011 surgery.

I’m not a doctor, but my official diagnosis is ouch. And the fact that Jones kept playing and made a sensational 46-yard catch with a broken screw in his foot makes me feel like the guy who passes out in that “You wouldn’t make it in pro football” commercial.

But Jones has a history of shrugging off his foot problems. The 2011 injury happened before the Scouting Combine, but he delayed surgery, ran at the Combine and put on a sensational performance despite running with a broken bone in his foot.

Jones is expected to get a second opinion on Wednesday, but the initial diagnosis is that he’s going to need another surgery and will miss the rest of the season. That’s terrible news for a player who was having an outstanding year.

48 responses to “Report: Julio Jones broke the screw in his surgically repaired foot

  1. That sucks for him…. Hope the 2nd surgery goes well!

    But, as someone who hates the Falcons, this isn’t going to make their team any better.

  2. I went to work with a broken foot and smiled as I walked in on the midnight shift past the security guys… It was horrible…and I was only walking on it!

  3. Not a Falcons fan either but rooting for this guy – that was incredible grit, skill and concentration to make that catch against one of the premiere CBs in the league

    Get well soon

  4. It’s also his 3rd season, which as we know are usually when WRs break out. He’s lead the league. Roddy is hurt. Without the best-producing WR in the league, the team is going to have to really change up the play calling. They need to trade for Josh Gordon and get Roddy ready to retire. The team is all-in for a Super Bowl and need to replace firepower while building for the future.

  5. His catch last night was the best I’ve seen this year. Add to it the fact that he had a broken screw in a broken foot?? Mad respect.

  6. jmblosser82 says:
    Oct 8, 2013 8:20 PM
    Playing thru that kinda of pain, nothing but respect. Kind if guy I would love on my team

    Yeah, Toradol is a wonderful drug. Which team are you on?

  7. What a selfish Player. Hurting his team like that. Oh, and The coach should be run out of town for letting a player keep playing while injured. Terrible.


    Mike Shannahan

  8. I hate the Falcons, their owner is a clown and their coach is an idiot, but Julio Jones is a great player. Hope he has a full recovery and a great career and loses to the Saints in every game in which he plays and that the Falcons never complete the season higher than second place in the NFC South.

  9. “broken screw in a broken foot?? Mad respect.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    And just think… Mike Lombardturd, the Cleveland GM, goes to work every day with a broken screw in his head!

  10. OY! That could indicate a chronic condition, which might be career threatening…AWFULLLLL.

  11. I’m surprised it’s season ending. if there is no bone or ligament damage, a surgery should be able to heal in a month or so.

  12. Saints fan here. Julio is a great receiver and almost impossible to defend. Hope he recovers any time after November 21!

  13. Long time foot injury or botched surgery ? It sound to me like Jones’ first procedure didn’t take.

  14. Isn’t that why we have hardware stores? I say screw another one in their and call it good… He is exciting to watch

  15. Two firsts, a second, and two fourths was too much for Julio. Dimitrov made a bad trade, not because Julio is bust. Far from it, Julio is a top young WR in the game today. But the reality is Atlanta’s o-line and d-line are in shambles. Beyond that, it makes so little sense pursue big-time stud WRs when there is zero evidence that acquiring such a player helps win the Super Bowl. I’d much rather have four or five above average WRs than one or two studs. A quality QB will find the open player and get him the ball, and when the inevitable injuries come the offense doesn’t grind to a halt.

    On top of Julio’s injury (and he’s been injury prone since College), Atlanta is now facing life without Tony Gonzales. Throw in the fact that Roddy White is aging, and it’s apparent he Falcons are on the brink of needing a complete rebuild. Dimitrov took too many short cuts with this team and nows it’s all come home to roost.

  16. Reminds me of the often maligned Donovan McNabb winning a game on a fractured ankle. Some of these guys are very tough.

  17. higherweed562 says:

    “even with him falcons where never going to do nothing..Go Broncos!!”

    So it’s your opinion that the Falcons ‘Were always going to do something?’.

    Is education optional where you live?

  18. So sad to see him go, I knew our season was over but he was turning into a superstar, a top 10 type of player. He shouldn’t risk coming back he needs to heal and he ready to claim the best WR spot in the NFL next year

  19. Even as a Saints fan I feel sorry for the Falcons. Julio is probably the best all round WR in the NFL, and if not is well on his way to being there. He has great speed, size, hands, body control and big play potential.

    As much as I hate the Falcons I miss the competitive nature of the rivalry the Saints have with them. Jones, White and Gonzo equate to a powerful line up that I think makes Matt Ryan look way better than he really is. It’s time for Ryan to “rise up” so to speak and live up to his hype. They will get will eventually get Roddy back but this setback might actually be a teaching moment for Ryan. Perhaps he can learn to make plays on his own instead of relying on the talent around him to get it done.

    BTW love the folks talking about how a man’s injury will impact their Fantasy lineup, priceless.

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