All’s well with Robbie Gould, Devin Hester after sideline argument


During the second quarter Thursday night’s 27-21 Bears victory over the Giants, cameras caught Chicago kicker Robbie Gould and special teams ace Devin Hester having an argument on the sideline after a long kickoff return by the Giants.

Such arguments are a regular happening during NFL games, although the inclusion of a kicker is a twist that you don’t see all that often. There’s no reason for Bears fans to worry that this special teams spat will tear the team apart from its very core, however.

“I love Devin like a little brother,” Gould said, via Jeff Dickerson of “It was just [that] my emotions got in the way. I was at fault. I was the wrong party in that. I love him like a brother. Once it was over, it was over. I let my emotions get the best of me. I’m a competitor just like he is. We both want to win. I don’t want to put my teammates in a situation where I hit a [bad] kickoff like I did. There are no hard feelings. It’s like a fight with your little brother.”

Hester concurred that all was well between the two men, allowing the Bears to focus on other things like their fourth win of the season and some milestones for the two verbal combatants. Hester passed Glyn Milburn to become the Bears’ all-time leader in kickoff return yards while Gould made his 12th straight field goal of 50 or more yards to tie Vikings kicker Blair Walsh for the longest such streak in history.

9 responses to “All’s well with Robbie Gould, Devin Hester after sideline argument

  1. Never been a big Robbie Gould fan especially as a fan of the Vikings. I will however say him hitting 12 straight 50+ yard kicks is more impressive than our kicker as he’s playing many more games outdoors with additional factors. Still hard to believe that 2 kickers would simultaneously hold such a historical record though.

  2. So what was the argument about? – Im surprised that wouldnt be mentioned in an article ABOUT THE ARGUMENT

  3. Glad this was the story that was chosen from the game played last night…..maybe another story about how terrible Eli played? Nothing about Cutler playing a pretty decent game putting up decent numbers……….

  4. Kickers in combat with real football players rarely works out well for the kicker.

    Off Field example: Peyton Manning (legend extraordinaire) v. Mike Vanderjagt (“liquored up kicker”)

    On Field example: Sean Taylor (NFL beast) v. Brian Moorman (who?) at the Pro Bowl a few years ago.

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