Ray McDonald plans to play through partially torn biceps


Head coach Jim Harbaugh said the San Francisco 49ers “dodged a bullet” after getting the results back from an MRI on defensive end Ray McDonald’s injured biceps.

McDonald doesn’t plan on the injury keeping him off the field.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, McDonald has a partially torn biceps that will require surgery after the season. In the meantime, McDonald plans on playing.

“It’s going to be sore,” McDonald said. “But it should be fine.”

McDonald suffered the injury in the third quarter of the 49ers’ victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday night. Because the injury is located at the shoulder end of the biceps muscle, it will allow McDonald to keep playing. If the injury was located on the elbow end of the muscle, it would have required immediate surgery.

McDonald has played in all five games this season for the 49ers and recorded 20 tackles with 1.5 sacks.

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  1. Not a good idea. Anyone remember how well Aldon Smith played with a torn shoulder down the stretch last year? He was well on his way to the sack record, then, …nothing.

    Maybe its time to let one of the young guys develop, or sign Seymour.

  2. “It’s going to be sore,” McDonald said. “But it should be fine.”

    I’ve had a torn muscle in my arm and its going to be a lot more than “sore”. Whenever he has to put pressure on the muscle in a certain way he’s going to get stabbing pains that are going to be more than a little bit distracting.

    He’ll prove himself awfully tough if he goes out there and plays well like that. Maybe they’ll numb it or something before the games, but that’s a double edged sword as it becomes much easier make the injury worse if you can’t feel what’s going on with it.

  3. The defense will keep getting BANG UP as long as KraperNoob is the QB. It’s truly sad cause the over rated over hyped KraperNoob didn’t earn the job to begin with, thus got a free ride to the SB last season with a SB caliber team and has regressed this season. Now he needs the RBs and Defense to carry him to wins and not the other way around thus NO chance of SB this season with Seattle improving and winning in the division. WHAT A JOKE.

    1) Now that everyone and their Grand Mom knows when you take away KraperNoob’s
    legs and keep him in the pocket, KraperNoob is at best an average pocket
    passer. Don’t get butt hurt cause KraperNoob isn’t a great pocket passer like Manning or Brady, afterall he is still a over rated over hyped Fame Game NOOB… LOL

    2) KraperNoob can’t sustain drives like Alex Smith can and still do in KC, which
    gives his defense rest and keeps the defense fresh. The 49ers
    currently lead the league in going three-and-out on 43 percent of their drives

    3) The 49ers have Kaepernick throwing the ball more than 20 yards downfield 15 percent
    of the time, close to the league high. Compare that to Alex Smith, who threw it
    downfield 8.7 percent of the time last season when he was a 49er, or Peyton
    Manning, who currently is throwing the ball downfield on 9.1 percent of his
    passes. Harb knows that is ALL KraperNoob is good for, KraperNoob sucks at
    short touch passes because he throws it too hard and is not good or use to it,
    UNLIKE Alex Smith who excels in the short to medium game.

    4) The 49ers are ranked 31st in the passing game.

    5) Even the Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor has outperformed Kaepernick in nearly every
    statistical category. You don’t even have to bother comparing KraperNoob’s
    stats to 5-0 Alex Smith LOL

  4. “I would play better than Ray McDonald. If you draft me #1 I’ll prove it to you. If only my SORE ribs would let me play this weekend. They really, REALLY bother me.”

    — Jadaveon Clowney

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