With biggest challenge ever looming, Jags tweak roster

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On Sunday, a team that has scored 51 points all season will visit a team that has averaged 51.5 over each of the last two games.

That has resulted, not surprisingly, in the biggest betting line in league history.

It’s also no surprise, then, that the Jaguars are trying to change the flat tire on a moving car.  Specifically, three have joined the roster — and three are off.

Offensive lineman Sam Young arrives via waivers from the Bills.  Also, tackle DeMarcus Love was elevated from the practice squad and guard Jacques McClendon, waived over the weekend, has returned.

To create those three spots, the Jags placed a trio on injured reserve:  safety Dwight Lowery (concussion), tackle Luke Joeckel (ankle), and tight end Allen Reisner (knee).

And it’s unlikely any of those moves will make the line move in the underdog’s direction.

43 responses to “With biggest challenge ever looming, Jags tweak roster

  1. Stay strong, Jacksonville fans.

    Use this time for personal growth (volunteering, fishing, exercise, etc.)

  2. The Jags roster is like a treasure box filled with wonders that keeps sinking lower and lower to greater depths. The longer they wait to salvage any of the goods, the more expensive and damaged those goods will be. Their strategy is to maximize depreciation and rotting.

  3. I thought about breaking out the voodoo dolls and black candles to help the Jags win this one.

    But it turns out that not even black magic can help this Jacksonville team win. Too bad. I would love it if Denver’s first regular season loss came at the hands of the worst team in the league.

  4. Jags needs to run a hurry-up offense and beat the Broncos at their own game.

    Not an upset but this game will prove how Denver is not invincible!

  5. All the Jags need is one interception and they WILL win this game.

    Granted….they’ll need to hire a hitman to intercept Manning on his way to the stadium but who’s keeping track?

  6. Only chance they have is to break Peyton manning in half. Even then, I think osweiler leads the broncos to a comfortable victory. Hell, I might not even play manning if I’m the broncos.

  7. Serious question…..

    When teams with rings stink (like my Giants this year), we can always throw our rings in the faces of no-ring teams if they decide to chirp too loud.

    If a team like Denver loses to the Jags, does that actually override the “at least we have rings” line?

    For instance….are Charger fans all of a sudden elevated over Denver if the Broncos lose? Yeah…the Chargers are ringless but will the “at least we didn’t blow a 28 pt. spread to the JV (not Jacksonville….but actual Junior Varsity Jags) trump the ol’ “where are your rings line?? In this very limited instance…it might.

  8. On Any Given Sunday…..
    But seriously, give the points and bet the farm. Denver may well cover the spread in the first quarter.

  9. @footballfan01
    Why is it any article posted about the jags results in some slacked-jawed hillbilly making a comment about the team being somewhere else in the future? The funny thing is we’ve been hearing about the jags moving for the past 5 years, yet they are still in Jacksonville!!

  10. Justintuckrule…

    Teams get rings for winning a championship? As an Eagles fan, that sounds really neat!!!

    (Hate my team)

  11. This game scares me. Not because I’m afraid my Broncos will lose, but because they tend to play down to the level of their competition.

    I foresee a sloppy, half-speed effort, the kind that can result in big injuries to key players. We’ve had enough of those already.

  12. The keys to the Jags winning this game (as remote the chances are) will be determined by ball control and pressure: the staples of any nutritious game plan against a clearly superior opponent.

    They have to at least force the Broncos to honor some form of run game. If they come out passing, the game will be over after 15 minutes. If the the Jags win the toss, they should take the ball, milk that clock and score a touchdown on the first possession. If they lose the toss and have to kick, an onsides kick is perfectly logical for a team where this game is their Super Bowl.

    Secondly, no turnovers…so hopefully Henne will be playing and they can use play action to get the ball deep to Blackmon. Lastly, press the Broncos receivers and bring pressure up the middle on Manning. If I am the Jags, I can take being beaten by Thomas or Decker. But I cannot let Welker and that TE move the chains on me. Take them away. I look at this Broncos team in the same way as the 2007 Patriots…they can be beat. But you have to beat them up in the trenches, slow the game down and make them uncomfortable from the opening kickoff.

  13. This isn’t the college game. These are professionals. Obviously, looking at the score, Denver had to put up 51 points to win in Dallas. Unless Jax self destructs, they will lose by a comfortable but not ridiculous margin. I expect Denver to use this game to get people well and maybe try out some new defensive wrinkles. They did, after all, let the Cowgirls put up 48 points on their defense; and despite what Jerrah says, Dallas’ offense is no juggernaut. Take the points and the under.

  14. What happens to all of the suicide pool money if the Jags magically win? Is it all divided 405,682 ways?

  15. No OL consistency has been a halmark in Jax since 08.

    Anyone who thinks this team could beat Denver if Denver makes a good faith attempt to play football is insane. Have you watched this team? I have. Every sorry play. Without Monroe & Joekel, it’s going to be a jailbreak every play with 8 in the box. MJD is done in his contract year.

    My only concern about this game is Denver benches Peyton at halftime and screws my fantasy game up. This team has a discarded vet in Will Blackmon and the rest are rookies in the D-Backfield. Anyone can throw on us.

    Now Justin Blackmon? That’s one bad dude…Atlanta should go get him.

  16. People are acting like manning and the broncos are unbeatable? Yes they have a very good team with alot of weapons this is true. As a packers fan I remember a couple of years ago when the packers were blowing out most teams. Then they lost to a below average chiefs team and other teams followed suit. Plus imo denver has an easy schedule this year. I’m not hating just remembering what it was like to see my team hit a wall when I thought they were going to dominate everyone. This broncos team reminds me of them. Maybe I’m wrong either way good luck bronce fans.

  17. @vikescry1

    Nobody is acting like the Broncos are unbeatable except maybe a few arrogant bandwagon Bronco fans…

    I’m a Broncos fan and I’ve witnessed far to many ridiculous upsets in the NFL. It’s fun to talk about how badly the Broncos can beat the Jaguars but in all seriousness, they still have to win the game.

    I remember last year the Broncos were HOT, and then they came into Kansas City against Brady Quinn and Peyton Hillis, easy win right? They struggled throughout that whole game and managed to win 17-9…

  18. This game and season are character builders for the Jags. Made me laugh when they were rated ahead of the Browns in the Preseason Rankings on this site. I laughed even harder when I read Phaktor333’s game plan on stopping the Broncos offense… Look at it this way Jags fans, you won’t have to worry about local blackouts when Uncle Roger ships you guys to London. He’ll conspire with Obama and Shad Khan to yank your passports when you play there next year…

  19. Jags have played 4 of the top 15 Defenses in the league so far….in points allowed.
    KC 1st
    Colts 5th
    Seattle 6th

    You can see why they have only scored 51 points…..But the Broncos are giving up 27.5 points a game…..if the Jags Defense can find some inspiration this won’t be as easy a game as the odds makers are making it seem.

  20. 4 x TD’s is a massive line but the reality is Manning is in sublime form. He threw 7 vs the Ravens in week 1 and 4 again last week against the Cowboys, plus they rushed for another 2. Jags must be the worst (or close to the worst ranked defensive team) and the other factor- they cannot score points. I think the the Broncos will cover the line

  21. Still waiting for PFT’s first report on the book, “League of Denial,” discussed on Frontline last night. Is the NFL pressuring NBC Sports and PFT not to cover it, just as they pressured ESPN?

  22. As being a long time Saints fan I have this to say to the Jags fan base! Please do not give up on your team! Even if they go 0-16 stay with them! I went so many years of disappointment with the Saints but I stuck with them no matter what and now it’s paying off and i’m proud to say i’m a true fan! Look at Detroit! They were the laughing stock of the NFL and now they seem to be turning it around! Remember it’s still your city’s team and doesn’t matter what anyone else says about them! Rep your team and be proud! They will get it together at some point and then you too can be proud that you stuck with them! Go Jags beat Denver!

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