Wallace Gilberry: Greg Schiano’s a joke


Bengals defensive end Wallace Gilberry has 8.5 sacks in 19 games with the team over the last two years and he had 14 sacks with the Chiefs from 2009-2011, but the Buccaneers couldn’t find a spot for him on their defensive line last season.

Gilberry went to camp with the Buccaneers last summer and wound up getting cut after the first week of the season. He might not have been in Tampa very long, but it was long enough for him to tell Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer that it was like “a high school program” and he went even further while talking to the Bengals website about Tampa coach Greg Schiano.

“When I was in Tampa, it was frustrating. The whole situation. From the time I got there until the time I left,” Gilberry said. “They released me twice. They cut me on the field at practice after the final cuts. I was on the field, ready to practice in pads and everything. Schiano came on the field and got me. ‘Hey, we got to release you. I flew home to Alabama and they called me the next morning. ‘We made a mistake. We want to bring you back.’ They signed me back. I made the opening day roster.  My contract was guaranteed [as a vested veteran] and then they cut me again after week one. Schiano’s a joke, as you can see.”

The history of the NFL is littered with stories of players far more accomplished than Gilberry, Cris Carter and Johnny Unitas to name two, who couldn’t catch on with one team before going on to success elsewhere. While it seems odd that the Bucs couldn’t find space for a player who has proven to be a productive player on two other teams, it’s hard to argue that things haven’t worked out to Gilberry’s benefit in the long run.

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  1. When I see Schiano on YouTube talk about himself in third person telling the club seat ticket holders at a private Q&A that he, Schiano, was brought to Tampa because it was the laughing stock of the league, that Tampa Bay needed Schiano (still in third person) and they still need Schiano (still in third person). Well, ME, myself, I can spot a dumbass when I see one.

  2. Me-vis leaves NYJ and Jets are talk of town with a surprising 3-2 record after 2 years of being called clown show with him on the team…

    Me-vis only on Bucs through Week 5 and there’s a ‘clown’ post every other day with someone piling on…

    I know Me-vis isn’t the reason folks…I just like seeing his $16M potential go down the crapper…


    A Jets Fan…

  3. Revis has played extremely well this year. The Bucs had the cap room for him and so far he’s performed. I know you Jets fans are still heartbroken that he left you, but you need to just let go.

    The NFL and the refs gave you a victory in week one, hell the refs even helped your rookie QB know when he should use his timeouts. Everyone has given y’all all the support it is possible to give. Move on. You got dumped. It happens.

    The Rest of the NFL

  4. Last Sunday…. Wallace Gilberry spent more time in the patriots backfield than legarrette blount.

  5. He used to attend the same church that I did. Brought the football team once or twice a month. He was protected at Rutgers, but you talk to a lot of the RU boosters and people who are affiliated with the school and he’s just not what he is touted to be in terms of being this great guy. He got a pass because he greased the right palms. I’ve shook the guy’s hand and spoken to him man to man. He is honest and a straight shooter, but he does seem to be one of those “my way or the highway” guys, even when he is dead wrong.

  6. As a Vikings fan, I love Schiano…If he didn’t derail Freeman like he did, we would never have had the chance to revitalize Freeman’s career, and if all works out, we would never have had a franchise QB on the Vikings. Lord knows we can not seem to draft one. Thanks Schiano!!

    P.S. He reminds of of an owner in my Fantasy league that traded me Marshawn Lynch after the first game in a panic.

  7. Buc fans can be bitter about Schiano, but remember the “players coach” you had previously was run out of town because of the perceived lack of discipline among the players. I don’t care about Schiano one way or the other (although 3rd person self references are so 90’s professional wrestling that you have to laugh at it), but try and remember that Buccs fans were crying out against the previous regime and got the exact opposite and now are crying about that too.

    Make your bed/lay in it/all that good stuff….

  8. @Justinsdailypay
    Freeturd sucked before schiano. Remember that 10 game losing streak that got raheem fired?

    Ya, have fun with Freeman. Dude can’t hit the ocean from under water…

  9. It’s not just talent that keeps a job. maybe this guy had an attitude coach didnt want on the team. They did purge troublemakers last year.

  10. And they handcuffed Morris by not spending money to improve the roster. They spent tons as soon as Schiano came on board. He can’t win with tons of talent. Morris won with much less, and was scapegoated.

  11. I know Me-vis isn’t the reason folks…I just like seeing his $16M potential go down the crapper…


    Wishing bad things upon people you’ve never met seems very normal and healthy.

  12. Gilberry was productive in KC and not one to speak out.

    His comments about Greg Schiano should carry some weight.

  13. Gilberry has been a key backup in the Bengals D-Line rotation and has filled in seemlessly for an injured Michael Johnson. Awesome team player. The Buck’s loss was definitely the Bengal’s gain.

  14. Morris took his team, which had dramatically less talent, to with-in a BS call of making the playoffs (the NFL apologized that the ref cost the Bucs a TD in the the 4th quarter of a week 16 game which cost the Bucs a playoff spot which went to Green Bay, who in turn won the Super Bowl, but hey, those are the breaks right everyone!?! The Bucs ALWAYS get the bad break it seems (Bert Emanuel’s catch non-catch only cost the 1999 team a Super Bowl appearance…)).

    I didn’t want Morris fired and I never wanted that college hack Schiano hired. I’ve already had to sit through Ray Perkins when I was a kid, why am I forced to do it again as an adult? The Bucs went on a spending spree after Morris was fired and I will say for certain they would have been dramatically more successful under him than they are under Schiano. That there is no doubt about.

  15. I have never met toothlessburger, but i root for him to lose every week? Unhealthy you say? I call it being a fan of a team other than the steelers. Gotta love those dooshes who say you cant root against someone if youve never metthem.

  16. I’m not sure I follow the Unitas and Carter comparison? Buddy Ryan didn’t cut Carter because he thought he couldn’t play, he cut him as a wake up call before he totally blew it.

  17. No, Schiano was too unqualified for interviews.

    “He turned around Rutgers,” said his sycophants (aka unqualified football pundits).

    Weren’t you better off just hiring Mike Leach???

    Two winning programs that sucked before he got there instead of the loser within the Big East???

  18. Chip Kelly was our coach then he backed out. that is why we have Schaino. Bring in a new upcoming coordinator, where is Butch Davis, Lovie. Smith. Bel lick, someone Greg has to go. Too many good players to be where we are Freeman suck up you don’t like coach so you don’t show up for your kids camp, miss team, meetings, miss team photo, loose captain patch and now we are left having the rest of the NFL fans blasting us and you are going to make 8+ mill karma will get you you screwed us

  19. I’m glad that the Rays are out of the playoffs, so I don’t have to see the largest warehouse in Florida on my television anymore.

  20. Gilberry makes the fact that we won’t be able to afford Michael Johnson next year a little easier to deal with. He’ll be starting for us next year.

  21. @onebucplace he didnt dump the jets, he got traded, IF anything the jets dumped him…..

    Some could argue if it was the right decision, but in no way did he dump the jets.

  22. I like the comment about thanks fot for Freeman from the MN. fan, just so you know he had the worst passing percentage with 45 percent, and the worst QBR in the NFL…enjoy lol

  23. Fire Schiano! Bring in Pat Shurmur, Mike Sherman or Lovie Smith!


    Pat Shurmer? Are you kidding. Did you not watch him coach the Browns? That would be a bad move.

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