Adam Jones not 100 percent convinced Andy Dalton can lead Bengals to Super Bowl


Veteran cornerback Adam Jones has found a home with the Bengals.  And now he’d like to find his way to the Super Bowl.

In this age of franchise quarterbacks, the Bengals like any team will go only as far as theirs will take them.  Asked by Erik Kuselias of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk whether Jones is 100 percent convinced that Dalton can get it done, Jones was candid.

“I’d say I’m about 99 percent convinced that Andy can take us to the Super Bowl,” Jones said.

“What would he need to do to get you to 100 percent?” Kuselias asked.

“I think he just needs to step up vocally and lead the team but I think he has the tools and all the weapons to lead us there.”

It’s not the first time a member of the organization has suggested that Dalton needs to speak up.  Last season, coach Marvin Lewis openly challenged Dalton and linebacker Rey Maualuga to become vocal leaders.  And they led the team to the first ever consecutive playoff berth in a non-strike season.

To lead the Bengals to the Super Bowl, Dalton also needs to work on his accuracy.  Last year, he missed a wide open A.J. Green on a play against the Texans that could have given Cincy its first playoff win since the week before they destroyed Bo Jackson’s hip.

23 responses to “Adam Jones not 100 percent convinced Andy Dalton can lead Bengals to Super Bowl

  1. Well the Bengals believe in him, so whatever he’s worth is what the Bengals deserve to get. Let’s find out. Not everybody wants to win the Super Bowl bad enough though.

  2. So he’s just thinking what the rest of us are. He’s just not that good. He’s barely a game manager. He’s rarely going to win you a game bc of a play he makes. The D is the only reason we’ve won the 3 games that we’ve won. Definitely not the offense. I think the Bengals will be looking for a QB in the next draft. He’s just not the guy.

  3. Andy Dalton will prove all of the doubters wrong…Bengals are going to the Super Bowl this year!!!Who Dey!!!!!!!

  4. Uhhh Dalton has done things that no other QB in the history of the NFL has done in their first 2-3 years so not sure why people are down on him.
    Compare his stats to HOF QBs in their first 3 years. Who has done better?

  5. How would Adam Jones even know what it would take to get to a SB? He has never played in one or with a QB that had been in one.

  6. Let’s not forget the success Pittsburgh was having when Roethlisberger first entered the league. Their team WAS already solid and he was afforded the opportunity togrow into his role. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t rather have Peyton, Brees or Luck. But hey, I’d rather watch us compete with a developing Dalton as opposed to sucking so bad we get the opportunity to take the first qb in the draft a la Carson “Quitter” Palmer.

  7. Since when is Make It Rain Man the expert on who can and cannot lead in this league. Did I miss something?

  8. not a dalton lover or hater but no question if he doesn’t get more accurate, pass more vertically downfield to green and his other big targets, step up in the pocket when under pressure and not fold, and throw the ball away instead of taking sack this team is going no where

  9. Bungal fans are finally seeing the light, he just doesn’t have the makeup of a winner, he’s too soft with a weak arm to boot.

  10. I’m more worried about Gruden than Dalton. Some of these plays he calls make me forget that Bratkowski is gone.

  11. Last year, also, Mr. Brick Hands Jermaine Gresham was the reason we lost! Catch a freaking ball! However, Dalton does need to improve his accuracy, but this is only going to come from him maturing from a point of fear. He is still scrambling to quick, getting rid of the ball too fast, and has a real problem controlling his attitude on the field. So to summarize…….Andy Dalton needs to be the man his age states he is. Maturity is key.

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