Jerry Jones slides away from the term “moral victory”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones initially called Sunday’s 51-48 loss to the Broncos a “moral victory.”  His son, Stephen, has since said there are no moral victories.

Jerry has no opted for an alternative explanation.

I want to say it a different way,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.  “The promise of things to come was brighter when that game was finished the other day than when it started.  We see a lot coming together with our offense, with Tony [Romo]. . . .  I think you can have ultimately a zero day, which a loss is, but by the same token have improved the promise ahead.”

The promise ahead is aided by the reality that no one defeat in the early months of a regular season can kill a team’s chances.

“We all want to not be good losers,” Jones said.  “Once you have accepted that it could be OK to have a loss, once you’ve accepted that, something mentally — something happens to your will.  Well, that’s just not the way it is in the NFL.  You’re going to have losses in the NFL.  And you’re going to have setbacks in the NFL during the course.  But because it is the NFL, it’s not like college football, where you can have one big loss or two big losses and your chances for the national championship are over.  That’s not the way it is in the NFL. . . .  Do .500 teams have a chance to get in the tournament and be world champions?  Absolutely.”

He’s right.  The Cowboys remain tied for first place in the NFC East, regardless of their record or the outcome of their most recent game.  Playing the Broncos down to the wire gives the Cowboys extra confidence moving forward, especially since the Eagles and Giants were each blown out by Peyton Manning and company.

Sunday’s loss doesn’t matter if the Cowboys don’t win the division.  If they do, the Denver game will help the Cowboys when the time comes to operate in a single-elimination setting.

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  1. What a terrible owner. Fitting that he owns the primiere clown show in Football. He should learn from Dan Snyder and hire football savvy individuals like Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan. I thank God we have the better organization, QB and team. It will shine thru on the field Sunday Night and there’s nothing Dallas fans can do about it but admire. #HTTR

  2. Hey Jerry, What’s that other word for almost winning, Oh yeah!! “LOSING” !!! What an Idiot!!

  3. Meanwhile, the Steelers held a press conference to announce all of their losses are moral victorys, since their fans still remain delusional about playoff hopes this year.

  4. Since the Cowboys will never win a playoff game with Romo at the helm, Jerry wants to see every team to get a trophy at the end of the year and say “were all winners”

  5. Translation: We came a lot closer to beating the Broncos than any of the other lame teams in our division, so I still like our chances of making the playoffs.

  6. will someone start playing and take over that division.even Giants are’nt out at 0-5.Romo is snake luck at all he’ll never win….

  7. He’s right. In the loss the Cowboys established that they can have an offensive identity going forward. Given their recent history though, there is no guarantee they will end up doing anything with it.

  8. kremis says: Oct 9, 2013 2:13 PM

    Meanwhile, the Steelers held a press conference to announce all of their losses are moral victorys, since their fans still remain delusional about playoff hopes this year.
    Yeah I’m curious where are all the Steeler fans that come on here and tell anyone who will read it how great they are, and no team can compare, O yeah and the ones who come on and say we have six rings which was back when they came over on the Mayflower, as if that means sheet now.

  9. I’ll take playing well & losing over getting absolutely dominated 48-0 & crushed in a loss.

    Those who say…..”a loss is a loss” do not have a winners mindset. You have to learn from experiences to get better

    Can’t believe I agree with Jerruh!

  10. I was thinking it was more like an oral victory, considering just how hard Romo sucks when the moment is the biggest, and the clock is running out

  11. Jerry’s contribution to his team’s playoff chances came when he was allowed to keep his team in the NFC East.

  12. As a Cowboys fan since the days of the Doomsday Defense, I am embarrassed to be a fan of a team with Jones as the owner. This team will not win a Super Bowl ever again with him at the top. Too many stupid decisions.

  13. When Dallas were up by 7 near the end I thought they would find a way to win it. It was a shame. Romo was typical and maybe deserves the blame to an extent, but he was the reason they had a chance at all. The pick was a really great play by Denver too.

    The Cowboys certainly showed they derserve to win the division. With no teams looking to post a really great record and the NFC East in shambles, maybe Dallas can get the 2nd seed and the bye.

    Gotta take advantage when the division is weak.

  14. Just fire yourself and your sons already. You’ve turned the greatest NFL franchise into a circus. It’s like watching the Jets except the owner wasn’t an heir to a baby shampoo company.

  15. So what’s new? Jerra would love to re-state 90% of his previous public comments. The problem is, (and JJ knows it himself) he’s addicted to media attention, impetuously says stupid stuff and the simple-minded sports press (that would be you) enables his embarrassment because they/you hate JJ and his team. JJ and the press have a mutually satisfying relationship. No problem here.

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