Jairus Byrd set to play, not worried about winning back fans


Bills safety Jairus Byrd said he felt ready to play in last week’s game against the Ravens, but coach Doug Marrone made the choice to keep him out of the lineup for the fifth straight week.

All signs are that Byrd will be on the field against the Bengals on Sunday, although Marrone said Wednesday that he’s still figuring out how much Byrd will play and in what role. It’s also unclear how the fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium will react to Byrd, who has heard criticism in recent months for skipping most of camp before signing his franchise tender and for saying that he wouldn’t play unless his injured foot felt 100 percent.

Byrd said he felt tempted to respond to critics, but resisted because he understood why they were upset. He’s not particularly interested in winning back any hearts and minds, though.

“I’m not trying to win them back over,” Byrd said, via the team’s website. “I’m just trying to go out there and play my game, do what we can to win games for these guys in the locker room that have played hard, that I’ve been with for four years. That’s what we’re going to try to do is go win games.”

Winning games has long been the easiest way to earn the adulation of fans, so Byrd might be able to wind up back in their good graces even without making it a top priority. Unless, of course, he’s playing in front of someone else’s fans before the month is out.

14 responses to “Jairus Byrd set to play, not worried about winning back fans

  1. Very true Phillly welcomed the often injured lazy over rated lineman who puts no effort into off season training. Byrd is actually a more consistent player and as much as I hate his attitude he is a top 5 safety. Someone ( not the Bills) will pay this guy a lot of money. The only question is how valuable is a safety? I just don’t think it makes sense to pay a safety 7 mill.

  2. The Bills offered him 7 per year… he was going to be paid top 5 safety money.. he wanted to be the top paid safety; hence, the stalemate. I think its outlandish to have a safety be so highly paid.
    TO me, Gilmore is a more valuable commodity as Aaron WIlliams had done nicely at Safety early on. He is not Byrd but even with Byrd we are 2-3…

  3. I’d agree with you Billsfan1, but you realize with Byrd in the Jets game, we don’t have to watch Justin Rodgers get abused when Leodis went out. I’d say 3-2, and maybe even 4-1 as that could have been the diffrence in the Pats game as well. Either way, it will be nice to have consistent secondary help with Leodis hurting and Williams still a liability at corner, it should stabilize it.

  4. The Bills need to KEEP the talent they have and pay them accordingly instead of letting them walk away like Levitre. They have the money and cap room to pay Byrd and even though they don’t want to pay him top safety money and devalue the position. I’d say that is a pound-wise and foolish position. They have the makings of a top 5 defense in the league with him and Gilmore, Spiller etc. can still be paid in the years to come if contracts are done properly and in the proper time-frame. IF Byrd truly wants to stay in Buffalo and IF Russ Brandon wants the fans of Buffalo to truly believe the Bills are committed to building a super bowl winning team Byrd will play the rest of the year out and get paid. If not he’s showcasing before the trade deadline and will shut himself down afterward IMO.

  5. So the Bills losing record (again), id because of your diva safety who doesn’t want to be their anyway?????? Really????? Get a grip boys, Front 7 eats Lewis for lunch!
    Bengals 24 bills 10
    Moving on…..

  6. just to put into perspective i would have to work for the next 143 years at my current salary to make what he is making this year. and he wants to be paid more…dont we all

  7. Of course he really doesn’t care what the fans think. He only cares about the big fat paycheck he wants.
    To quote the line from Jerry McGuire, “Show me the money!”.

  8. As far as him playing, he may not be the guy he was before. Also, he has not played in a really long time. Justin Rodgers does suck, I agree. Gilmore will likely be back, which should solve that problem.
    Looks like next years priorities are another CB and a Safety, unless they sign one in free agency. That and of course another lineman. A backup QB should be found in free agency or the waiver wire as well.

  9. @mjw9326mjw9326 I dont think we need a safety with aaron williams back there…i didnt like him as a cb but i like him as a safety

  10. err…last week’s game was against the Browns, and Marrone kept him out of the only practice for that short week…

    agree that he’s out by the trade deadline, thanks again Eugene (ya jerkwad)

    Levitre’s gone because his bad knee isn’t worth $48m.

    thanks for the 10, and we appreciate the effort it must have taken to come up with that number.

  11. The ship has sailed for Byrd in Buffalo. Liked him when he was playing, not gonna hate on him for trying to get his while he can. NFL = Not For Long. Best way to get traded is to show up and play. The secondary has been out there flying on half of one wing, you owe it to the guys to show up and play.

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