Bills get 24-hour extension to avoid blackout

All of the 77 regular-season games played in 2013 have been televised locally.  The first blackout(s) could come this weekend.

In Buffalo, there’s good news.  With 5,300 non-premium tickets remaining for the dawning of the Thad Lewis era, the Bills have obtained a 24-hour extension.

This could mean that the Bills and/or their sponsors have decided to pay for any remaining tickets as of 1:00 p.m. ET on Friday at 34 cents on the dollar.

Which would mean that anyone who buys tickets in the next 24 hours under the impression that it’s the only way they’ll get to see the game could be getting screwed.

But at least they’ll be getting $15 off!

Even if the Bengals-Bills game isn’t blacked out, Monday night’s Colts-Chargers game could be blacked out, especially since the Chargers have shown little inclination to reduce the minimum number of tickets to 85 percent or to buy any unsold tickets.

14 responses to “Bills get 24-hour extension to avoid blackout

  1. The Monday night game being blacked out would be much more embarrassing. A nationally televised game with an empty stadium featuring two competitive teams?

    The Chargers might as well start getting the bags packed for the move to LA. They will continue to not be supported by the local fans, but at least they’d do it in a brand new stadium.

  2. Because it is Monday night nationally televised game they will work it out. If it was Sunday, a different story.
    Chargers won’t move to LA. LA boys want to own the team. Spanos family is not going to let the team go.

  3. Talking about a team that had a home playoff game blacked out. And it turned out to be the best game in the history of their franchise

  4. I thought the league gave the respective teams authority over home game blackouts a year or two ago………

  5. Why the negativity? No one is getting screwed. If you buy a ticket now, youve just purchased a reduced rate ticket at a very low price for an NFL game. The weather is projected to be dry and in the 60’s and you will have a great time.

  6. This is no surprise. When the team isn’t that good the front-running fans have so much more things they can do in Buffalo besides go to Bills games. They can go to the beach, they can go water skiing and surfing. They can go to the gambling casinos in Canada. They can drive to Cleveland Browns games. There are just so many more distractions in Buffalo that going to Bills games is just not the number 1 priority.

  7. One thing PFT never mentions is the Bills opted to not particupate in the 85% rule. 5,000 remaking tickets means there will be 68,000 people there, which is 93%, well above the 85% threshold. Also, it means 68,000 people bought tickets to watch a team that hasn’t had a winning season in 9 years, hasn’t been to the playoffs in 13 years, and our hope for the future just had his second knee injury in 6 games…Would you be rushing to spend your hard earned money to watch a team like that play the BENGALS?

  8. You really shouldn’t chime in “bengalguy”. A couple years back when I went to a Bills game in Cincinasty, there were about 40,000 people at the game. 15,000 of which were Bills fans. But when the Bungles have a competitive team…you’re all die hard right?

  9. Bills worst organization in football. Ralph screws Buffalo. Russ Brandon is a used car salesman. He’s good. The boy fills the house when the team blows. Playoffs maybe 2020

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