No charges for Delanie Walker in shooting incident


Titans tight end Dalanie Walker was there, but won’t be charged with the same felony weapons charges that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was hit with yesterday.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, prosecutors could not find evidence to charge Walker with anything in the incident from a June 2012 party at Smith’s home at which shots were fired.

“Nothing is filed against Delanie Walker and nothing is being contemplated at this point against Delanie Walker,” deputy district attorney for Santa Clara County Brian Buckelew said.

Buckelew said Walker was determined to have fired some shots in the air from a handgun to try to disperse the crowd, but that he did not shoot one of the assault weapons which Smith has been charged with illegally possessing.

“Delanie Walker did not shoot one of the assault weapons. Delanie Walker did shoot a handgun, and that was after gang members had already started shooting at Aldon’s garage,” Buckelew said. “So the purpose of Delanie Walker shooting up in the air was to try and get the gang members out of there. It could be viewed as self-defense, or a reasonable means to try and dissipate a crazy situation.”

Both players have been named in a civil suit, but that lack of criminal charges should still be a considerable relief for Walker.