Todd Haley faces lawsuit over damage to rental home


It’s been a bad year for Todd Haley.

The embattled Steelers offensive coordinator, who survived what some believed would be a bye-week firing, now finds himself on the wrong end of a civil lawsuit.

According to WPXI-TV, Haley and his wife have been sued for reneging on a deal to purchase a million-dollar home in Pittsburgh, and of leaving the property in disarray.

Per the lawsuit filed in Allegheny County by Williamson and Jefferson Inc., Todd and Christine Haley agreed to rent the newly-built home for $6,000 per month until their house in Kansas had been sold.

Williamson and Jefferson claims that the Haleys sold the Kansas home in March, but still didn’t buy the home in Pittsburgh.  The Haleys said the sale of the Kansas home had been derailed by a spider infestation.  The company rejected a request to extend the lease agreement, evicting the Haleys from the home in August.

The lawsuit alleges that the builders found the home “stripped of fixtures, appliances and plants, shrubs and landscaping” after the Haleys moved out.

“The Haleys dispute the claims alleged by Williamson and Jefferson Inc. as baseless, will vigorously defend themselves against the claims in the lawsuit and have asserted claims of their own against Williamson and Jefferson,” lawyer James McLean told WPXI in a statement.
It’s not the Haleys’ first foray into the legal system.  Several years ago, the Haleys sued McDonald’s after Mrs. Haley allegedly found a rat in a salad.
We’re not sure how that case was resolved, but we still can’t get rid of the image of the rat hanging from a fork, swinging by its tail.

52 responses to “Todd Haley faces lawsuit over damage to rental home

  1. “I might be fired during the bye week? Honey!! Grab the copper wire, we’re outta here!”

  2. Not buying in PA is a very sound move for him. Leaving it trashed sounds like something this turd would do, and worry not about it.

  3. And after all of Haley’s escapades, he paints himself as such a douche. He never played football, he played golf. He gets into altercations every stop he goes and without Kurt Warner or Charlie Weis and Romeo running his offense and defense he’s awful. I just don’t get it.

  4. Pretty sure Todd had a whole family of rats living in his hat when he was the KC coach.

    Not sure why one in a salad would lead them to sue?

  5. It’s crazy that somebody would go to all the trouble for such “baseless” claims. I wonder if in the future that will change to “well it wasn’t me that did it”. A reporter in the area should go to the home right now and snap a picture of the garden just to confirm whether these mysterious plants in question exist or not!

  6. who believed he would be fired?

    The Steelers O looked terrific from an efficiency standpoint in London. Antonio Brown is the 4th leading WR in the NFL and has caught 20 balls in the last 2 games.

    Todd Haley isn’t fumbling the ball in the pocket. Todd Haley didn’t dive into Maurkice Pouncey’s knee.

  7. Spielman should sign trailer trash Haley as an assistant in MN. They don’t have to worry about him stealing the plumbing fixtures in the Land of 1ok Trailer Park Cesspools because there isn’t indoor plumbing there.

  8. Omigosh … I was feeling the creepies from the bit about the spider infestation, then I got to the rat in the salad. Who are these people?

  9. Florio: you failed to mention the possibility that both parties are telling the truth. In central PA where I live criminals have been cleaning out houses that have been recently vacated. They follow the legal notices of Sheriff’s sales and eviction notices (complete with address and names). Older houses with copper pipes have been gutted in a few hours.

    Doesn’t the fact that Haley is obviously renting again elsewhere make stealing fixtures and landscaping seem useless?

  10. Hmmm. Hard to tell, but this seems like sour apples from the seller since Haley didn’t buy the house when he said he would.

  11. Yeah, like an NFL Coach has time for that crap. Landlord should be crying to their insurance company.

    Haley is used to being around rats. They had surveillance on everybody in order to keep tabs on them.

  12. @gb4mn0

    Nice gibberish. You must be drunk & tired of cow tipping in WI.

    Or, more than likely….living drunk in MN relieving your repressed angst on the internet. I am sure it isn’t easy working with Viking fans. Can’t you be happy that you moved off the pasture & got a job in the Twin Cities?

    Relieve your angst your usual way and try not to download spyware slappy.

  13. halftermguv:
    The Haley family is presently staying at a hotel. I suppose they would have to rent storage space somewhere in the middle of Pittsburgh if, in fact, they did what they are accused of doing. Seems like that would be a lot of work to gut a place, especially since they had nowhere to stash the evidence…

  14. He tore the house up looking for the bugs that the Steelers or someone placed at this house since he was crazy enough to think the Chiefs was doing that to him. This hiring of Haley was all the Rooney’s after they ran Airans out of town its time to cut ties with this troublemaker and get someone who doesnt call 12 bubble screens a game. The Rooney’s made a big mistake bringing Haley here in the first place he had to many red flags associated with him for an organization of this caliber to ever consider hiring this fool.

  15. As long as the Steelers are winless Haley’s primarily going to be taking it in the chops even if the defense continues to slip as well. Winning (i.e. even a single game) can cure a lot.

  16. Sometimes (okay; A LOT in the NFL) this nepotism thing simply goes to far. And by all accounts Dick Haley was a class act.

    You are who you roll with. Todd Haley is an egocentric, abrasive jackass – and he’s taking the Steeler faithful down with him.

  17. He’s trying to his job to the best of his ability. Isn’t that what everyone does. Of course not! That’s your all posting!

  18. House ? House ? never mind the house, what about the damage he’s done to our beloved Steelers !! He set Steeler football back 5 years. You’d trash your house too if you got the bad press he does.Being worthless as he is,he’s not stupid,he knows it’s a matter of time before he’s unemployed so why invest a million bucks in a house.He’d look good behind bars for what he’s done to Pittsburgh football.

  19. dagrizzman:
    I’m assuming this is your first season watching Steelers Football.
    The damage to the Steelers was done long before Haley arrived. You do realize, I’m sure, that Haley’s offense actually scored more points last season than Arians’ offense of 2011? In fact, the Steelers’ offense has been unproductive going back to the 2008 season, which, ironically, was five years ago…
    Keep believing the media.
    I mean, that’s how Obama got elected twice.

  20. Rat salad? That’s gotta taste even worse than all the crow he and the players have had to eat after every game this year.

  21. Yes, bob. But this is you venting your political views, and that’s not why I come to the football blog. Football is my escape from all that crap. Take it somewhere else.

  22. Sorry. Deb.
    I had no idea this site was owned and operated by you. By all means, please get back to those important issues, like spiders and rat salads.

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