Menelik Watson out again for the Raiders

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The start of tackle Menelik Watson’s NFL career has featured a lot more time spent in the trainer’s office than on the field and things don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Watson practiced last week for the first time since having knee surgery in early September, but he was back on the sideline at practice on Wednesday. There’s been no setback with Watson’s knee. He was out because of a calf injury, which coach Dennis Allen explained was to the same calf that Watson injured early in camp to lead to his first extended absence of his rookie season.

“It’s a calf,” Allen said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s really the same calf that he’s had problems with. So obviously it’s frustrating for him, it’s frustrating for us that we haven’t been able to really have him out there. We’ve had him maybe a total of 10 days since the start of training camp. Once he gets healthy, then we have to have an opportunity to evaluate him and see what we have.”

If Watson is out for a few weeks, it will turn likely 2013 into something of a redshirt year for the second-round pick. Jared Veldheer is expected back around that point of the season and he’ll move back to left tackle when he’s back. Khalif Barnes and Tony Pashos would be the other options at right tackle and Watson’s scant time on the field would probably work against him in a competition with the two veterans for playing time.

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  1. IR him, get a body in here that can actually help and let him get healthy in hopes of taking full time reps at RT through the entire offseason. This kid is crazy raw and I’d hate to see him get in there and play on a weeks practice and get himself hurt yet again.

    The O-Line really hasn’t been an issue out side of the Washington game when Flynn let them tee off on him. Pryor is making them look better than they are but Watson isn’t some saviour we need right now.

  2. I can’t believe how well the backups have played, especially the 4th string LT.

    Like raiderufan said though, Pryor is making them look better than they are.

  3. Meh. Reggie could have got more than #12 + a 2nd rd pick for the #3 overall pick. He could have traded back again 2…maybe even 3 times…maybe even as far as the 2nd rd if he was determined to get DJ Hayden. He could have made the trade to # 12 overall with the dolphins, chosen someone else and STILL draft Hayden in the 2nd rd, & Watson in the 3rd. Reggie overdrafted/overpaid for both players, & Watson looks like he doesn’t have the heart to play, even though he might have the talent. 10 days of production from your 2nd rd pick? For a struggling 4-12 team? Because of a calf? Does he even WANT to play professional football?
    For crying out bloody loud, RMcK. When you finish 4-12, you need immediate contributors, not some lunkhead to sit in the training room and another guy whom you could have drafted in the 2nd rd instead of the first.
    Not to mention the Matt Flynn acquisition. Not to mention Tony Bergstrom. Not to mention Tyler Wilson. What the f*ck are you doing, McKenzie?

  4. More than likely it’s his soleus muscle. About the only cure is 4 weeks of rest, stretching, massage and using a foam roller. If you try to rush back to soon, you just got to start it all over….let it heal.

  5. Have you hurt your calf? Im a jogger and im telling you that even shin splints are 4-6 week recovery. This guy is 300+ pnds. and playing with a calf injury is damn near impossible! He and they are tryng to get him out there to soon. Just play the same line you did last week, but use Reece as added run support and Pryor will do the rest. Menelik needs to heal 100% or it will be an issue all year. Trust me on this one!

  6. The best option for the Raiders is to place this kid in IR. You have to give this type of injury time to heal and should not force and or rush it before MW is fully recovered.

    “Time heals everything, and if it doesn’t, just give it some time.” ~ Father Time


  7. just sit him down for this game. Then they have the bye. Only way its going to heal is rest.
    Oh and you can’t blame Reggie for a guy getting hurt . He can’t see in to the future . Watson looked good at LT in preseason . I am hopeful that he will move to RT once Veldheer comes back and give us a solid line.

  8. When you draft a player, you can’t predict what injuries will plague them. If I were to second guess McKenzie, I would’ve taken Kyle Long with the twelfth pick instead of Hayden. He would’ve been a starter at guard and given the injuries at LT, probably been able to play tgere too with his athleticism.

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