Darrelle Revis doesn’t care if he’s not the fastest


Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis pumped the brakes on talk of his looming match race with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Revis didn’t dispute Jackson’s contention that there’s a speed difference between them, contending it’s not the most important thing this weekend.

“No. He’s fast. Fast people are allowed to say those type of things,” Revis said, via Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com. “I’ve covered him before in the past, and it was a good battle then and we’ll see what happens this time around. I’m not in here to discuss who’s the fastest.

“I’m not running for the Olympics or anything like that, and he’s not either. I’m here to compete and play.”

There aren’t many corners in the NFL that can match Jackson stride-for-stride, so the point is largely moot. But Revis is also physically gifted enough that whatever advantage Jackson has on the track might not be enough.

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  1. Don’t worry about it, Schiano will screw it up just like he did last game when Revis completely shut-down Fitzgerald for the first half when they played mostly man and then the dummy coach decided to “trick” everyone by switching to mainly a zone defense in the second half. How did that turn out?

    First half stat line: 0-0-0
    Second half stat line: 6-68-1

    Schiano is an idiot and will figure out how to screw things up. He’s just that dumb.

  2. When I was 19 i read an article on Pete Rose by a NY scout that said pete just doesn’t have the physical tools.

    I guess we know how that worked out.

  3. Desean is right. Outside of Joey Galloway, a Prime Randy Moss, Willie Gault, and i’m sure im missing a few others, there aren’t too many faster receivers that have existed. Dude is absolute lightning. Only one problem. As Gantt alluded to, I’m not sure how it’s relevant? As good as Desean is, and as fast as he is, Revis is a better football player. Revis is prob more worried as to why Tampa has him in ZONE COVERAGE half the time

  4. I understand wanting to change things up once in a while by having Revis fake man coverage, but then hide in a zone flat to fool the quarterback – I remember Ryan called that exact play on opening night against the Cowboys, and it led to a game-winning interception because Romo assumed he didn’t have help over the top.

    But that should only be a rare tendency change. 90% of the time Revis should simply be lined up in man coverage on the best receiver, and then you can do anything you want with the rest of the defense. A defense with personnel as great as Tampa’s has no business being 0-4, even with their terrible quarterbacks.

  5. I wish uneducated Buc fans would stop giving us a bad name on a national forum. Revis has been playing less and less zone as he comes back from surgery. And yes Revis was in Man coverage when Fitz schooled him. It was a great man vs man match up all day. The zone coverage was installed to ease him back to game speed as he missed camp and preseason.

    To DJax: Goldson is going to get his suspension this week when your wannabe rap star, alligator arm, afraid to cross the middle A$$ gets de-cleated. And if this were a track meet….I got my money on Demps.

  6. @pftfan

    Who knows if the Jets still suck? So far at 3-2 they barely beat the Bucs ( lucky win), Bills (lucky win) and a bad Falcons (lucky win) team all wwith losing records. Jets lost to Pats and Titans (badly), both winning Teams. The jury is not out yet until they can beat a winning team. Besides Cromartie holds on every single play, once the Refs call this they have no secondary. The Dline is better than good and they can run the ball, but with a tough schedule coming… The Jets will stiil suck. Guaranteed!

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