Steelers bring back Stevenson Sylvester

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The Steelers started Kion Wilson at linebacker in Weeks Two and Three after they lost Larry Foote for the season, but they weren’t too impressed with what Wilson was able to do on the field.

They first made that point by benching him in favor of Vince Williams in Week Four and they took things one step further on Wednesday by dropping him from the roster entirely.

Pittsburgh announced that they have released Wilson and re-signed linebacker Stevenson Sylvester. Sylvester was cut in late August as the Steelers made their way to their initial 53-man roster, ending a run with the team that started when they made him a fifth-round pick in 2010.

Sylvester played 41 games for the Steelers, starting once, and recorded 22 tackles. Williams’ hold on the starting job likely isn’t that secure as the Steelers look for a formula that will bring them their first victory of the season, although it remains to be seen if Sylvester’s challenge for more playing time will be any more successful in the fall than it was in the summer.

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  1. If Sylvester was NFL worthy, some other team would have signed him by now. Our roster moves tend to indicate desperation rather than true improvement.

  2. Talk about “old hacks”, ‘undefeateddolphins72’, you are celebrating a season 41 years ago. Every player in the league was born after that. At least the Steelers have won something lately. Get a life!

  3. Didn’t you Steelers fans know that a day of reckoning would eventually come when, year after year, the Steelers mortgaged the future to free up cap room? You had a good run, won a couple of SBs, dominated or at least competed in your division, and now it is time to pay the piper. The Rooney’s aren’t stupid, it will only last a couple of seasons. By 2015 they will bring the team back into contention. It is a good organization. Unfortunately, at some point, they will have to get rid of Ben, but hey, ce la vie.

  4. Here’s a question that begs for an answer: Why was Sylvester cut in the first place? He is a special teams demon and a serviceable backup. Wilson, meanwhile, was an insurance salesman before the Steelers came calling out of desperation from having a lack of depth at the linebacker position.
    Who’s making these personnel decisions? And why are they still employed?

  5. psmith7716 says: Oct 9, 2013 11:20 AM

    If Sylvester was NFL worthy, some other team would have signed him by now. Our roster moves tend to indicate desperation rather than true improvement.


    Like all other mid season replacement signies – he obviously didnt look as good as what was available at the beginning of the season.

    This about as obvious as obvious gets.

  6. Not saying he is James Harrison caliber, but how many times did James bounce around(including the steelers and ravens)before he became a star and DPoY. Sometimes a scheme makes the player, but he has experience in the steelers scheme and shouldn’t do worse then kion

  7. Also yes the steelers mortgaged the furrier, but what do you think the great oz will do in. 3 years when Flacco’s cap number skyrockets(assuming he does get cut for poor play.

  8. I have always liked the hustle that Sylvester brought on special teams. Not sure why he was cut in the first place. Any player with experience in our complex defense is a big plus.

  9. This is the new “Steeler Way” – release a dud player that you had kept when you released the dud player that you are now bringing back to replace dud number one.

    This is definitely a superior-minded personnel decision.

    If you’re a moron.

  10. cheffyglenn:
    That is citizenstrange’s sarcastic way of saying Mike Tomlin stinks. And I could not agree more…

    Once again, this re-signing has gone way over your head. Tomlin had released Sylvester even though he had to have known full well his team was thin at linebacker. Why would a veteran (Sylvester) be released without a suitable replacement already on the roster? Wilson was actually and truly selling insurance before he was brought in to replace Larry Foote.
    Tomlin also had cut the O-line thin before the start of the regular season, which forced him to sign two players while in-season. Having kept utility lineman Doug Legursky would’ve made more sense than NOT KEEPING ANYONE in case of injuries.
    There’s a reason the Steelers are 0-4 for the first time since 1968.

  11. Scoobs, Ben is as good or better stat wise the joe, the difference is Ben is not going to make ridiculous money in three years.
    Cbob, I agree it was a mistake not retaining legurski, cutting Sylvester was odd. But the point I was making about Harrison was simply that just because a guy gets cut doesn’t make the guy a dud.

  12. “Note to Joemontanaflacco. #55 was just cut by the Steelers that was Wilson’s number.”

    And it was also Sylvester’s. I guess when you’re in salary cap hell, you can’t even buy new jerseys. Sad.

  13. blosser:
    Fair enough.
    However, Harrison was waived because someone BETTER than him was ALREADY on the roster. Harrison played behind a pretty good linebacker by the name of Joey Porter. Having said that, Cowher should’ve started Harrison long before Tomlin did in 2007, which might be one of the few things Tomlin has done right…

  14. Jmb I completely agree with you! Ben’s contract expires in two years so in three he won’t be making much.

  15. jmf, it’s hard for me to keep up with the abundance of game-changing skill players the ravens have, but didn’t they get rid of Stokely?

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