Bills G.M. on Byrd: “If the phone rings, we’re going to listen”


In case you weren’t sure when the Bills allowed it to be known they were open to the idea of moving Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd, Bills General Manager Doug Whaley just let the league know that operators are standing by.

While saying he wasn’t actively shopping Byrd, whatever that means, he admitted he’s willing to listen if somebody wanted to trade for him.

“Our focus right now is Jairus getting on the field and playing the best he can for the Buffalo Bills,” Whaley said, via the Associated Press. “We are not actively on the phone hammering out trying to look for a trade. By the same token, [team president] Russ Brandon would listen if someone wanted to trade.

“So if the phone rings, we’re going to listen. But that doesn’t mean we’re out trying to trade.”

It would help if Byrd has actually taken the field, with the Oct. 29 deadline fast approaching. But foot problems, after an early bout of contract grumpiness, has kept him off the field so far.

But rather than give away all leverage, Whaley said there was still a chance they could re-sign Byrd after his one-year franchise tender expires.

“Absolutely, I mean there’s always a possibility,” Whaley said. “It’s one of those things where you can never say never. Will he be on the team? We hope so. We’re not sure, but we’re going to do everything that’s best for the Buffalo Bills in the future.”

And it sounds more and more like they’re willing to envision a future that doesn’t include Byrd.

17 responses to “Bills G.M. on Byrd: “If the phone rings, we’re going to listen”

  1. The Bills can’t get rid of this guy fast enough! If $7 mil a yr and a 350% raise isn’t enough for him to be a team player and be in the lineup from week 1, then he doesn’t deserve the privilege of playing in front of the best fans in the league! He’s been a good player on what has consistently been one of the worst defenses in the league. Buyer Beware!

  2. I really wish Doug would have traded Byrd around draft time. It would have given other teams the ability to hammer out a long term deal, and we wouldn’t be hoping for a 2nd round pick at this point. Whaley has been a DAMN good GM so far, but I think this was a slip up.

  3. Who would trade for a guy who hasn’t played all year, and is the last year of his contract. Byrd is an exceptional player, but no one in their right mind is trading for him, when he’s hitting the market in 10 weeks.

  4. If Jon Beason just went for a late round pick, how much would the Bills expect to get for Byrd? I get he’s a little younger than Beason, and his injury maybe not as serious, but still, Beason was an All-Pro. (Not to mention he led the Giants in tackles last night with 12, and 11 of them solo).

  5. I can’t see Byrd resigning with the Bills next season. He is still to bitter about what happened this year and the fact that Brandon is willing to entertain trade offers shows the Bills aren’t thrilled with Byrd either. Byrd will be showcasing his talents for his next team the rest of this season and I expect him to be gone asap after the season ends.

  6. This is more of a “moping” injury than a real injury……. he’ll magically be fine when he gets traded and gets his contract extended.

    Call it a medical miracle.

  7. Once healthy, I’d def take him here in St. Louis (and the Rams have the draft collateral to get him). Much better than a has been (Giordano) and a couple never will-be’s (Stewart/McLeod) that we’re dealing with currently.

  8. “And it sounds more and more like they’re willing to envision a future that doesn’t include Byrd.”

    And thats completely fine with me. We have a young team that doesnt need to be around this type of “disruption”.

    To me he isnt top 5. Also, I think our safeties now are doing their best without him in the lineup. Our corner depth is whats getting us killed.

    I say trade him.

  9. isn’t it great for Bills fans to have such a proactive GM? movement on Freeman? zilch. movement on Flynn or another Q w/any starting experience? zilch. we’re screwed. another year of this, sweet!

  10. .

    ”So, if the phone rings we’re going to listen ”

    Therein lies the Bills problem . The GM doesn’t know how to answer his cell phone.


  11. That’s why we suck.

    Just constantly spinning their wheels in the mud, letting homegrown talent just walk away.

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