Calvin Johnson misses practice for Lions


After last Sunday’s loss to the Packers, Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson said that he was close to playing before the decision was made to sit out with a knee injury and that he anticipated making a quick return to the field.

That return did not come on Wednesday, however. Johnson didn’t practice as the Lions started their week of on-field preparations for their Week Six game against the Browns. Lions coach Jim Schwartz said that Johnson was improving, but  status was up in the air and that it may come down to another game-time decision.

“He’s doing a little bit better every day, and if we can get him back out there — he got out on the practice field a little bit last week but wasn’t able to go,” Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Last year, he dealt with a lot of things and was able to be productive on a Sunday. If he can this Sunday, we’ll get him back out there, but we probably won’t make that determination until later in the week, whether he’s going to play. Whether he gets back on the practice field or not, [that] determination may not even come until Sunday. We’ll just have to see how it goes. But he’s improving.”

The Lions offense had a hard time moving the ball without Johnson off the field last week, so it’s not a big surprise that the team would be willing to let Johnson play without any practice time during the week.

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  1. Folks… I’m a 50+ year Lions fan.. and thestrategyexpert has a VALID point.

    The Lions have WAY too many weapons to score 9 FREAKING points against the Packers…. 9!!!!

    Either Stafford or Linehan or BOTH need their chains rattled… That was INEXCUSABLE!

    And… how bout that DOMINATING Defense???
    18th in PTs per game ave… 17, 17, 17 teams better. That’s pathetically disappointing. Nothing fearful at all… but of course SUPER TOUGH off the field… evidently they just can’t deliver that attitude DURING NFL games.

    Blow up coaching staff… or at least can The Punk.
    But… this is the same group that held on to Millen for… EVER… probably not much will change.

  2. polegojim:

    Well it’s not just Stafford that is the problem, the coaching staff has a lot to do with it. I could write a book on the issues with Stafford and what could and should be done that the Lions will never figure out. He’s just such a horrible value. It would be one thing if he was paid like a UDFA and we had that extra value to support all other positions, but with his salary level his performance/value contribution is in the negatives! You just can’t win at football when you have poorly leveraged player assets and this team design and the coaching support are both beyond atrocious.

    Always nice to see another fan that isn’t blind to the problems that Stafford is contributing with his extremely horrible play relative to his pay scale.

  3. I can say one thing for sure, Stafford is definitely not the problem. it’s Scott Linehan. He has the most predictable play-calling I have ever seen. Stafford is doing fine. He’s thrown 10,000+ in 2 full seasons. Last years cast for him, he had his reciever core take a hard hit. Look at whats happening to Tom Brady in NE with no real threats in there.

  4. chrismgillis:

    Gimme a break. Linehan isn’t the guy throwing a ridiculously high percentage of ugly passes and failing to think well and make good decisions out there while also playing the position technically well. He’s not moving around well, his mechanics aren’t good, his mindset and decision making are very poor, and his accuracy skill is garbage. Linehan isn’t helping him much because he’s not qualified and able to figure out how, so that just amplifies the problem, but the brunt of the direct failure begins and starts with the player. Well that is if you are looking at the back-end of things and not simply realizing all of this team’s problems stem from the GM who just doesn’t get it.

  5. Its not Scott, it’s not Stafford.. Without Calvin Johnson the lions have no threat at WR.. so what are D Coordinators doing?? Look at the Preseason film.. stacking the box, pressing Wr’s .. these wr’s can’t break free for nothing…Stafford has to force passes that simply aren’t there. RB’s can’t run against a stacked box.. that’s not Reggies game..With Calvin in.. Defenses back off, shift db coverage to calvin which would open up others and the Run Game.. Its not Stafford or Scott but the lack of a real number 2 WR to stretch the field. #GoLions

  6. Lions lead the league in percentage of passes dropped. So I don’t think it is Stafford’s fault. It is the receiving core after Burleson and Johnson. Broyles is an ok target but coming off of two ACL injuries. Durham can sometimes catch and other times just drops the ball. Not saying Stafford is faultless but look back at that draft. Who would’ve you wanted them to take after coming off an 0-16 season with a crappy QB and you have someone there with an arm like Stafford? Do you know the other two big name QBs that were drafted that year? Josh Freeman and Mark Sanchez. I think the Lions got the better one there. They missed out by not going QB the previous year with Matt Ryan(Who went before the Lions pick) and Joe Flacco. If they waited a year, guess who would be the QB then. Bradford went with the first pick overall to St. Louis, the next 5 QBs taken: Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Mike Kafka, and John Skelton. So out of a 3 year stretch of drafts, you could make an argument that the Lions would rather have 1 (Joe Flacco) of the 8 QBs over Stafford. And to those of them complaining about the contract, they got him before the rookie salary cap so he is paid higher than rookies now. And his most recent extension is set up like Calvin’s, they just reworked the numbers to free up cap space for this year and push the money back on later years when the cap is expected to rise drastically once the new TV deals go into effect.

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