Mike Smith: “Preposterous” to think of trading Gonzalez

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There might be teams who’d like to make a run at Tony Gonzalez.

But in addition to Gonzalez himself saying he doesn’t want to be dealt, his team doesn’t want to move him.

Falcons coach Mike Smith shot down the idea of trading Gonzalez right now.

“That’s preposterous that Tony would be traded,” Smith told Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “He’s an integral part of our offense and has been since he’s been here. And he’s having another Hall of Fame season.

“In my mind, the last two weeks have been maybe his best two games since he’s been here. So he’s an integral part — and will continue to be — to the success we’re going to have.”

Of course, he’s an integral part of a 1-4 team, which just lost its best receiver for the season, and whose second-best receiver has been hobbled all season.

As much as it might seem the Falcons are cooked, their next three opponents after their bye week have four wins between them, so the idea that a team with a Hall of Fame tight end and a very good quarterback and Steven Jackson back at some point might get things together isn’t completely unreasonable.

Of course, if they’re 1-6 before the Oct. 29 deadline, the preposterous thing might be keeping him.

42 responses to “Mike Smith: “Preposterous” to think of trading Gonzalez

  1. From a salary cap perspective the only team that really makes sense is the Miami Dolphins, if they are within striking distance of a wild card spot. Trade a 6th for a rental to try and make a run this season, why not?

  2. There are not Hall of Fame seasons, there are Pro Bowl, All Pro, and MVP seasons.

    The Hall of Fame adjective is exclusive to careers.

  3. Mike Smith just doesn’t get it.

    This season is a lost cause, and Falcon fans understand that outside of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Sean Witherspoon, this whole roster needs to be rebuilt. Literally, the only reason to NOT trade Tony G. is if he wants to remain in Atlanta. If he is ok with going back to KC, then make it happen. It’ll raise your draft position and give you an extra pick in the process.

  4. Never been a Falcons fan, but have long been a Tony Gonzalez fan. That said, he and Falcons might have been better off if he did not un-retire.

  5. He is bordering on retirement. Still has ability to play but wants to play for Falcons. If they were stupid enough to trade him, he would call it a career. If anything Falcons should trade for a receiver, who would benefit from Gonzales presence.

  6. “Mike Smith: “Preposterous” to think of trading Gonzalez”

    Unless you’re the Chiefs, who traded him away while he was in his prime.

  7. I remember when New Orleans traded Rickey Jackson to their then-Division Rival San Francisco 49ers so Rickey had a chance at a Super Bowl. I see nothing wrong with showing the same respect to Tony Gonzales by trading him to to Kansas City.

  8. As a lifelong Falcons fan, I think moving Tony would be an admirable move. With all the injuries, even if (huge “if”) they made a wildcard, they have no chance to beat the elite teams right now.

    This season didn’t work out as planned for Atlanta…it never does. He should be traded to Denver before the deadline so he can get the ring he more than deserves.

  9. This losing is hilarious and deserved for all involved.

    Tony G is a Diva who skipped training camp while his teamates sweated it out.

    Dimitroff is an egomaniac who gutted the team in the trenches and thought skill positions were all that mattered. Fired their strength and conditioning coach after years of almost zero injuries and now he is running a hospitol ward, lol.

    Arthur Blank is an owner who harrassed and pressured a church to give up it’s land for a new stadium. Its so funny to see him standing on the sidelines all the time only to leave with head hanging.

    Atlanta fans are delusional thinking successful regular seasons guarantee future success.

    Matty ice is the most obnoxious and ironic nickname in all of sports. can’t score in the redzone with pro bowlers at every position, so lets see what he is made of with them out.

  10. Don’t forget, Tony signed a 2-year contract at the beginning of the season. I wouldn’t completely squash the idea of him returning.

    I don’t agree with trading him unless you can get an impact player/pick in return. To me that’s a 2nd round pick.

    I’m in favor of tanking. Someone like Jadaveon Clowney can make an immediate impact on this defense. All of the young players can cut their teeth this season and be ready to make an impact next year.

  11. Mike Smith should sit down w/ Tony G & Mr Blank. The only reason h joined the Birds was for 1 chance at a championship which they blew last year. DO THE RIGHT THING. Let him return to the CHIEFS for a 7th. It would be poetic justice.

  12. Mike Smith is afraid to call this season a lost cause. Many a coaching candidate would love to have Ryan, Roddy, and Julio next year and beyond when they are healthy. As often as Smith has been on “Thank You For Not Coaching”, I think the saavy Falcons front office could be looking at a coaching change.

    How does a coach save his job? Win, and the only way they win any more games this year is with Gonzo having a “Hall of Fame season” (and yes, that was a ridiculous use of the HoF adjective on his part).

  13. The only thing that is preposterous is that idea that Mike Smith won’t trade Ton back to Kansas City. At this rate, the only fully healthy falcons receiver left is Harry Douglas. I don’t think anyone is going into their gameplan fearing matching up against him. The falcons are 1-4 with Julio being in the line up, now that Julio is out for the season, I won’t be surprised if they go 1-7 or 1-8. Bottom line is the falcons season is over, they won’t even sniff the playoffs this yr. Mike Smith needs to come that realization and do the most sensible and respectable move which is trading Tony G back to Kansas City so he can have a run at the playoffs and Super Bowl with the team where it all started for him and where he spent the longevity of his career. We have a whole different regime and staff than when Tony was traded. Scott Pioli made that ridiculous bonehead trade and wasted 4 yrs of the chiefs time. Now that we have a real and legit GM and Coach, I think its only fitting that Tony G comes back home and retires in Kansas City.

  14. Let’s try this again.

    Atlanta is 1-4. They have been in every single game until the end. The NFL is terrible. The wild cards will probably be 9-7 at best. They almost went to the Super Bowl last year.

    Yet people think it’s ridiculous that the coach isn’t willing to give away his best player for a draft pick? Are you people out of your minds?

    Chiefs fans need a little perspective. Just because you want your guy back on your team doesn’t make it the “right thing” for another team to do.

    DG is right. If the Falcons get to 1-6, maybe. But not now.

  15. The reason why he’s had so much success there is defenses not being able to double team him because of Julio and Roddy… when you take 1 of them away he’s easier to contain… when you take both away, he’ll have a hard time catching anything.

  16. I almost feel bad for Falcons fans.


    Last year was their year to paaaarrrrrtaaaay!
    With their adopted father (Payton) sitting in timeout they were living it up!

    Winning the division, looking invincible, it was all a charade.

    Meet your real Atlanta Falcons.

    What do you say 6-10? 4-12?

  17. If I am Bill Belichick I call my former protege, Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitrof, and let him know I am interested in Gonzalez and will pay a fourth rounder. It is a high price but the Patriots need him, who combined with a returning Gronkowski, would bring back the two-tightend success to the Patriots offense while giving Brady another binky. As for Smith, he is worrying about his job while Dimitrof needs to prepare and reload for next year. Gonzalez would not say no to that deal.

  18. Also proposterous considering the Seahawks are the only legit superbowl contender in need of a TE bad enough to the point where they would actually give something up for him. And with Harvin coming back, they wont need a TE nearly as much.

    Saints, Packers, 49ers, Patriots, Broncos all have good TE’s. Maybe the Colts could use him but again, would it be worth giving up enough? Fleener’s not a slouch by any stretch.

    And yeah, youll notice no one from the AFC North, NFC East is in there because there’s no legitimate contenders in those divisions.

  19. Gonzalez would NEVER play for that crybaby Brady. Plus the Putriots will be lucky to even “sniff” the playoffs this year.

    Joining the Mighty Men of Baltimore is his best bet. Pitta will return to the lineup in about a month and teaming him with Gonzalez would be an undefenseable combination.

  20. A little misinformed gammymoron

    Tont G a Diva?
    The Falcons asked every first ballot hall of famers in the dressing room if they had a problem with Tony missing camp before they made Tony an offer…and it was silent. I’m sure even someone with your lack of football IQ has seen he is still on another level. The fact that he was begged to come out of retirement and he could miss camp knowing he was ready to step in makes him a diva..Really?

    Arthur Blank “harrassed and pressured a church for the land”? If you followed the situation the church milked him for every dollar they could get and held up the project..good for them. But you got the wrong victim.. Blank has spent to the cap and is likely the most competitive owner in the NFL so if he’s on the sideline and unhappy about losing is that bad?
    Jeff Fish the strength and conditioning coach is a backstabber who was a cancer in the locker room and was fired. And if he was that good he is the S and C coach where? The new guy is not doing his job because someone broke his foot or blew out a knee in a football game. If thats the case they should fire every trainer in the league when you look at an injury report on thursday.
    And Dimitroff an “egomaniac”
    Thats hilarious..The 2 time executive of the year has the 2nd best winning percentage in the NFL since being hired. You rarely hear him in the media unless he is approached and is often criticized for his team first approach. He had his center retire and right tackle turn down a contract offer to become a free agent instead of being way over paid. The right guard isn’t even starting on the team he is on. You’re talking like they are pro bowlers.

  21. Chiefsforlyfe

    Congrats on the start of your team. But it drives me crazy to hear constant criticism for Scott Pioli.
    Chief fans talk out of 2 sides of there mouth, people are talking about the talent level of the team. All Pioli…He is guilty of being loyal to a really good guy that is an average coach in Romeo. but he built this team with the exception of Smith, and Bowe and a couple of others. He’s gone so cut him some slack and give him some credit

  22. As a chiefs fan I’m torn on this (if it were actually going to happen).

    On one side of course we’d love to see TonyG back in red and yellow. He’s the greatest TE to ever play the game, and the majority of his HoF career was played here in KC. Everyone here loves him. How awesome would it be to have him back home and helping us on our way to the playoffs? Alex Smith loves his tight end’s too (hah) and he would immediately make defenses have to cue on him opening up our other weapons. I think it could be just the push our offense needs to be able to hang with other contenders.

    On the other hand though, part of me wants Tony to stay in ATL. It’s honestly a little bit of resentment against him. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave to get a chance at a ring after he single handedly destroyed every personal TE record, what was left for him to do? The chiefs were terrible and he wanted to win – good for him. But he left us at our low point, why should we take him back now that we’re back up to a high point? We’ve got Duck Dynasty playing with a lot of heart in his old shoes, I’m loving his beard and his play. Maybe we don’t need the premadonna that is Tony Gonzales. His presence could immediately effect the chemistry of the locker room. We’re filled with a bunch of guys that everyone was calling scrubs after our 2-14 season last year, now they’re coming together and have a “i’ll prove you wrong” mentality. Bringing in Gonzales could mess all of that up.

    Ahh I’m so torn… In the end, I’d be happy if it somehow does happen… but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t happen.

  23. Tony is a great TE but for only a few games? I don’t think so. The Chiefs are doing well and he wanted out. He got his wish and we got #22., Dexter McCluster. You may not remember but Dex gave us some exciting special teams TD returns and he was great on 3rd down last week! Tony is great but a player who will retire after the season. He’s not worth a draft pick who could perhaps be a pro bowl star for the next several years.

    Also as another poster said Sean McGrath or aka Duck Dynasty is playing very well!!!

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