Freeman’s official salary: $2,000,001


There was plenty of confusion regarding the value of the 12-week contract signed by quarterback Josh Freeman.  As others reported in the land rush to placate editors and/or producers after not breaking the news that Freeman had signed with the Vikings, Freeman was getting paid $3 million for the rest of the year.

The truth, as we reported once the dust settled, was that the initial reports were $1 million off.

The exact truth, per a source with knowledge of the official deal, is that Freeman will receive $2,000,001 over the rest of the season.  There are no other incentives or bonuses in the NFLPA’s official summary of the deal.

It works out to $166,666.75 per week.  For a full year, that’s $2,833,334.

Freeman also will be eligible to receive after the season the balance of his unpaid salary from the Buccaneers.  He’s still due to make $5.95 million.

For the full year, Freeman will make $10.43 million.

Meanwhile, here’s our full interview with Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman regarding the decision to sign Freeman.