Chip Kelly’s already beaten Greg Schiano once


It won’t be an upset this time if Chip Kelly’s team beats Greg Schiano’s.

But the first time the Eagles coach squared off against his Buccaneers counterpart, it certainly was.

Via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Kelly already has an edge in the series, when the New Hampshire team he was offensive coordinator for beat Rutgers 35-24 in 2004.

Rutgers had just beaten Michigan State the week before, but was still building toward success that year, finishing 4-7. They led at halftime, but allowed 21 unanswered points in the second half to lose. It was the last game Schiano would lose to a I-AA opponent, as he’d go on to lead the Scarlet Knights to six winning seasons in his next seven before splitting.

Kelly earned national attention for building an innovative attack at New Hampshire, and  jumped to Oregon in 2007.

While that result won’t impact Sunday’s game (unless Nick Foles gets hurt and Ricky Santos shows up to finish the game), it should give Kelly a bit of confidence.

28 responses to “Chip Kelly’s already beaten Greg Schiano once

  1. Greg Schiano may never win another NFL game. He could easily get canned before the Bucs register a W and if he stays all year it’s totally possible they go 0-16. They’re worst in the league with 44 total points this season. Doesn’t matter how good the D is when the O is that bad.

  2. chefbob52355 says: Oct 9, 2013 11:18 AM

    Does anybody but me think that Kelly gets way to much ink? I mean the Eagles are 2-3 aren’t they?

    Okay Chef Bob… Now go fry up a cheesesteak for Chip and apologize stat.

  3. I don’t remember the last time I went into a Bucs season with so much hope, and it so quickly turned into so much pure anger.

    I want them to lose. Lose repeatedly. Lose badly, and look badly doing it. Until Schiano is fired.

    And once he is gone, I will root for the team again. But not a second before that.

    Fire Schiano. Fire him now.

  4. Chip Kelly is a failure thus far. Losing record says it all.

    Schiano is too, at present.

    The fact that you guys think Kelly can turn things around and Schiano cannot is laughable.

  5. Mogogo is correct, and its actually even worse than he portrays. The defense has scored on a pick 6 and set up the offense at the Jets 5 in week 1. In fact the offense hasn’t scored a TD this year not set up by a turnover, and the longest TD drive this year is 43 yards.

    Could have the best defense ever but can’t win too many games when your offense can’t even must 10 points.

  6. bucs13 says
    “I want them to lose. Lose repeatedly. Lose badly, and look badly doing it.”

    Worse fans in football…Tampa.

    Fans are the real reason this team is failing. The lack of support is astonishing. The Bucs came one play from the playoffs last year. One bad play.

    Tampa fans say they want to draft another QB, but the truth is they would turn on him as well after 2 losses. It doesn’t matter who the coach is.

    bucs13…you suck.

  7. “Worse fans in football…Tampa.”

    Really? Let’s see. I remember when Screw Culverhouse drove Williams out of town (after an improbable NFC Championship game). I remember the loss of Steve Young, and Vinny Testaverde “Color Blindness”. I remember Craig Erickson. I remember Brad Johnson being a veritable Hall of Famer at QB. I know from Bucs QBs.

    And as for coaches? Schiano makes Ray Perkins look like a genius, if you catch my drift. I have loved a lot of bad teams. But I hate this man. And I want Schiano gone. He’s a cancer. I want him gone so I can get back to loving my team.

    petedutcherjr… you suck. When you have nearly 40 years of support for the Bucs, and can remember the Creamsicles in the sombreor (and their pre-90s playoff games, heh), then you have standing to complain.

    Creamsicles forever.

  8. Greg Schiano is terrible. If it wasn’t the victory formation line-crowing that everyone cries about, it’s the way the team handled Josh Freeman. And don’t forget about how Tampa keeps trying to cover up Lawrence Tynes’ MRSA.

    Even if Schiano wins every game from this point on, I would fire him. He has shown that he cannot lead a team properly. He’s trying to be Bill Belicheck, but he has three rings to back him up. Schiano has a lukewarm performance at Rutgers.

  9. Maybe I missed it, but is Chip Kelly taking a tour bus around the country asking for press? Is he campaigning for his offense to be “the next great thing?” Pretty sure that has been all media driven based on his success at Oregon.

    The Eagles are not good. Their Defense has holes, and their Offense has a lot of growing to do – though they have put up 30+ points in 3 of 5 games.

    There is no reason not to think that with the right personnel (through future draft and FA acquisitions) that the Eagles can be a force again…in a few years.

    At this point, I think they are better than TB, and should be a favorite to win this week.

  10. Love the Ricky Santos reference. Unfortunately he’s somewhere in the great northeast flipping burgers. He never could pull it off against superior opponents like JMU or the mighty Fighting Blue Hens…

  11. I hope the Bucs lose.. and I’m a diehard fan!

    I’m in full hate mode on management.

    Just keep losing. Fire Schiano and Mike Sullivan

    Pick #1 or 2 in the first round next year.. and move on.

    Somehow we’ll F*** this up and end up picking 6th and losing Schiano anyways.

  12. Maybe I missed it, but is Chip Kelly taking a tour bus around the country asking for press? Is he campaigning for his offense to be “the next great thing?” Pretty sure that has been all media driven based on his success at Oregon.

    The Eagles are not good. Their Defense has holes, and their Offense has a lot of growing to do – though they have put up 30+ points in 3 of 5 games.
    Yada, Yada, yada. First of all–identify your team. I’m an Eagles fan. Secondly, have you seen the NFC Conference this year? Have you paid attention to the NFC East division? News flash–there are only a couple of teams in the conference that are playing great football from top to bottom. You can’t count anyone out right now (especially after game 5). And by the way having the number two offense is nothing to sneeze at.

  13. Nobody in Tampa wanted Raheem Morris or Greg Schiano. Two consecutive candidates for the worst coaches ever in the NFL. The Buccaneers fans simply want a coach that has NFL head coaching experience.

  14. To the people wondering why there are so many articles about Chip Kelly, it’s really simple. A lot of people click on the articles and read them. Until people stop, their editors are going to tell them to write about him. Remember, the journalist isn’t always picking their own stories. This is a business.

    And the reason people are interested, is because a lot of what he brought to the NFL seems strange at first. Give it a bit for fans of other teams or casual fans to lose interest.

  15. I see this game as pretty evenly matched. With the Eagles’ atrocious defense, the Bucs should be able to put up 17-20 points at least, and the Bucs defense should be able to hold down the Eagles’ offense, pretty much like KC did. Slight edge to the Eagles, but the game could go either way.

  16. .

    Neither the Bucs or Eagles were going to go on the road and beat the likes of Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans and Green Bay en route to the Super Bowl. They are works in progress.

    Why not wait until the end of the season for a more balanced evaluation of the team’s / coach’s performance ?



  17. and yet it means nothing.

    That Tampa defense should be able to shutdown the run game of Philly. Especially when every called run takes 1.7 seconds to develop because of the read option call. Philly can’t win this game unless they have some quick hit plays.

    You would think Philadelphia would be poised to feast on the rookie QB, but there is a good chance they get embarrassed on Sunday.
    Billy Davis has done nothing to earn anyone’s confidence in Philly. With Vincent Jackson on the edge, the fans can’t feel safe.

    It’s going to come down to;
    Which defense is making the most plays
    & the turnover battle.

  18. Lose Bucs, lose. Raheem Morris lost 10 in a row and it led to his firing AND he had no free agent support! Schiano has lost 9 out of the last 10 WITH the front office spending off season money. I would let go of their front office staff: they can’t evaluate talent that well. And whoever says the Bucs have horrible fans are dumb! Who’s gonna support a team that since 2004 til 2012 spent the fewest amount on Free Agency to support MANU. They (Glazers) drove away the fans. And they hire a lame duck coach and spend money and think its all going to get better?! HA! The Glazers need to sell their team (they won’t) and give it to an ownership that can hire football people and develop the organization.

  19. This coach, if he is coaching the defense, needs to put Revis in man coverage and leave him alone and let him do his thing. I feel like Revis is now in a situation like Fitzgerald is in Arizona. Fitzgerald could be an immortal player, an immortal WR. He is that good. But he’s wasting his time, when he could be on a real contender. But like Revis, he took the money and that’s his choice. It’s just such a shame for guys like Revis and Larry to play for bad teams. Although the Cardinals may not be a terrible team this year, let’s not pretend that Palmer is Kurt Warner or Peyton Manning. I don’t see Palmer leading them to a Super Bowl.

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