Falcons confirm that Julio Jones is done for the year


A bad season just got a lot worse in Atlanta.

The 1-4 Falcons won’t have receiver Julio Jones for the final 11 regular-season games, or for the postseason.  In the unlikely event they make it to the postseason.

“Unfortunately, Julio’s appointment with the doctor today confirmed our initial findings,” coach Mike Smith said in a team-issued release.  “He is scheduled to have a season-ending procedure on Monday.”

The Falcons have had five straight winning seasons.  Before 2009, they’d never had two in a row.

Without Jones, players like Harry Douglas and Drew Davis will have to step up.  With Roddy White likely to miss time due to a hamstring injury, it’ll be even more important for healthy players to fill the void.

The injury comes at an inopportune time for Jones personally.  He’s eligible for a new contract after the 2013 season.  The Falcons may now be inclined to wait until they know he’ll be the same guy that he was, after surgical repair of his foot.

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  1. This was well known on draft day. Why has no one mentioned Dimitroff mortgaged the future of the Falcons on Jones. Gave up way too much. Could not address needed holes in O&D lines, at LB and Secondary. He let Lofton walk. And INJURIES? Grimes was the only significant injury in years. That’s the law of averages. Oh so sign SJax and Osi. Did you see Osi keep contain on Geno on the last drive. SJax put up huge numbers too (in garbage time his whole career) The gurus knew Julio’s foot was a liability. Why is no one talking about Dimitroff? I’m sure Arthur is. The Falcons are toast and rebuilding with an average QB who got 100 mil. OOF.

  2. Well, afterall, the Falcons traded their whole FUTURE and draft picks for the WR in 2011, when he had this very same foot issue.

    Their risk.

    Anyways the Falcons are 1-4, season over either way.

  3. I love how everyone comes out of the woodworks and knocks the trade now. The past year and a half when Julio was destroying coverage, no one was saying anything. What has all those draft picks got Cleveland? ATL got a superstar player for many years to come. Yes, they have holes in other areas, but any team that has suffered the injuries they have suffered this year would have glaring holes as well.

    And anyone who says Matt Ryan is average, clearly doesn’t watch the games. The guy has had ATL in every game this year with absolutely no defense and a 2nd string O-Line.

  4. I have no love for the Patriots but look what Brady has done with less and look at their record.That is why he has 3 rings. All those weapons and Ryan couldn’t get it done. You see what separates true greatness from a “good QB”

  5. All those picks really have done Cleveland well. People are so short sighted. Matt Ryan average? Obviously you do not remember where that franchise was after the Vick troubles. Want to see average then tune into a Rams game. Sam Bradford is the definition of average. The Falcons have had the same issue for years and that’s their O and D line they’ve had plenty of picks to fix those issues but they went CB and CB with their first two picks while trading away their 3rd to move up in the first. The Julio trade is a win for the Falcons.

  6. Atlanta got the better end of that deal, just ask the Cleveland GM who made it. Oh right, he got fired.

    Keep ya head up JJ, and come out ballin’ in ’14.

  7. When I watch Matt Ryan my mind has always told me he’s a good QB based on what I see in the way he plays and that the Falcons were a good team. But my heart tells me he’s just an average QB with good weapons and that ATL was overrated and their whole team revolved around a couple guys. Although I knew logic defied that a little I could never shake it. With a banged up Jackson and White and no Jones, I guess Ill find out over the course of the remainder of the season whether it was my heart or mind that was right about Ryan and the Falcons as a team.

  8. Matt Ryan is average. Now he’ll have average wide receivers to try and throw to. It’s Atlanta. Who cares. They still have ole fourth and one Mike Smith. I believe that’s now SEVEN straight times they’ve failed on 4th and 1. Loser.

  9. There are reasons why other teams don’t trade away 2 drafts for 1 wide receiver. No one is saying Julio isn’t a fantastic player. He is. But he really can’t do much in the 3 seconds Ryan has to get rid of the ball before getting decapitated can he?

    The natural next question: why is Ryan about to get decapitated after 3 seconds? 2 things: $100 Million for Ryan, draining massive cap space to sign decent players at other positions, and obliterating 2 years of drafting.

    Injury to Jones and a few other key vets and you see the result: low rent backups getting destroyed.

    And guess what: injuries happen everywhere.

    You just can’t give away those picks. There is no short cut to Lombardi.

  10. Maybe now we’ll finally get to see just how overrated “Matty Ice” is. For all the choking he’s done, either late in close games recently, or in his entire playoff career, his nickname seems more and more ridiculous. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning have all shown they can make un-drafted, no name players into play-makers… lets see how well Ryan does. Because if you ask me, with him it’s been the other way around, his superstars have made him look good. He’s the only QB in the NFL that has had 2 top 10 WR’s and the best TE to ever play the game at his disposal for the last 2 seasons.

  11. Gonzalez. Jackson. Jones.
    What do they have in common?
    They all were brought to Atlanta with the hopes of getting a ring.

    The Falcons are legacy killers.

  12. Matt Ryan average? Better take up watching another sport. You have no clue as to what your talking about. This is all a very unfortunate set of circumstances for The Falcons, nothing more, nothing less. By the way I’m a Eagles fan, just seeing it as it is. My son played against Matt in High school. He has always been a excellent QB.

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