Gary Kubiak makes “tough decision,” names Schaub starter for Week Six

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In the days following the Texans’ 34-3 loss to the 49ers, Houston coach Gary Kubiak has faced several questions about whether or not Matt Schaub would continue to be the team’s starting quarterback.

Kubiak’s answer has been that Schaub remains the starter, but that the final answer to the question remained under evaluation. Kubiak has done enough evaluating and he said Wednesday that Schaub will be in the lineup for Sunday’s game against the Rams.

“It was a tough decision,” Kubiak said, via the team’s website. “Real tough. But I feel like it was the best thing for our football team this weekend.”

What’s left unsaid is that the best thing for the Texans this weekend may not be the best thing for the Texans next weekend. Should Schaub struggle again, whether or not it includes a fifth straight game with an interception returned for a touchdown, Kubiak’s evaluation is likely to find T.J. Yates strolling onto the field with the first team in Week Seven against the Chiefs.

47 responses to “Gary Kubiak makes “tough decision,” names Schaub starter for Week Six

  1. so if he struggles this weekend, they will go into KC forcing a new QB into the mix?

    good luck with that. better hope schaub plays his best game this weekend.

  2. I don’t think it would make much difference which of their QB’s they have starting with how some of the teams they play are playing…….go Colts.

  3. I think the best thing is to trade Schaub now, not a good time, but we can’t turn back the clock now. What is the future plan with Schaub and how do the Texans expect to win or get paid back by keeping him? Is he the long-term franchise QB still? What’s the deal?

  4. Man, the pressure is on Schaub now. I hate to say it because he seems like a nice guy, but I’m afraid he’s melted down and totally lost confidence the same way another nice guy named Jake Delhomme did in Carolina. Too bad. It’s tough to see good guys falter like this.

  5. Does Yates give this team a better chance to win? I am sincerely asking this. Don’t know much about him. On the surface, I don’t see this being a tough decision.

  6. “FOX 26 Houston There are conflicting statements regarding the incident. Anchor Sally MacDonald FOX 26 posted the following:
    Despite reports, Houston Police says there was NOT a group of angry fans outside Matt Schaub’s house this week. A family member reported seeing someone suspicious in the driveway taking pictures. No more information is being released. Rare Wed team meeting called. What do you think will come out of it?”

    Propaganda as Usual to put this on Fans and not what’s happening on the Field now the Media in Houston is Demanding Fans to give Matt Schaub a Standing O?? WTH?

  7. What a joke! Not only has Schaub has thrown 4 straight pick 6s in 4 games he has thrown an INT in his last 8 games straight!!

    By the way as a local radio guy here says it should be called a Touchdown after INT or “TaINT”.

  8. Whose starting this week is a big deal but lets be real. They have two long term issues that scare the crap out of me.

    1. If schuab never comes back and is just done.. His contract is for what, another year or two? He doesn’t have the biggest number but for a team thats is constantly up against the cap number it’s going to be difficult to figure out how to get out of that one.

    2. Andre Johnson, yes my favorite player but his contract keeps getting pushed back and hes only getting older. Not saying he won’t be good over the next two years but i’ve heard his cap number gets very large in these next two years.

    These two issues are going to cause problems for the future, especially re-signing jjwatt. Even if Antonio smith is most likely not coming back which will open up 10 mil and J-jo might come back and hopefully at a cheaper price tag. It will still make things difficult. (Both players make 10 mil plus a year).

    However I trust in rick smith. I just think schuab has lost it from his lisfranc injury two years back. His outside throws have little zip on them and it looks like thats why hes been getting picked off. He can’t throw at the sidelines fast enough and most of the pic 6’s happened due to this. It’s also a HUGE staple for kubiaks offense. If you can’t hit the flats for the check down.. Well good luck.

  9. Houston fan here…Yates is definitely not the answer. His ceiling is very limited, so not sure how I feel about him replacing Schaub. However, I do want Case Keenum in at QB…little guy has some potential!

  10. What message should Yates and Keenum take from this?

    “I know we brought you guys in and everything, but you’re not good enough to start over a guy that’s set a league record for pick-sixes.”

  11. Kubiak obviously isn’t very smart. Once you make a decision don’t qualify it and get all wishy washy. Cowardly act by a coach who is trying to save his own butt.

  12. Kubiak wants to extend Schaub’s pick-six record to five games! Matt Schaub is horrible but Yates must be worse. The Rams D is going to win this game! Schaub will fake an injury and limp off the field as an excuse.

  13. Smart choice by the Texans, they don’t really have any other realistic option if they want to win. They need to start scouting college talent to find someone to mold into the position next year.

  14. This is absurd. Schaub was the 9th best QB in the league last year in terms of passer rating.

    He’s having a rough stretch and there’s at least 10 NFL teams with whom Schaub would represent an upgrade at QB. It’d be like the Giants benching Eli to start Curtis Painter!

    To replace him with an unproven backup would be the ultimate in cutting off the nose to spite the face.

  15. They’re playing the Rams so he’ll have a career day.
    And look for Watt to break the single game sack record.

  16. Schaub just needs a change of scenery. I’m sure Jacksonville and Cleveland would trade situations.

  17. No, what’s tough is making the fans continue to watch Schaub throw touchdowns to the other team. What’s tough is watching his horrible play cancel out the defense’s efforts. Yates did pretty well when Schaub and Leinert went down with injuries. In fact, Yates won a playoff game before Schaub did. And Yates did it as a rookie. But unless Kubiak pulls his head out of his a## and starts calling better plays, it really doesn’t matter which QB plays.

  18. Rams d has been atrocoius this year with severe breakdowns in pass coverage and run defense. If he can’t complete passes and be largely successful against them it is all over.

  19. In preseason, the Texas were coming on like a formidable team. What the h.ell happened? Is Yates so terrible a backup that Schaub’s pick-6-ness is the better way to go?

    Schaub was going into the last game already under a pick-6 storm cloud and what does he do first play? surely that drained off the last bit of confidence he had. that’s gotta suck.

  20. From the outside looking in I think he made the easy decision going with Schaub. The tough decision is making a change and starting Yates or Keenum.

  21. I would think a tougher decision would be to let the backup get more snaps in practice at this point than worrying about starting your……starter? heh.

  22. It’s clear Schaub is on his last chance. If I was Schaub i’d ask Kubiak if he’d be willing to take off the training wheels and let him run the offense, more than he does now.
    More sugar huddle and more ability to audible.

    Schaub is admittedly struggling, but Kubiak’s handcuffs aren’t doing him any favors.

  23. I’m a die hard Texans fan, and I’ve supported Matt for a long time but its to the point where enough is enough. T.J. Yates is not the answer, I’ve been saying saying since last year that I believe Keenam should be the starter. He provides the best chance for the time being, and hopefully has a bright NFL future in Houston. Another possible QB that’s worth looking at is Colby Cameron, (. Undrafted FA out of Louisiana Tech) I went to a lot of his games at Tech and he’s pretty good.

  24. Keenum went undrafted and spent 2012 on the practice squad, and nobody claimed him. What makes anyone thing this UH product is the answer? #joke

  25. Arian Foster, Victor Cruz, James Harrison, Tony Romo, Jeff Saturday, Rod Smith, London fletcher, Priest Holmes, Wes Welker, John Randle, Antonio Gates, Warren Moon and Kurt Warner all somehow were able to play at an extremely high level even though they weren’t drafted.

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