49ers claim McLeod Bethel-Thompson, waive John Skelton


The 49ers are spinning the backup quarterback carousel again,

Last week, the 49ers signed quarterback John Skelton and waived rookie B.J. Daniels in a shuffle of third-string quarterbacks behind Colin Kaepernick and Colt McCoy. This week, it’s Skelton that’s out.

The NFL’s daily transaction release brought news that San Francisco claimed quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson off of waivers from the Vikings and waived Skelton. Bethel-Thompson was waived by Minnesota when they signed Josh Freeman earlier this week.

Bethel-Thompson was in 49ers camp in 2011, so there’s some familiarity with head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. The 49ers offense has changed quite a bit from the one they were running back then, but Bethel-Thompson’s not going to have to run it unless catastrophe were to strike higher up on the depth chart.

24 responses to “49ers claim McLeod Bethel-Thompson, waive John Skelton

  1. Congrats 49ers… McBLT aka the law firm aka McCloud aka the bet…. Has a huge cannon for an arm and is absolutely fearless…. Although he might not see the field u just got the best 3rd string qb in the league and darn good backup if it comes to that.

  2. I always thought MBT had some potential as a vikes fan, much more likeable than colon kaps too

  3. They had a growing talent with BJ Daniels who has the exact same tools as kaep, and they got rid of him. Now the Seahawks have a QB they can slowly develop. Questionable moves by Harbaugh.

  4. The Vikes didn’t have some scrub 3rd stringer they could cut to keep MBT? Seriously?

  5. Id love to hear what Harbough is looking for in a third string qb who will be inactive all year. Why change it three times in two weeks???

  6. Drop Dennis Dixon and sign Skellton to your practice squad now, Bills, in case Thad Lewis proves to be nothing more than a Tuel. Skelltons no answer but he’s started and won some games in short term situations before.

  7. As a vikings fan I have to say he was the only QB who every did anything in preseason. I’d rather let him finish out the season than either Ponder or Cassel.

  8. Desperate? After Kaep put up 400 on the packers sure bro! What is desperate and stupid about this situation is we made a mistake by cutting bj Daniels.. After he was claimed an realized we were stuck with McCoy and Skelton had to get one of those clowns out.. At least now we have a 3rd stringer with potential (even tho bj has more) instead of 2 back up BUSTS.. GO NINERS

  9. I wish they would have given MBT a chance instead of just letting him go, they needed to let ponder go, why are thy holding on to him, he has had how many years to prove himself.

  10. Leave it to the Vikings to have 4 Qb’s on their roster, cut the only one with upside potential hoping to park him on the practice squad and then lose that bet.

    I hope the kid goes on to have a solid NFL career and then he can look back and thank Rick Spielman for springing him from that hot mess.

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