Saints will travel a day early to New England

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Last week, as a tropical storm was moving toward New Orleans, the Saints packed their stuff up a day early and went to Chicago.

It worked — the Saints won.  And so they’ll be doing it again this week.

Per a league source, the Saints will leave on Friday instead of Saturday for the Boston area.

The main factor is the distance to be traveled, but the Saints were also influenced by the fact that traveling early last week helped the team show that they can play as well away from the Superdome.

If they win again, don’t be surprised if they keep traveling a day early.

13 responses to “Saints will travel a day early to New England

  1. The Saints don’t need to rely on superstition to prevail over the Pats in this game. Like Brady, Brees is truly an elite quarterback. Unlike Brady, Brees has a great–and reliable–supporting cast on offense this year.

    Prediction: Saints 31, Patriots 21

  2. I’m afraid the Saints will lose this one in Foxboro. You know Belichick has them practicing overtime to deal with the Saints. 5-1 ain’t so bad. Better than 1-4(Falcons).

  3. It doesn’t matter how long you practice, if you have inferior talent. Brady is one of the best but Brees is surrounded by talent, the Pats fall short, Saints win big!!!

  4. First off, Im a HOMER. Second, the Saints will win and win big in foxboro. The saints match up good with the pats and history has shown that coach Payton isn’t intimidated by coach bill b.
    If the saints win in Mass this week then IMO it will solidify itself as the #1 threat to Denver (assuming Denver makes it to the super bowl). Regardless if the saints lose to the Seahawks in Seattle later this year, they will still pose the biggest threat to stop Denver in the super bowl on neutral ground. It’s simple, brees can keep up with manning and the saints defense is playing better then the broncos.
    If new Orleans can keep it up and be the #1 seedin the NFC then I think its super bowl or bust with Denver. If they have to fly out west to Seattle it will be a tough game but they will have done it earlier this year so it will be familiar.

  5. Since the start of the 2009 season, the Saints have the best road record in the NFL, they travel just fine.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this game. on one hand I want the Saints to not continue to be unbeaten, for ’72 Dolphins sake. On the other hand, I hate the Patriots. I guess I’ll just have to hope that someone else knocks off New Orleans down the road, because I really hate the Patriots.

  7. Brees is better than Brady! Enough said! And why I say this? Because Brady needs a good supporting cast to be good while Brees makes his supporting cast good! It makes a huge difference! Anyone that is on the field with Brees is going to have an elevated game! It’s been proven time and time again!

  8. Ridiculous to me that all teams don’t travel on Fridays…You need a day to adjust when you travel particularly through time zones. The body and mind takes a moment to adjust to the new environment….The NFl should mandate this, makes for better games, i think.

  9. I’m a Pats fan but remember well the last time these two played. It was 4 years ago and it wasn’t pretty. The Pats have consistently had problems with teams like…The Giants, Niners, Seahawks, and THE SAINTS……N.O. Wraps this one up by the 4th quarter Saints 42 Pats 10

  10. The Patriots have lost 2 games in a row in 3 of the last 4 seasons, 2009, 2011, and 2012. In 2009 the Saints started their 2 game losing streak, then they lost at the Dolphins the next week. In 2011 they lost at the Steelers, then at home vs the Giants. Then last year they lost at home to AZ then at the Ravens.

    Tired of hearing people say A) they don’t lose 2 in a row. And B) They don’t lose at home. Recent history begs to differ. The fact of the matter is, they lose when they get outplayed like every other team in the NFL, and while it’s rare when they actually get outplayed, I expect a similar showing game to the Saints 2009 Pats match-up. Like that game, even though this ones outside, the weather will not be a factor. If they were playing in Foxborogh in December I’d pick the Pats hands down. Also in that 2009 rout by the Saints, Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles weren’t even on the team yet. And you’d be silly to think this Pats team with all the injuries is better than their ’09 version.

  11. ” In 2009 the Saints started their 2 game losing streak, then they lost at the Dolphins the next week. In 2011 they lost at the Steelers, then at home vs the Giants. Then last year they lost at home to AZ then at the Ravens.”

    In 2009 the Saints beat the Dolphins. They didn’t lose until the last 3 games of the season. They lost to Dallas, Tampa, and Carolina. The Saints did not play the Steelers in 2011. They played them in 2010 and beat them. In 2011 they also beat the Giants at home.
    Last year the Saints did not play Arizona or the Baltimore Ravens. Please get your facts straight.

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