Report: Sanchez irate with Idzik after shoulder injury


With Mark Sanchez finally deciding to have season-ending surgery on his right shoulder, we’ve almost certainly seen the last of the quarterback in a Jets uniform.

That means time is running short for stories about the dysfunctional relationship between the team and Sanchez in the last few months of his tenure. Brian Costello of the New York Post gets one under the wire from the night that Sanchez was injured against the Giants in a preseason game.

Costello reports that Sanchez’s “emotions came out in a behind-the-scenes fit” after he was hurt in the game. Sanchez was inserted into the game with second and third string players in the fourth quarter after the Jets pulled Geno Smith. According to Costello, Sanchez screamed at General Manager John Idzik and was “furious” that the team put him into the game in that situation.

Tension has existed between the team and Sanchez since then, which presumably put the icing on the farewell cake that many expected the team would bake for Sanchez at the end of the season.

A good portion of the criticism heaped on the Jets for playing Sanchez at that moment had to do with the perception that Sanchez had become the starting quarterback by virtue of Smith’s struggles against the Giants that night. With Sanchez out, the Jets had no choice but to start the rookie. No one can know how the last five games would have turned out had Sanchez been in the lineup, but Smith has shown enough positives in those games to fully turn the page from the Sanchez era even before Sanchez officially did it by having surgery.

70 responses to “Report: Sanchez irate with Idzik after shoulder injury

  1. When you are a second string QB you play with the 2nd and 3rd stringers. Seems pretty simple to me, maybe he should be mad at himself for his poor play.

  2. After that performance by Geno on Monday, people will probably yawn about this… and Sheldon Richardson has eased a lot of the pain over the Revis trade.

  3. Why is everyone on Mark Sanchez’s case?

    His career passer rating is six points higher than the almighty Hall-of-Famer Joe Namath, and Sanchez has won more playoff games than any Jet QB in franchise history. Give the guy a break.

  4. Who cares? The dude got paid. Sanchez came out way ahead regardless, even if he never plays another snap of pro ball.

  5. If you watched the Falcons game you’ll see that Sanchez was on the sideline cheering harder than anyone when the team made that kick. If there are any hard feelings between him and management they’re certainly very well hidden.

  6. Some guys have “it” and get it. Some guys don’t have “it” but get it. Sanchez doesn’t have “it” but doesn’t get it and never will.

  7. So if he’s put in the game with the 2nd and 3rd stringers, shouldn’t his anger be directed at his head coach and offensive coordinator? I doubt the GM’s making the coaching substitutions.

  8. if he wasn’t so horrible, he would haven’t been playing with the second and third stringers. And the Jets wouldn’t have had to draft Geno in the 2nd round. Nobody to blame but yourself for this one, Sanchize.

  9. this does not sound like mark sanchez at all. the jets beat writers are trying sooooo hard to find something to bash the jets for. i dont even have to read this article to know that an anonymous quote/source supplied is at the center of it.

  10. If it was such a terrible and wrong thing to do, then he shouldn’t have stepped out onto the field to play a dangerous game that he was absolutely sure he had no business being a part of. But he didn’t protest about it then and before the injury.

  11. It was a crap move putting him in the game. Despite his more recent failings, the guy deserved more. He was supposed to be in an open QB race and trying to win back the respect of his teammates. Throwing him in like they did was Jetish – new word for stupid.

  12. here’s how terrible new york jet beat reporters are. They all knew about this story the day it happened and none of them reported on it. They all wanted to wait until Sanchez got surgery. The jet beat reporters knew that if this story came out during the season it can cause controversy around the jets. smh

  13. Playing Sanchez in that fourth quarter has been the best move Idzik has made in his tenure with the Jets

  14. If he wants a chance to play for someone next year, Sanchez should take the money, shut up, and act professional like Alex Smith did when the Niners gave his starting position to Kaepernick.

    I think Smith showed every player in the NFL how to take best advantage of knowing that a bad situation could be turned into a great situation IF you kept your wits about you while saying the right things and acting like a solid TEAM member.

    For me, Smith is the role model who knew how to best play “The NFL is a business” game.

  15. Could care less about the Jets or Sanchez but he needs to lose that chick hair band thingy he wears. Either cut your hair or own it, one or the other.

  16. I think the Jets were thinking that the best, most logical way for Sanchez to become a good quarterback would be for him to injure his arm and hope that it heals incorrectly, but in a way that gives him a cannon of an arm like that kid in the movie “Rookie of the Year.”

  17. Good bye Mark…good riddance. As a former fan of yours, I have to say that had you been a team player and restructured your contract ( that extension that you really did not deserve) you might still be in the Jets plans. You showed that with a good O-line and running game and an occasional good throw, that recipe equaled playoffs. When you were asked to do more, you were incapable. Don’t be mad at Idzik, just walk out the door and be happy that you had the payday that you did and that you and your family are set for life because a capable backup job is all that awaits you.

  18. say what you want about sanchez on the field but he is a class act off the field….if he had a fit behind closed doors it should have been kept BEHIND CLOSED DOORS….damn reporters….

    Sanchez has been helping geno on the sidelines during games and cheering for every play on the field but of course that is not a sexy enough story…controversy sells

  19. I heard Sanchez threw a punch at the GM, but it was underthrown by 10 feet. A second thrown punch actually hit someone in watching a soap opera in their home, in Pennsylvania. Just what I heard.

  20. It was wrong putting him back in that game. He has been treated rather badly by the Jets, but what does anyone expect. Rex is coaching by the seat of his pants right now, and is praying that Geno works out. Just because he won a game on Monday means nothing. His playing is a little erratic, so just wait until he starts making some more mistakes.
    I am not a Sanchez fan, but he deserves better than what he got. Tebow is another example of terrible treatment from the Jets.

  21. There were some great Sanchez games, and then there were the pitiful ones. Nevertheless, I would have liked to see him get a chance to redeem himself under Marty. Marty is a much better o-coordinator than Schottenheimer and Sparano.

    He never had a chance with Chaz Schillens and Clyde Gates being his top 2 wide receivers, with Tebow being immediately subbed in for him as soon as Sanchez got any rhythm going.

  22. Wish him luck hopefully the surgery is successful and his shoulder is strong enough to hold a clipboard next year

  23. First of all, it seemed clear from the start that Idzik wanted to use at least most of this season to evaluation Smith so he could decide whether they need to draft a quarterback in the draft next year.

    At the same time, Sanchez has handled this entire affair gracefully, even cheering his heart out on the sidelines and helping Geno along. I’m relieved that Geno got the job, but let’s give Sanchez credit for being a team player.

    We had some good times those first couple of years. Yeah, Sanchez turned out to be a bad quarterback. All right, luckily we can move on.

  24. Sanchez should have stayed at USC to get more experience. 11 starts in college I believe. It was wrong for his football career but exactly right for his “wallet”!
    Seriously Mark I don’t blame you for screaming but this is what happens to everyday people “everyday”.
    A ridiculous amount $$$ was paid to you for being a very ordinary QB.

  25. Fact of the matter is Sanchez shouldn’t be upset with anybody but himself.
    He knew when Idzik was hired he was on the clock as far as producing results, and improving his play.

    Well seeing as he was unprepared to play, he then proceded to scramble with the ball, go beyond the tackle box, and didn’t get rid of the ball to protect himself from taking a shot, which ended up injuring him.

    The answer after 4 years plus was, NO, Sanchez’ play at QB didn’t improve enough to even protect himself, much less lead the team.

    Sanchez’ play got him hurt, and is now getting him shipped out of NY. Case closed.

  26. Sanchez was finished with the Jets the moment they brought Idzik in and Sanchez must have known it.

    He has to have known he would have been cut in the offseason if the team hadn’t been stupid enough to give him the contract extension with the guaranteed money this year.

    Now that he’s done for the year and they still have to pay him they should just cut him and get it over with. Just like with Freeman no other team is going to give the Jets squat in trade for a guy they know 99.99% is going to be cut at some point. Zero point to keeping him on the roster in any form at this point.

  27. “Sanchez was inserted into the game with second and third string players” ….

    And that is right where he belongs. BTW, Namath was another overrated noob.
    Jests QB’s are fools gold.

  28. Drew Brees was hurt during garbage time in a game against the Broncos. Left SD for the Saints, recuperated, won a SB, now one of the best passing QBs in the NFL. He put his best foot forward, can Mark?

  29. Guess who’s won more playoff games than Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan and Tony Romo.

    Dirty Sanchez!

  30. did he at least take his hairband off before he had his hissy fit. The dude’s easy to root against. the good news is I heard Lane Kiffin and Matt leinhart are looking for a 3rd roommate!

  31. logicalvoiceseys says: Oct 9, 2013 2:46 PM
    Sanchez to the Seahawks next season, calling it.
    Sanchez to either the Alouettes, or page 137 of GQ as a butt (fumble) model. Calling it!

  32. Remember the Sanchise talks his first 2 seasons?

    I bet Logicalvoicesays burnt his Mark Sanchez and Rex Grossman jerseys already!!!

  33. Still the Worlds Luckiest Man. Millions of dollars, the NY nightlife, his pick of the city’s top models and actresses, a closet full of diamond-studded headbands. We’d all trade places with him in a second.

  34. I am not a jets fan, so I don’t know much about Sanchez. However, maybe a change of scenery will help this guy out.

  35. Geno looked good in Atlanta against a soft Dline and soft defense with no pressure…..Lets see how Geno does against some of the top defenses out there….He comes to Cincy in 3 weeks….That’s when you will be able to grade his performance…They may lose to Pitt this weekend and Pats and Saints are definite losses…..2 more against the Dolphins and a visit to the ravens…. Geno hasnt seen tough defenses yet….Dont get too excited… If he comes out of these matchups with a winning record THEN Jets fans will know what they have….Jets could potentially lose 3 out of the next 4 games…..

  36. If that had been logicalvoicesays instead of logicalvoicesEys I would have replied “Sanchez to Washington. With one bad shoulder and one bad knee between them they would have a quarterback. Woo Hoo!”

  37. if he wasn’t so horrible, he would haven’t been playing with the second and third stringers. And the Jets wouldn’t have had to draft Geno in the 2nd round. Nobody to blame but yourself for this one, Sanchize.

    This is a dumb statement and sounds like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t pay attention to the NY scene. It was a mistake to put him in, behind some guys who didn’t even make a team, versus a guy who’s competing for the first string QB position and was put into the back-half of a meaningless Snoopy bowl game, a stupid pre-season game. Are you kidding me or do you know anything about football? If they would’ve put in a different QB, the same thing could’ve happened because, again, many of those players on 2nd and 3rd teams who blocked for an $8 million QB, who made the roster, didn’t even make a team! Are you kidding me?

  38. I would wait until winter before crowning this rookie a good QB.
    The kid has tiny hands and has shown a problem all through college of hanging on to the football in cold/bad weather.

  39. Ant team can potentially lose games. Automatic losses to NO and NE at home? Don’t think so. I don’t think anyone is frightened of Cincy, Baltimore or the Dolphins. They’re 3-2 teams, same as the Jets.

  40. Eating Crow. I thought good ol Geno would be a bust like Travaris, not able to understand defenses and coughing up the ball.
    He did at first but he looked first rate against the Falcons the other night. Good decisions, crisp passes. He had it all. The Jet’s D looked good as well, so this team is jelling for its fans.

    Sanchez may as well pack his bags and go back to Calf. I don’t see him suiting up again, maybe a backup that that’s a strech.

  41. jjbadd385 says:Oct 9, 2013 3:36 PM

    whether u like him or not…he probably has a point.

    This!! A conspiracy theorist, or mark sanchez’ mother, would jump all over this as being sabotage…

  42. If we put our dislike Sanchez or his effeminate hair band, we’ll see he’s right about the team’s horrible decision to put a starting QB in that position of a meaningless exhibition game. They put his career in jeopardy.

  43. No one is crying for Sanchez. Dude got paid and got more than his fair share of playing time to prove himself.

    The NFL is a meritocracy; he’s going to have to go out and earn it from now on instead of just being handed the keys to the kingdom. There’s 31 other teams to try out for once his shoulder is healed up.

    If he really is a starting QB in the NFL, he will play on Sundays next year. Just a question of where. It’s no more complicated than that.

  44. Wow, that hissy fit with Idzik apparently sealed the deal that he’ll be gone.

    I was wondering why Rex looks so down so often lately.

  45. nfloracle says: Oct 9, 2013 2:59 PM

    “If he wants a chance to play for someone next year, Sanchez should take the money, shut up, and act professional like Alex Smith did when the Niners gave his starting position to Kaepernick.”

    Which is exactly what he has always done. I’m not a Jet or Sanchez fan but the guy has handled himself with class off the field. Well, except for the headband thing.

  46. I actually side with Sanchez on this one. People don’t understand that the Jets actually wanted him to start the season to give Geno some time to learn. I believe Mark earned the right after being beaten up in that offense for four years to not be put in with guys that would not even make the practice squad. Plus, he was making $8 million plus. Not smart to put that kind of money at risk for a pre-season game. At the very least, he’s a top back-up for the Jets if something happens to Geno. Now you have $8 million dead dollars. I do believe Idzik had words for Rex on this decision.

  47. He can’t be that stupid to not realize he was done in NY as soon as they drafted Geno. Sanchez needs to move on and hope another team will take a chance on him next year. After all, an 8.25 million dollar severance check isn’t too bad for a guy that is basically a 2nd, or 3rd string QB.

  48. Even Sanchez doesn’t think Sanchez should be playing. It is finally unanimous

  49. All of that love from Ryan went to his head…he was/is no better than that 2nd string QB that went from Jets to Fins a few years back.

  50. If this happened in corporate America, Sanchez would win a huge law suit. But it is the NFL, and as a Jets fan, I say good by Mark. We both needed a change. That’s life. I hope you go to the Texans and win the Super Bowl.

  51. Back up QB’s play with backup lineman. What did he have to be mad at other then the person who told him that headband was a good idea.

  52. bigtimebrownie says:
    Oct 9, 2013 2:54 PM
    Oh Good, the non-football NY saga continues

    Thank you for your help in making it so.

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