Travis Benjamin wins AFC special teams award


Not only did Travis Benjamin get a punter fired, he picked up an award for last week’s performance.

The Browns punt returner was named AFC special teams player of the week, the second time in three weeks the team has had the award-winner.

Benjamin set a franchise record with 179 punt return yards against the Bills last Thursday, including a 79-yard touchdown and another 57-yarder which set up a field goal. The total yardage was sixth-most in league history, and the most in a game since 2004. He’s second in the league with a 15.1-yard average.

Punter Spencer Lanning won the award two weeks ago, but he didn’t cost anyone a job. The Bills released punter Shawn Powell after Benjamin’s big night.

6 responses to “Travis Benjamin wins AFC special teams award

  1. Glad to see the Browns getting some positive press in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, with Hoyer out, I am afraid we are in for some more negative press. Weeden really worries me. As soon as he took over after Hoyer was hurt, it seemed like the offense was running in slow motion. He can’t read defenses quickly enough to get rid of the ball in a hurry like Hoyer can.

  2. Yeah Weeden’s deer-in-the-headlights bum.

    Best case scenario: he has a Derek Anderson-like one magical year and we make the playoffs. Then Hoyer comes back next stronger than ever, gives us a few good years while we sit our 1st Round QB and let him learn like the old days.

  3. I think its sad that the new Browns ownership and management seem to be the only ones not getting credit for that teams turn around when they should probably be the only ones who get the credit. The team hasn’t lost a game since Chud shuffled the roster after week two giving any QB they use a lot more to work with than Richardson getting stuffed followed by Greg Little deflecting passes to DB’s.

    Browns fans and NFL media have cried after every move this team has made this season yet all of them have made the team BETTER. Neither Weeden or Hoyer are the guy to lead Cleveland to a super bowl but both are good enough to let the talent around them possibly
    Lead them to the playoffs (or as I call it, the Matt Ryan effect) so could you imagine what this coaching staff could do if they had a guy they actually prefer out there?

    With that being said How many Browns fans are missing Josh Cribbs aka “pay the man” now that Travis Benjamin has that spot?

    Lets face it. The only ones not benefitting from the Eagles cleaning house of Banner and Reid for Chip Kelly are the Eagles. As both guys have bottom feader teams in playoff contention immediatly.

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