Willie Colon thinks the Tebow circus held the Jets back


Willie Colon’s time on the Jets roster with Tim Tebow consisted only of a couple months in the offseason, but Colon has some strong feelings about Tebow’s affect on the franchise.

Colon told reporters that he’s happy on the Jets because he thinks the focus is all on football — something he doesn’t sense was the case in Tebow’s tenure.

“They care about winning and they care about being a better franchise, and not being a circus group,” Colon told reporters on Wednesday. “I think having the Tim Tebow circus out of here, and having different things that were kind of holding this team back, are starting to go out the window. I think we’re all starting to care about football and only football, which is a good sight to see.”

Colon says one of the reasons he viewed himself as a good fit with the Jets is that he believed he could provide veteran leadership that the team needed.

“I came here with the attitude that this team was missing a lot,” Colon said. “They were missing chemistry and they were missing that fight and belief in one another.”

It wouldn’t be fair to blame Tebow for the myriad problems the Jets had last season. But the Jets certainly have changed this season. No one is calling them a circus anymore.

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  1. That’s funny, because what I remember most about the Jets last season is the butt fumble and the anonymous sniping by the players, neither of which Tim Tebow was involved in.

  2. So the media was focusing on Tebow instead of focusing on the fact that the Jets sucked. Don’t most coaches try to take the attention away from the team. Wouldn’t having the media talking about one person that does not even start do that? I guess if you need an excuse any will work.

  3. I think that’s the biggest reason why Tebow is unemployed right now. No NFL team wants that kind of media circus for a backup QB. Take away the media circus and I think teams would take a chance on a guy that won a playoff game just a couple years ago. Even Rex Grossman is still employed.

  4. hey, I can hate on Tebow’s ability to play QB in the NFL as much as the next guy, but I doubt I’m going out on a limb by saying it was the crappy players/lack of talent/bad coaching that held the JETS back last year.

    can’t blame Tebow when he rode the pine and was pretty quiet after his introductory press conference when he told the world how “excited” he was 67 times.

  5. I remember a bunch crying b tches, santonio holmes out for the season, and rex ryan allowing negative stories to develop about others in the hope that it would distract people long enough to save his job.

  6. Colon is a typical example of someone who hates what Tebow stands for, and blames him for everything bad that they actually brought on themselves.

  7. It’s not a classy move to dump on a guy that your team abused, and then cut loose. Tebow’s to blame for last year’s debaccle?

    The only reason the Jets signed Tebow was to draw attention to themselves and sell jerseys. Perhaps if they’d actually let him play QB, they might have won a few more games than they did with Mr. butt-fumble behind center.

  8. Wait so the Jets are back because they beat 3 teams with losing records? Those teams have a combined 3-11 record and the Jets beat those teams by a combined 10 points.

  9. “It wouldn’t be fair to blame Tebow for the myriad problems the Jets had last season.”

    True. We can’t blame Tebow for the butt-fumble.

    Everything else… well… you probably could…

    …unless of course you can PROVE that Tebow wasn’t the source of all those embarassing leaks to the press last year……..

  10. Good ol Colon is just upset that Tebow didn’t wanna go to Milledgeville GA with him.

  11. Based on the minutes he actually played and the minutes he actually took up practice, it is beyond ignorance and Democratic Liberal fantasyworld nonsense to attempt to blame Tebow for the Jets’ woes last season.

    How dumb is Colon? Name one 3rd string QB on any NFL team last year who was the root cause for its terrible year or even for its terrific year? That’s right, the 3rd stringer does not matter. More than anything, Sanchez has not played and therefore, the lousy Jets have managed to beat other loser teams.

    Let’s look at the Jets’ ‘losing’ season after their 16th game before you can try to declare this season a success.

  12. Colon is right. Who needs media attention for the 3rd string QB. He didn’t pray hard enough for his team last year, that’s why they had a losing record. The invisible man said NO!

  13. your right it would not be fair to blame Tebow but that did not stop you from doing it last year did it?

  14. The Jets are back to what they’ve been since ’97, an above average football team — for all these ppl and experts who called the jets a talentless circus, I could think of a lot worse teams, success wise since ’97: Bills, Miami, Browns, Bungles, Texans, Titans (couple good yrs, not as good as jets), Texans, Jaguars, Panthers, Vikings, Eagles, Skins, Cowboys, 49ers & Seattle (until last 2-3 yrs), lions, falcons, Chiefs, Chargers, Cards…a lot of teams, go look it up…

  15. It also has held ESPN, PFT, and NFL Network back.

    Tebow only made the Jets unwatchable, but the media continues to be a waste of time because it gives a crap about someone with no arm talent.

  16. The problem was Sanchez was your QB. but it’s so sasy to blame Tebow because everyone wants to jump on him the moment they hear his name.

    Sorry buddy… Games are own and lost on the field, so blame the guy that was there most of the time: mark Sanchez.

  17. WOW…. shocker….. blaming Tebow for the situation that the TEAM put them in! Tim did not ask to be traded to the Jets, he did not ask for all the media attention, he did not ask for the games the coaches played (hinting their were packages for him). What he needs to realize is the JETS did this TO Tebow, and the poor play of the TEAM was not Tebow’s fault. He needs to look into the mirror and ask himself why did he play so badly?

  18. oh no willie, you brought the tebow apologists out of hibernation lol these guys/girls can’t imagine how a major distraction can ruin a team….”tebow wins games” “tebow is a great leader” “tebow has faith” barf….
    as if all the attention on a backup who can’t throw straight is a good thing lolol these comments are pure entertainment

    ***FACT***tebow isn’t on a team bc he isn’t good enough to warrent the type of distraction he brings to a team

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