Tony Gonzalez doesn’t want to be traded


The news that wide receiver Julio Jones might miss the rest of the season has led a lot of people to surmise that the Falcons aren’t going anywhere after starting the year with four losses in their first five games.

That has led some people to wonder if there might be an opening to trade tight end Tony Gonzalez. Doing so would land the Falcons draft picks they need to build up their offensive line and defense while also allowing Gonzalez to close out his career for a team that’s in contention. A question about a possible trade even popped up in Gonzalez’s old stomping grounds. Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said he’s “frugal with those draft picks” before saying he wasn’t ruling anything out.

“No, it’s not a no,” Dorsey said, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star. “We have to analyze each situation. That’s kind of what that is.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen, though.

Gonzalez, who said after Monday night’s loss that he still believed in the team, told Jay Glazer of FOX Sports that he does not want to leave the Falcons. The Falcons probably aren’t in any particular hurry to punt on the rest of the season either, although that could change between now and the October 29 trade deadline.

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  1. He came back to win a Super Bowl. It looked bad after last night and now without Julio they have no shot of even making the playoffs, and are unlikely to even be .500

    Go home Tony and take one more shot at a ring. Nobody wants to see you hanging it up in a meaningless week 17 battle between the 5-10 Falcons and the 4-11 Panthers.

  2. “Gonzalez’s situation reminds me a lot of Brett Favre’s situation in 2010. I’ll bet he wishes he would have stayed retired.”

    You left out the part where Gonzalez is actually still playing well.

  3. What’s he going to say? “Man, I wish I had stayed retired. We suck. I want a trade.”? Gonzo has been around awhile, he knows good PR.

  4. At this point they’re not going to right the ship probably needing to go at least 8-3 the rest of the way to have a chance to get a WC.
    Try to trade any vet they can get anything for; Tony G, Babineux, Osi, Samuel, Harry Douglas, etc. and do it while there are other teams laboring under the impression they have a shot. It probably won’t happen because the NFL doesn’t work like MLB but still worth exploring.
    By Oct. 29 there will be other teams in the tank with the Falcons looking to do the same.

  5. Gozalez in a Chiefs uniform again would give KC a huge advantage. Alex Smith is pretty accurate 20 yards and in, and Tonys not typically going to be getting more than 20 yards with his age. But he can seemingly get 5-10 yards whenever you need it. I’ve never seen a TE being doubled every time in the end zone. And add the fact he’s 36? He is amazing!

  6. What do you want him to say “yeah, we suck and I want off the team”? Falcons are a product of themselves – what did they think would happen this year with noticeably lacking DE’s? Kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t bring Abraham back.

    The DE’s press the QB to throw the ball quicker and thereby allow the DB’s to push the WR’s out of rhythm. Without that and WR’s can run around until they are open.

  7. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Oct 8, 2013 5:28 PM

    Gonzalez’s situation reminds me a lot of Brett Favre’s situation in 2010. I’ll bet he wishes he would have stayed retired.

    Except Gonzales would never embarrass his family with a public wanker expose’ and playing in MN.

  8. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Oct 8, 2013 5:28 PM

    Gonzalez’s situation reminds me a lot of Brett Favre’s situation in 2010. I’ll bet he wishes he would have stayed retired.


    You mean you bet he wishes that he would have retired?…

  9. He’s retiring after the season. Giving up even a late pick for a guy whose only gonna be on the team for 11 games (and will struggle to lean the scheme for at least the first few games) is bad team management. Even for a contender he couldn’t be worth more than a 6th or 7th.

  10. I highly doubt they begged him to stay on for one more season just to dump him when things get rough. They’ll see it through, and send him into retirement with a grand farewell – not send him packing with a kick in the rear.

  11. Might be a great fit for New England, Ravens or 49ers. Those teams should offer a 2nd and feature 3rd rounder.

  12. Total class move. He’s not trying to get off the sinking ship. I would love to see him go out on top, even after all those years of torching the Raiders.

    I’d really like to see him in Seattle, seems like that would be a great fit.

  13. Trading anything more than a 6th rounder is stupid for any team. I am a big Chiefs fan and Tony fan. But to give up a 5th or earlier is crazy talk. It would be great to see him in a Chiefs uniform one more time, and with a chance at the playoffs (even as a wildcard) to boot!

  14. Hgh/steroid abusing veteran tony gonzalez would help Cincinnati since Eifert is playing like a rookie and 2012 NFL tight end dropped passes leader Jermaine Gresham is undependable and lacks explosiveness…. but…. I’d rather see the juiced up fraud retire than help open up my team’s offense.

  15. I’d think 5th rounder tops. You know what you’re getting, a pro bowl player, but for 2 years tops, and more like only 4 months. I’d love to see Tony come home, and not for that meaningless 1 day contract next year. If KC can hang in there, be at 6-1 or better by the 29th, and assuming ATL’s loses a couple more, KC would be tough. Maybe offer a 5th, with it going up to a 4th if they win a playoff game with him. And maybe a 3rd if he comes back next year.

  16. The Falcons would be insane to trade him. They have a lot working against them but things could improve with a couple wins over the next few weeks. Then when they get Jackson back and Roddy gets healthier, that could help even more. They would never get enough in return in a trade because no team in their right mind would give up much for a guy with 11 games left.

  17. Who would have thought this situation would happen, this early in the season, to the Falcons? Not I.

  18. Gonzalez showed the elite player he is last night.

    That said I think it pathetic when star players without championships try to cherry pick already playoff bound teams for a year here or there to validate their careers.

  19. No way they will trade Tony. Even if this season is done he is a huge part of this organization and still a big time weapon on the field. To dump him because times are rough would be su h the wrong move and I highly doubt he wants to go anywhere. If anything this will probably make him want to come back next year and give it one more run when the team is healthy! Injuries have killed us this yr! Starting RB, FB, 2 Tackles, DE, 2 LBs are all out, a few foe the season. Not to mention Roddy and Asante Samuel are banged up and now Julio is possibly gone for the year! All you can do is keep fighting through the rough times and get healthy and RISE UP!

  20. Why not? Does he want to win? Sorry, but the Falcons are going the way of the Giants this year. No playoffs.
    Why bother coming back for another year for this? Trade to a team that has a chance to win! Go to Denver. New England. Anywhere else.

  21. This guy wanted to play for a winning team so he left the Chiefs to play for the Falcons. He retired then thought the Falcons were his ticket to the SB. Karma sometimes gives you a kick in the gut.

  22. There is ZERO chance he is traded. The man did not come back for one last year, to go spend it somewhere learning a new teams way of doing things. And all you talking about a fire sale of Falcons players, when in the history of the league has anything like that ever happened during the season?? It’s not going to happen now. Some of you guys are just delusional as to how things work in the NFL, and think it’s like your fantasy teams (which probably lose with that thinking too).

  23. It would be great to see Gonzo come home to KC to join the best Chiefs team in a decade. He won’t get a ring in Atlanta this year. His chances are better with Andy Reid. Everyone who is a Chiefs fans never wanted him to leave. He was another victim of Pioli and Haley.

  24. It’s shameful how the Falcons fished this man out of retirement with the carrot on the stick of possibly playing for the Superbowl (year right).

    Now he has to retire going out a loser on a losing team with a losing record.
    Good going Falcons, you sure know how to send a guy out on top.

  25. They talked him out of retirement and now want to pawn him for draft pics because they suck? Wow, real classy Falcons. Just walk now Tony and save some face while you can. They cant say you didn’t try…..

  26. Boo hoo.

    “We started the season out poorly and are losing one of our starting WR’s, lets pack it in”

    Loser mentality. Any Falcon personnel/fan with that thinking should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. Gimme A Break!!!

    Gonzalez ego fished himself out of retirement (just like brett favrt and junior seau).

    I am amazed at the stupidity some NFL fans.

    Remember all the apologists for juiced up loser mark mcgwire?!?

    tony gonzalez mark mcgwire and brett favrt rolled into one.

  28. What the Falcons should do is get Cleveland on the phone and see the price tag for Gordon. WR is where the Falcons are hurting. Tony’s retiring after the season. Get over the idea of a trade, people.

  29. Come back to the Bay Area and play for the 49ers! We need a complement to Vernon Davis given our WR depleted corp.

  30. What about door no. 3: retire during the bye week. What’s wrong with hanging it up mid-season? It would save the Falcons about $5M in salary, so they wouldn’t mind.Why play out another 11 meaningless games and risk a catastrophic personal injury or head injury? He came back to help the team win, the team had a rash of bad injuries, time to hang it up.

  31. Since the Falcons are going to stink w/or w/o Julio, I say set up the trade machine and deal Roddy to the 49ners. Packers could use Tony, but I doubt they figure that Finely is just not that good.

  32. He had it coming. When Matt Ryan got shut out in the second half against SF, the writing was on the wall. It was dumb to come back looking for a championship without a solid QB who handle pressure.

  33. First Atlanta did not pressure Tony to come back. His son asked to him to come back for one more year in hopes of a SB win. Thats likely not to happen but that doesnt mean he doesnt want to be a Falcon because times are rough! Tony has done great things for the Falcons and will retire as a instant HOF, SB Ring or not!

    Second Id love to see us get Josh Gordon from Cle especially if Julio is out for the rest of the season. Even next year thatd be one hell of a 3 way monster at WR for Atlanta. If we could somehow get Cameron from them aswell itd be even better and theres your replacement for Tony!

  34. Great idea Salim, all those guys can stand on the sideline and watch another rookie QB next yr dominate time of possession and post a 140 QB rating b/c the Falcons had no picks to improve the defense.

  35. Send him to Jacksonville so they don’t go 0-16 plus you will get 3 first round picks, 4 second round picks, 6 third round picks, 5 fourth round picks, 7 fifth round picks, 4 sixth round picks, 6 seventh round picks. Total Picks = 35. Plus 2 beers.

  36. Satisfied with Sean McGrath and no need to disturb the team chemistry at this point. If he wants to come back next season, fine…plus, won’t have to waste any draft picks. It’ll be hard enough to fit Fasano back in, whenever. McGrath is playing as well as Tony ever did.

  37. Saints fan here, feeling bad for the best tight end in the history of the game. Glad the Falcons likely won’t pose a threat to us this year, but sorry it comes at this classy guy’s expense.

  38. Too bad the 2008 trade to Green Bay didn’t go through.

    Tony wanted to go to Green Bay and the deal was all set for a 3rd rounder. Then Polian tried to jack it up for a 2nd rounder at a point when it was too late to change the paperwork at the trade deadline.

  39. You cannot even put McGrath in the same sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely impressed with McGrath but look at what Tony did in KC and the numbers he put up year after year. Keep in mind, with the exception of Trent Green, he did it with the likes of Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle, etc. Tony would be an immediate upgrade at TE and would be A. Smiths best friend quickly. Love to see him come back to KC but can’t see it happening. A guy can dream though…

  40. It’s too early to write them off. They have seven very winnable games left, even in their weakened state. Getting Jackson and White back full speed should also give them a shot at a couple of upsets. 10-6 won’t be easy, but its not out of the question.

  41. What is with this crazy talk of trade to KC, that ship sailed what 4 years ago, its not happening so move on please. Also why would he jump ship, dude is retiring after this year anyway, he more than likely wont win a championship but next stop Canton that aint bad either.

  42. Seahawks desperately need a top notch TE. Would put the Hawks over the top. Probably score a fourth from us.

  43. TG is retiring. If not at the end of this season it will certainly be within the next two. Who is going to give of draft picks for a guy that you will be lucky to have for less than 2 seasons?
    And what would you trade for him a conditional 6th & a 7th?
    He is a HOF TE but unless his presence guarantees a SB. I just don’t think he is worth trading for.

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