Bucs bring infectious disease specialist to meet with players

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Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano has said, “The easiest way to be defeated is to be distracted.”

The Buccaneers now have a huge distraction, two days before a game against the Eagles.

In a press conference conducted earlier this afternoon at the team’s facility, G.M. Mark Dominik and Dr. Deverick Anderson of the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network confirmed that a third player has MRSA.  The player alerted the team to the potential problem on Wednesday.

While Dominik declined to name the player, the available evidence points directly to cornerback Johnthan Banks.

Dominik explained that Dr. Anderson arrived at the facility this morning and met with every player regarding the situation.  Dr. Anderson also met with the entire football staff, and all members of the organization.

That’s a pretty big distraction.

Dr. Anderson said that the first two cases are not related.  For the third case, it’s too early to know whether it’s connected to any of the other two.

“I can say that I believe it is a safe environment for players and staff,” Dr. Anderson said.  “Football is a known risk factor for MRSA,” Anderson added, explaining that, in his view, the Bucs having three cases “doesn’t mean it’s a higher risk than any other football locations in the country.”

He can say that, but it doesn’t mean anyone will believe it.  Apart from the concerns players and staff will have over the balance of the year, it will now become harder (and in turn more expensive) to lure free agents to Tampa.

38 responses to “Bucs bring infectious disease specialist to meet with players

  1. I assume they could put language saying if they get MRSA they can get so many millions, if it ends up career ending or something of the sort.

  2. The other thing that is infectious and a distraction is a coach who is dividing a locker room, a fan base and alienating himself to the depths of obscurity.

  3. So what Dr. Deverick Anderson is saying is Carl nicks is walking around the locker room with a MRSA infected foot. At the same time a bunch of other players are walking around the same locker room with he regular cuts and scrapes a football player gets, and he doesn’t consider them to be at increased risk for infection? Sounds like there is not much common sense in that statement.

  4. The Jaguars may be the worst team in the NFL for 3 hours on Sunday, but the Bucs are trying really hard to stake a claim as the worst the other 165 hours of the week.

  5. So this doctor — hired by the Bucs — says “football is a known risk factor for MRSA,” yet Lawrence Tynes’ injury is still considered non-football related in the eyes of the organization.

    Stay classy, Tampa.

  6. MRSA is no joke…enough with the jabs at other franchises, players, coaches, etc.

    just go to google images and put in mrsa and see for yourself

  7. I had a MRSA infection three years ago, when I was 25. It was brutal. It took months to totally recover, knocked me out of work for 3.5 weeks, and I lost 17 lbs (I’m a lean guy as it is). Other than this instance, I’ve led a relatively healthy adult life.

    I can’t imagine something like this going around a locker room of athletes in a contact sport. Scary.

  8. Sean Payton is checking the sun and weather forecast so he knows the right choice to make on the coin toss. Meanwhile, the Bucs can’t even figure out how to properly clean themselves.


  9. Cleveland went through a bout with this a few years ago, and as far as I know there was never anything conclusive stated regarding the cause(s) of it. Last I check MRSA outbreaks have been known to happen in hospitals where one would think there’s far more attention to keeping infection potential down. Good luck on cleaning this up before it gets even worse.

  10. Could this possibly impact the game on Sunday vs. the Eagles? Whats the NFLPA got to say about this? How soon before lawyers start getting invloved?

  11. As a Bucs fan, what a joke of a franchise. Hopefully we are bad enough to let go of a lot management/coaches (wish owners) and hopefully get smart people in and draft Teddy and start over. Please!!

  12. Join the Fight!

    Come to Tampa Bay where you can report to snollygoster owners, a douche-bag coach and catch flesh-eating bacteria. If we don’t like you or you get hurt or sick, we will just cut you and you can bring back your new disease to your loved ones.

  13. eww, disgusting. Mix in a bar of soap and a wash cloth every now and then.

    I envision the Bucs facilities right now having those tubes from E.T. going in and out of the locker room.

  14. This is obviously Schiano’s fault. He must have given the shower cleaning staff their unconditional releases.

  15. Wow…they’ve had problems with staph infections for quite some time now. If I remember right, they’ve had problems dating back to when they got Kellen Winslow from the Browns??

  16. Haven’t the Bucs had issues with staph infections dating as far back when they got Kelen Winslow from the Browns??

  17. Never in a million years would an American doctor stand in frog of a bunch of men and say they r all getting eachother sick. Any human with common sense can see right through his drs scripted bs. Paid off by the glazers to calm the herd. Meanwhile he’s in the parking lot after his speech telling his buddy how the whole team is sick and screwed. I mean really what can they do but break the entire team up at this point to stop the staph festering. At not a simple fix.

  18. I am curious as to what he meant the first 2 cases were not related. Does that mean that this trained specialist knows more about the Tynes and Nicks outbreaks? And made the implication that only one of them is infected with the strain found at the facility???? Curious. Maybe that would explain why one player left and they are paying him as someone who cannot play football due to reasons outside football and the teams control. Very interesting.

  19. If the NFL needs an infectious disease specialist, someone well-equipped to deal with multiple challenges – they may want to consult Miley Cyrus’s gynecologist.

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