Sandusky refused blood test when arrested for DUI


Those who understand generally the drunk-driving laws will if arrested for suspicion of DUI refuse to submit to breath or blood testing.  In certain states, however, refusing to submit is the same thing as submitting and failing.

According to the Associated Press, Browns director of player personnel Jon Sandusky refused to submit to blood testing after a recent arrest for suspicion of DUI in North Dakota.

The AP article explains that, under North Dakota law, it means he’ll be found guilty of drunk driving.

If/when Sandusky is convicted of or pleads guilty to DUI, he’ll be disciplined by the team or the league.  Former Browns G.M. and current Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert received a one-month suspension after a DUI incident.  Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell was suspended for two months after an unrelated DUI arrest.

“We’re aware of the situation and currently working to gather facts,” the Browns said on Tuesday, after the arrest.  Look for the Browns to be saying more, if/when Sandusky’s refusal to submit to testing becomes under North Dakota law a finding that he is guilty of DUI.

15 responses to “Sandusky refused blood test when arrested for DUI

  1. Every lawyer in the country says to do this. Police routinely refuse. This was a smart move, and should not be considered any sort of evidence of guilt.

  2. His boss, Mike Lombardturd, has been Drafting Under the Influence for years. That’s how he explains done of his selections like Jamorca Russell. So what do you expect from an employee?

  3. In Florida I don’t think it’s necessarily an admission of guilt, but refusal to submit to a breath/blood test carries an automatic 1 year suspension of driving privileges, and the state attorney’s office will still pursue the DUI charge. The suspension still stands even if the defendant is found not guilty.

  4. I sat on a jury once, for a woman accused of DUI who also refused the tests.
    We had to let her go because there was no evidence, regardless of what the “law” said.
    Laws cannot assign or prove guilt.

  5. More commonly known as invoking your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Some states have gotten around this with a public safety argument. It shouldn’t be an automatic conviction though. The state will still have to show evidence of impairment.

  6. Worst last name in recent memory AND gets popped for dui…. The past few years have not been kind to this gentleman.

  7. If denying to test is a guilty pledge and you know you are already guilty, then why not just comply and give the sample? No matter if the test reads super high or average you will still receive the same sentence, so why not make things go smoother and hope that the judge shows leniency for being complacent? Refusing anything the law abides you to do is just going to piss off those over your case.

    You want to save yourself some heartache and possibly your or another’s life? Don’t drink and drive! Those who do drink and drive have no respect for human life, whatsoever, and should be prosecuted to no end. Drinking and driving is no accident, therefore the punishment should be extremely stiff. Loss of license for life and an automatic 2 years in prison. Then maybe we won’t see as much of this crap, people will think twice before climbing behind the wheel. Those who have lost a loved one over someone else’s stupidity know the best. Its just not worth it.

  8. Drinking and driving is legal in every state. Driving while intoxicated is illegal. As long as you leave the determination if the driver has had too much to drink up to the person who has been drinking, you will always have the risk of the drinker getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

  9. @Whatjusthapped There is never justification for driving under the influence of alcohol it doesn’t matter where you live. If this was meant to be funny. Well it’s not funny lives are destroyed.

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