Jets announce David Garrard attempting (another) comeback


If Mark Sanchez is still alive, then it only makes sense that David Garrard’s knee has been risen from the dead.

The Jets announced that David Garrard has made his way back to the team, and has been given a two-week roster exemption. He’ll give them another veteran backup for Geno Smith to go along with or instead of Brady Quinn, who has been inactive each week.

“I was able to take the whole summer off and let my body heal. I started training a couple of months ago and my knee feels great,” Garrard said, via the team’s official website.  “I’m sitting at home, watching games thinking, ‘Why am I at home? Why I am doing this to myself? I didn’t want to have any regrets one day.”

Garrard was signed in March, but was placed on the reserve/retired list in May, after his historically bad knees began giving him trouble again.

“I reached out to Mr. Idzik,” Garrard said of General Manager John Idzik.  “He has given me another chance, so it’s truly a blessing.”

It would probably take a miracle for Garrard to stay healthy, but at this stage, it’s a no-risk move for the Jets.