Eli Manning intercepted three times as Bears defeat Giants

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The Chicago Bears haven’t allowed a touchdown in the fourth quarter this season and needed to keep that streak alive to hold off the New York Giants on Thursday night.

With the Giants driving into Bears’ territory, Eli Manning was intercepted for the third time on the night as a pass intended for tight end Brandon Myers deflected off his fingertips and into the waiting arms of cornerback Tim Jennings. The Bears picked up the first down they needed to run out the remainder of the clock and held on for a 27-21 victory to improve to 4-2 on the season.

The Giants fall to 0-6 for only the second time in franchise history.

The Bears defense forced Manning into two interceptions in the first few minutes of the game. Manning’s second pass attempt of the night was intercepted by Zachary Bowman as the Bears’ offense started their first drive at the Giants’ 12-yard line. However, the Giants held on 4th and 2 to keep the Bears off the scoreboard.

It was short-lived as Manning was intercepted again by Jennings on the Giants’ next possession and returned 48 yards for a touchdown. Manning has now throw 15 interceptions in the Giants’ first six games of the season. Manning finished 14 of 26 for 239 yards and a touchdown with the three interceptions.

Brandon Jacobs rushed for two touchdowns in his first start since returning to the Giants. Jacobs also put together his first 100-yard rushing performance since Week 14 of 2011 with 106 yards on 22 carries against the Bears.

Jay Cutler completed 24 of 36 passes on the night for 262 yards and two touchdown passes to Brandon Marshall for the Bears.

93 responses to “Eli Manning intercepted three times as Bears defeat Giants

  1. This dude is killing my fantasy team, I just am too stubborn to bench him, maybe he ain’t snapping out of it….

  2. Bench Manning, just cause he has the last name doesn’t mean you need to keep him as your starter. He is arguably the worst Qb in the NFL this year. If his name were Eli Smith I bet they’d be considering a change.

  3. Eli almost redeemed himself until that overthrow to Myers. Real shame. Cost the team the possible W. Eli needs to go in a dark room somewhere and just stop thinking about football. He has that same “deer in the headlights” look he had from 04-06. I dont want to see Eli throw 40 INT’s either so if it gets too bad put in Nassib. This is a lost season anyways.

    BUT…. There are a lot of other problems with this team. Cutler was shredding the defense and as usual no pass rush to speak of.

    Oline played well but the Bears Dline isn’t very good.

    Speaking of that Where did Brandon Jacobs get his time machine from?

  4. It never ceases to amaze and amuse me how much Peyton Manning and his brother Eli seem to be polar opposites. Peyton is, of course, “king” of the NFL regular season, while Eli is arguably “king” of the postseason (when he gets there, of course). Peyton’s postseason record is unimpressive, and Eli’s regular season record is, well, not all that impressive. Peyton is animated on the field, and Eli appears to be relatively unanimated. Eli is now 0-6, and Peyton is poised to become 6-0.

  5. After 6 games, 4 – 2 is a good place to be. I’m not ready to talk superbowl, but a winnable game agianst the ‘Skins next week should make us 5 – 2 heading into the bye. The 2nd half is a bit easier. Bear Down.

  6. Please just tank the season like the colts did and get me clowney. I can’t call our pass rush pathetic because that would insult the word “pathetic”. Eli the pick machine didn’t help either

  7. Her’s the scary part: in a division that is abysmally weak, the Giants are not necessarily out of it…

    (This from an Eagles fan that is overjoyed that the rest of the division is equally marginal)

  8. Last season Eli threw 15 INT’s all season.

    This season Eli now has 15 INT’s through 6 games.

    Last yr 15 pics in 536 pass attempts.

    This yr 15 pics in 229 pass attempts.

    He’s completing in the low 50’s as far as his completion percentage is and his QB rating is in the very low 60’s.

  9. Good team win for the Bears, although I wasn’t happy with all the 3rd.-and-long plays our defense allowed to be converted. Hats off to the NYG for keeping the game close.

  10. Tough luck, Giants fans. But maybe … just maybe … none of this would be happening if Mara hadn’t taken $46 million from the Redskins and Cowboys. What goes around tends to come back around.

  11. Ugh! As a Bears fan. I’m still no satisfied with this win. The Giants are not a very good offense and they ran over our defense. I’m sick if getting walked all over.

  12. It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

    Yeah yeah, you guys have won superbowls and we didn’t yada yada. Hopefully those trophies have tissue dispensers in them. (I wouldn’t know)

  13. Man, the only thing keeping the Bears respectable is turnovers. It’s hard to depend on those. That D is getting gashed regularly. Lots of safety tackles of the backs 12 yards deep. Not a good sign….

  14. Also that front four gets very little pressure. They lost Melton which hurts (and Nate Collins too) but still. Peppers looks off, McCllelan looks ineffective, Wooten has been solid but not spectacular. They should have kept Izzy!

  15. Makes you think Eli sold his souls so his brother would recover and be able to play at a high level. What other explanation works except that he was never really as good as people think he was.

  16. Wait, so Eli sucks when he doesn’t have a great D that totally dominates the other team’s QB!?!?

    Oh wait, I already knew that. FRAUD.

  17. Can u say Eli Choking? how’s it feel giants fans to have your two time MVP give up games like that on a game winning drive? more than once this season too!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!

  18. The logic part of my brain says there’s no way a team with this kind of talent goes 0-16.

    …The rest of my brain reminds it though that there’s no way a team with this kind of talent should be 0-6 in the first place, so at this point… when WILL the Giants win a game?

  19. With no more Urlacher & Melton and Collins on IR the Bears really can’t stop the run. They’ve been pretty good at it for so long it’s hard to see. Sounds strange for Bear fans, but the offense is obviously going to have to win some shoot outs. At least now they have the skill position players and coaches to do that.

  20. So who played a better game, Elite Eli (hint 3 more INT’s for a total of 15) or Romo the Hobo who threw 1 INT ( 2 total/yr, also 5td’s, 500yds.)? If you are unsure (stats CAN be misleading) ask Collingsworthless. Edge to Eli because he’s the most clutch QB in the game. Should have beat Dallas coming from behind except for another of those pesky INT’s. Giants 0-6. I suspect the MSM sports media will just go silent on the G-Men. No miracles to spin here.

    Havin’ fun Mara? Poetic justice, you snitch.

  21. Tough year for Eli and the Giants. He grew up a Saint fan, he has the character to get through this. Hang on Blue Jay.

  22. That’s why I be trying to tell you all whether a team wins or loses is much deeper than having a “franchise QB”. Steelers and Giants have two of the best franchise QBs and can’t find a win.

    Fools think Franchise QBs are the cure all for a NFL franchise. Simply not the case.

  23. Whether he gets in or not, the Eli Manning Hall of Fame selection is shaping up to be the must controversial ever.

  24. What a waste of a solid defensive effort against an average team on their home turf. Eli you are better than that man, come on!

  25. Aaron Ross says, “Don’t worry, we’ll sweep every game from here on…”

    At least when Sanchez was playing this bad, he didn’t have talent like Nicks, Cruz, Randal, and Myers around him…this is inexcuseable!

  26. hmmm… I’m thinking it might be a good year for the Pats to go to the Super Bowl because it doesn’t look like the Giants will be there to spoil the party this time ’round…

    0-6… yeesh… Poor Jacksonville…. finally get a shot at the #1 and the G-Men are gonna ruin it for them…

  27. Well, looking on the bright side, at least the defense finally held an opponent to under 30 points.

    C’mon, Eli! You’re better than this!!

  28. Couldn’t happen to a better franchise. Their owner should probably start worrying about his own team more often and maybe they would be doing a little better.

  29. Can u say Eli Choking? He put the ball in the Bears hands on a game winning drive! He’s done it more than once this season too! GO COWBOYS!!!

  30. What amazes me is Eli throws ANOTHER “critical” interception at the end of a potential game winning drive and all that is said is “Eli Manning distraught after latest interception-fest” & “Eli Manning intercepted three times as Bears defeat Giants”. Where are the CHOKE comments about him??

  31. bwahahahaha as a Cowboys fan I’m absolutely LOVING this! I dread playing the Giants every year, but this year? Yeah not so much. You mouth breathers, yeah I mean you, Eli and Coughlin, might want to start getting your act together before you find yourselves in the unemployment line!

  32. Previous 5 games the opponents average win by 20pts… And still, The Bears could only beat them by 7. roflmao

    yep, the Bears have a bearry potent offense:-)

    go Jay!

  33. You don’t bench Eli Manning. If they started Nassib, they will go 0 and 16. You have to stick with him through this. BTW, its not all on the QB. These losses are team losses more than one guy. Most of the time the team isn’t even competitive.

  34. cubsfan101 says:
    Oct 10, 2013 11:39 PM
    As a Packers fan, I cannot wait to put this Bears team in their place in a couple weeks. Haven’t had a single quality win yet


    In case you just started watching football, the Bears are re-vamped team. New GM, New HC, New OC, New DC. Another new offense to learn for Jay. (almost every year for him) Keep running your mouth though, I love wagon jumpers like you, especially when the Bears beat your team that you are supposedly are a fan of….since when?

    Cubs fan and Packers fan, most ridiculous combo ever, you would get rolled if you went to Solider field wearing a Cubs hat and a Packers shirt. Figure it out dude, lol!

  35. sidepull says: Oct 11, 2013 9:51 AM

    Cant spell elite without Eli


    Can’t spell ELI-mitated either….and if he is elite then you might want to go lay down because you might be d-ELI-irious.

  36. Peyton is blatantly the more superior QB, but the reason Eli has more rings is he had a better supporting cast on those two Super Bowl runs. And even then, the team was mediocre then got hot in the playoffs.

    Look at the 2011 NFCC, Eli didn’t cause the two fumbles which cost the Niners the game. And Eli wasn’t on their stifling defense which stuffed the Packers and Patriots.

  37. Eli has peaked. He’s just an average QB and is not and never was “elite” as he has claimed. He is finding out, the hard way, that all the time he was claiming his fame that the real reason is that he had more than one good receiver and a great offensive line. He no longer has either and has lost his confidence. Don’t worry though, there is still that goal that most teams in the Giants situation pursue and that is the role of; THE SPOILER.

  38. I’m not a Giants or a Cowboys fan but I do know this. You Cowboys fans have a choker of your own and his name is Tony Romo and put it on your calendar that the Giants play the Cowboys in Novemeber and it just might be the first game the Giants win.

  39. Perhaps Tom Coughlin’s grief is dragging the team down. Without getting too psychie, he should have taken time out to process his loss. You can’t keep going when something like that happens.

  40. shatho1 says: Oct 11, 2013 8:54 AM

    Can u say Eli Choking? He put the ball in the Bears hands on a game winning drive! He’s done it more than once this season too! GO COWBOYS!!!

    Nope, Romo has that on lock.

  41. jdoberman says: Oct 11, 2013 8:55 AM

    What amazes me is Eli throws ANOTHER “critical” interception at the end of a potential game winning drive and all that is said is “Eli Manning distraught after latest interception-fest” & “Eli Manning intercepted three times as Bears defeat Giants”. Where are the CHOKE comments about him??

    Because he didn’t choke. Romo did. Myers dropped the ball. You clowns showing up in droves have been waiting since the “lucky” Super Bowl wins to find the first chance (even if it isn’t even accurate) to come here and talk this foolishness, huh? I can tell how long it’s been held back hahaha.

  42. Manning is not ‘elite’ because his TEAM won two SBs. His career record (143-141) is just two games over .500, and his QB rating is 81.8…He has only reached 10 or more wins 4 times in ten seasons.

    Now, I am a big Jay Cutler fan, but he is not ‘elite’ either, although Trestman has him getting better game-by-game. The Detroit loss show that he still needs to improve his consistency as well.

    A-Rod, Brees, Brady, and Manning (the other one) have earned the right to be called ‘elite.’ Jay, Eli, Rivers, and Romo are franchise QBs to be sure, but still one tier below. Flacco and Schaub, and especially Stafford, aren’t even that good

  43. hey mrwright quit making excuses for Eli Choking u just don’t like the fact that he is number 1 in the league in interceptions. In his press conference last night he even said “I didn’t get what I wanted on that pass ” it was thrown too high therefore he choked and gave up the game so get over it.

  44. Eli played fine. Both the Bears and the Giants showed what happens when good quarterbacks get inconsistent play from their receivers. Brandon Marshall, who got about the first 100 passes thrown to him, looked bush league when he dropped the pass on 4th and two. That’s the second week in a row Cutler had a pass on fourth down dropped. And Alshon Jeffery, coming off a 200+ yard receiving performance, looked so retarded on what should have been a touchdown pass from Cutler the announcers couldn’t even say what happened to him. The difference between Eli and Cutler was that Cutler has lost some of his gunslinger mentality under Trestman and miraculously hasn’t thrown any picks two weeks in a row. I feel bad for Eli–people are saying he’s playing badly and he really isn’t. Every quarterback in the league looks bad if their o-line lets a lot of pressure get to the QB.

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