Cultures showing MRSA in Carl Nicks’ foot again


The Buccaneers got guard Carl Nicks back on the field a couple of weeks ago after a bout with a MRSA infection in his foot, but it looks like Nicks hasn’t made it all the way out of the woods yet.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that cultures taken from Nicks’ foot recently have come back with indications of MRSA. Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik told Garafolo that the infectious disease specialist working with Nicks believes that it is a recurrence of the initial infection as opposed to a new strain of the bug finding its way into Nicks’ foot.

There’s no word on what that might mean for Nicks’ availability, but it’s clearly not good news for a player who missed the first two weeks of the season while battling the infection the first time. Nicks also missed nine games last year, so his move to Tampa has featured a lot more visits to doctors offices than the touchdown springing blocks that the team had in mind.

And it’s also not good news for the Bucs who are already 0-4 and facing an NFLPA grievance filed by kicker Lawrence Tynes regarding their handling of Tynes’ MRSA infection in a season that’s well on its way to being a total nightmare.

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  1. MRSA ain’t nothing to mess with.
    He left New Orleans to get paid and all he got was this crappy coach and a foot infection. He didn’t even get a championship tshirt because he left that opportunity in Nola!

  2. MRSA is no joke. my sister got it and it spread to her heart which now is enlarged. she almost passed. it was one of the scariest times of my life. I hope everything is OK with them.

  3. Agreed MRSA is no joke. My father in law had knee replacement surgery, yada yada yada, 4 months later he’s still going to the hospital twice a day to get IV antibiotics.

  4. The last thing I want to do is pile on the bucs but why is this franchise the only team dealing with this problem presently? I know that these things happen but, from top to bottom, this just seems like a train wreck of a franchise.

  5. saintsredwings says:
    Oct 10, 2013 4:19 PM
    He left NOLA for a million dollars more in TB. Bet he regrets that decision now.


    It is one thing to visit NOLA… another thing to LIVE there.

  6. They better line him up. Shoes off. And watch all the running lanes open right up.

    But if I was one of Nicks’ teammates, Id be pissed at how management rushed him back after not being completely thorough with his recovery. Putting all those teammates and coaches in jeopardy. This season has been an absolute joke.

  7. As a parent I can tell you I’m MUCH more worried about MRSA and other infectious diseases at the high school level than I am about head trauma.

    It’s a big, big problem that is coming to a school near you.

  8. I’ve read books and heard commentary from former players and coaches about how bad the Bucs facility is. And this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with Staph infection. Then when you hear from fans (and some players) about how cheap the Glazers are, I can’t understand why any free agent would want to sign there.

  9. I am sure this is Schiano’s fault too. He probably did it as another way to show his control of the locker room.

  10. Yet another chapter in the saga of the Glazers and the Bucs organization.

    Between their handling of Nicks’ MRSA infection, the handling of Tynes with his MRSA infection and the fiasco with Freeman is extremely telling of the Bucs organization in general. The Glazers need to sell this team to somebody who actually gives a damn, and Dominik and Schiano need to be shown the door. The Bucs need a complete overhaul, from ownership on down – and I’m not even a Bucs fan making this observation.

    That said, I hope Nicks and Tynes are able to make full recoveries from MRSA. MRSA is nothing to screw around with

  11. Undergrad Microbiologist here…

    MRSA is usually prevalent in Hospital settings and that’s why its called a Nosocomial Disease. It’s very strange that the BUCS are linked to so many MRSA cases in the past few years. It probably spread from one player who had surgery, got MRSA, and spread MRSA all over the Bucs Facilities. For a billion dollar industry, I would’ve thought they would be investigating thoroughly and being extremely careful and cautious in how they handled MRSA infections….guess not.

  12. MRSA is high contagious. If I was the Bucs, I would just move to another facility until the place is completely fumigated because if Tynes has it… and Nicks has it… someone else is probably bound to get it. MRSA is living in the Bucs facility.

  13. If I was the owner I seriously think I’d rather go 0-16 than have multiple players get a flesh eating bacteria in my facility. There is just no excuse for that. I can only assume the Glazers are too cheap to fire everyone during the season.

  14. @Cereal_22 says:
    Oct 10, 2013 5:15 PM
    How does he even know, most lineman are too fat to see their toes ??
    Hey! linemen are people too!

  15. Yeah it’s sad Nicks left N.O. for more money but I don’t really have anything bad to say about him! He was a great player when he was on the Saints and helped out a lot! Now he’s on Tampa and I do hope he gets better soon but I hope his team doesn’t win a game this season! WHO DAT! Black and Gold Nation!

  16. Man, this city is a cesspool of germs and bacteria and it is humid and sticky 10 months of the year. People swim in rivers and get flesh eating bacteria. Bugs thriving year round and carrying all types of sickness. Heat driving transients to commit all sorts of crazy crimes. I gotta get out of this hell hole into a colder climate. I am a true believer that 30 degree weather is one of the best regulators of a society.

    Other than that Tampa is a beautiful place.

  17. Earlier when Nicks and Tynes first were discovered to have MRSA, I recall one of the trainers also having it and their being concern about other teams using the “visitors” facilities one the season started.
    This can be an extremely serious and stubborn bacterial infection and I would hope that this situation is taken seriously by the league and players association if the Bucs are too irresponsible to understand that this is a player safety issue as well as a public safety issue. Good luck to Carl Nicks in his recovery, this can enduring sequelae.

  18. I had a situation similar with Mrsa in my office! The problem here is money. instead of thinking about the team, and communities health getting that game check matters more. People have to feed their families! It’s a very bad situation, this team will be dismantled after the season for the organizations own safety. Been here before and trust me having an enlarged heart is what I have to show, and my situation could have been much worse. Hope everyone gets out of this in one piece.

  19. mo money, mo problems.

    Leaves the Saints for TB to make more dough, permanently injures his foot, and now this.

  20. The Bucs are not only awful, but their facilities are filthy…if one more player gets MERSA, they’re going to have a major lawsuit…especially bc nicks still has it and has been allowed around the other players (bc he is good, unlike the kicker, who actually was good — yet was easily replaceable)

  21. They need to move the team to different facilities until they are sure that they are clean.

    The NFL needs to get involved with this and make sure to protect the players.

    MRSA is a highly contagious disease that can be permanent and/or fatal depending on the person’s constitution.

    Nicks should be banned from the facilities. Nothing personal but he needs to get better, for both himself and everyone else around him.

    If the nothing is done, OSHA should step in. This is actually serious, more so than 1/2 the topics we hear about now.

    Also the Bucs want to get this under control quickly because with this AND another person being found with it – the Bucs are so going to get trucked with the Tynes lawsuit.

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