William Moore: We made Geno Smith look like a 10-year vet

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The Falcons defense was asked to defend a one-point lead with 1:55 to play on Monday night and they couldn’t do it.

Jets quarterback Geno Smith completed four passes and scrambled for a first down to move the Jets into position for Nick Folk’s game-winning 43-yard field goal. Smith was composed and controlled during the drive, showing none of the skittishness that helped lead to 11 turnovers in the first four games. The offensive game plan and strong work from the supporting cast had much to do with that, but so did the play of the Falcons defense.

“He’s a rookie and we make him look like a 10-year veteran,” Falcons safety William Moore said, via the Associated Press.

The Falcons defense did that thanks to aneffort that was short on consistent pass rush and long on soft coverage in the secondary. That combination gave Smith time to throw and people to throw to all night, something that hasn’t been the case often in the first four weeks. The Jets didn’t have gaudy rushing numbers, but they were generating enough on the ground to remain out of long third down situations most of the night. That led to a 6-of-11 conversion rate for the Jets and only added to Smith’s overall comfort level.

It was a passive approach by the Falcons defense against a quarterback who spent the first four weeks showing he could be rattled fairly easily. That’s a big reason why the Falcons are 1-4, a record that has been part of the path to a playoff berth in just six of 118 cases since 1990.

15 responses to “William Moore: We made Geno Smith look like a 10-year vet

  1. By all rights Geno could proclaim, how ya like me now? Fortunately, he’s not that type of guy. Is it time for all the naysayer experts to state how wrong they were about this young man, as loudly as they declared, he was not ready and would NEVER be?

    Do you hear me Greg Cosell, who before the draft said Mike Glennon was better. In keeping with his bias, he also stated that he preferred Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib, who he called the “best QB in the draft”.

    See the pattern? He has no credibility, having missed 3 years running on his evaluation of the new QBs. He has an agenda and that’s why his assessments are increasingly meaningless.

    Continue to prove’em wrong Geno!!!

  2. So they get upset when a vet beats em & now upset that a rookie beat em. Maybe you guys just suck Mr.Moore, ever thought of that instead of making excuses?

  3. Uh, no, he made you look like losers. Hard for me to say as a dolphin fan, but great game Jets!

  4. @wearethesteelers

    WHOOOOOOAAA… slow down there. I’m a Jags fan… Blake Gabberd would still throw another pick 6 and have 2 fumbles while trying to pump fake but losing the ball then getting injured in the 4th quarter via some weird body contortion from leaving the pocket feeling ghost pressure.

  5. Embarrassing amount of missed tackles, no pass rush AT ALL, and on offense I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many RBs tackled in the backfield, horrible O-line work. Forget the Super Bowl hype for what may have been the most overrated team of the year. Is Tony Gonzales regretting his decision yet?

  6. They may have made Geno look good, but that wouldn’t have worked with Sanchez, he’d have given the game to Atlanta, no doubt.

  7. That’s funny, because the steelers will make him look like a 10-yr old on Sunday.

  8. A three man rush gives a QB time to do whatever he pleases in the backfield. The only times in which the defense was productive was when they rushed more than three men. Every third and long they applied no pressure at all…..bad defensive strategy….

  9. For every game like this there are going to be the ones like last week against TEN. If you listen to him in his interviews he’s saying all the right things and caring himself really well and it seems like he’s got a great mindset, so lot’s to be excited about for the Jets right now.
    The defense just looks crazy good lately! Wilkerson and Big Snacks are just eating people up down there!

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