Monte Kiffin: Broncos loss is on me


The coordinator of the defense that allowed the Broncos to score 51 points last Sunday thinks that he and his unit are more to blame for the team’s loss than the quarterback who threw for 506 yards, five touchdowns and one interception.

In most cases, this would not be a particularly notable admission since a look at the raw numbers makes it pretty clear which side had more culpability in setting the stage for the loss. Since we’re talking about the Cowboys and since Tony Romo’s one interception came in the fourth quarter, there’s been a bit more attention paid to Romo than the defense. That doesn’t make Monte Kiffin want the spotlight any less, though.

“You put that one on me,” Kiffin said, via the Dallas Morning News.

It’s a tempting offer. The Broncos scored nine of the 11 times that they had the ball, gained 517 yards of offense and converted 9-of-13 third downs over the course of the game. And it can’t just be blamed on facing a team that hung 52 points on the Eagles the previous week.

The Cowboys defense didn’t play well in the second half of their Week Four loss to the Chargers. San Diego scored three of the four times they had the ball to come back for a victory in the final two quarters  and the Cowboys haven’t had a sack since the first half of that game. If those numbers don’t change, the Cowboys might not win even if Romo ups his production to 606 yards and six touchdowns.