Chargers get 24-hour blackout extension

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The Chargers still have a chance to avoid the first Monday Night Football blackout in 14 years.

On Friday night, at a time when it was expected that the Chargers would announce they had failed to sell out Monday night’s game against the Colts and therefore couldn’t show it on local television, they instead announced that they have received a 24-hour extension.

That means the Chargers have until Saturday night to sell the nearly 9,000 unsold tickets to Monday night’s game. If they sell the tickets, the game will be on local TV in the San Diego area. If not, local fans won’t be able to watch on TV, and a Monday Night Football game will face a local blackout for the first time since the final week of the 1999 season.

The NFL typically only awards 24-hour extensions to teams that have a good chance of getting the blackout lifted. It may be that the Chargers have given the league office an assurance that they either have a sponsor in place that will buy the remaining tickets, or that the team itself will buy the unsold tickets at 34 cents on the dollar, as all teams are allowed to do if they want to avoid a local TV blackout. So far this season no games have been blacked out and every NFL game has been shown on local television in its home market.

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  1. The Chargers fans are speaking loud-and-clear…..“Put a team on the field that is halfway competitive, dont charge $20 to park and $9 for a beer.” Is Dean Spanos even listening?

  2. How many times do they have to get blackout extensions for San Diego lately? And they have had a decent team unlike crappy ones that don’t need blackout extensions like Jacksonville even. If San Diego doesn’t want to support them I hear LA is looking for a team

  3. I find it funny ESPN has rights to this game. But Jim Irsay, some how paid off bunch of people to get this game shown channel 13(Indiana) on NBC on Monday night.
    Jim Irsay, has never done this before.

  4. I’m not buying a ticket to Monday or Thursday games. 530 is way to early. If the game started at 830 like on the east coast this wouldn’t be such an issue.

  5. $20 to park? Dang! That’s a steal! In Dallas it’s $60-80+ to park, there’s no mass transit and it’s a good thirty miles out of town so cab fare is ridiculous.

  6. I live in WA State. I am a transported NY fan of The Giants since my youth in the fifties. In my entire time back east I was fortunate enough to have gone to one Giant’s game, ONLY because a family friend gave me his ticket for that game. This was in the sixties. The waiting line for Giant season tickets stretches for many decades, and most season ticket holders inherit them. I have also been to one Seahawks game, and I can only say that the splace was PACKED that day and EVERY game. I swear, the fans in Seattle are rabid and kind of crazed. They dress up in costumes, dye their hair the team colors, make posters, have booster clubs. I am personally aware of one clear down in Los Angeles. They are proposing the addition of several thousand seats to the Hawks stadium. When I see articles about blackouts for Chargers, Bills and Bucs games, it is a bit baffling. The weather is pleasant in San Diego and Tampa, and I recall The Bills fans as rabid as ANY group of supporters during the Jim Kelly years. Is it simply the record of the local teams that explains the lack of interest or are their other factors, because tickets, food, parking etc. are extremely costly at every football game, and there were many, many down years for The Giants over their long history, yet finding tickets remained impossible . Are there reasons for blackouts other than team records? Can anyone explain?

  7. What is with the electrical problems in San Diego, they can predict blackouts?
    Are they hoping for a baby boom of charger fans?
    I hear rhey have no blackout issues in London.

  8. Cheapo’s can’t afford to buy the last 9K tickets at 34 cents a pop? WOW! Way to show up for your city Chargers!

  9. Would anyone watch anyways? I’m pretty sure all eyes will be on the Minnesota VS Carolina game this weekend anyways. And not meaning that in a bad way. But So many people will want to see if AP plays after this tragic week he has had, and what’s going to happen! It’s a tough one to decide. Either things will be on his mind so much that he will have one of his worst games ever. Or AP will take out all of his frustrations on sunday. If that’s the case… You better have the record books there cuz he’s gonna shatter em! You better have a body bag or two as well. Because quite frankly, Carolina has a good D.. Very good D.. But i’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, but are you going to want to step in front of that freight train as mad as what he is right now? If you do, your liable to end up in a body bag. Everyone knows he runs “angry”… But him running “angry”, “po’d”, “hurt”, “disgusted” and with the emotions he has right now, oh boy… You could actually see someone have 300+ yards in this game, and 3 ko’s! Cuz you know if anyone get’s in his way, he will run them over and KO them!

  10. It’s very sad that the Chargers can’t sell out their 70,000 seat stadium, in a city of nearly 1.5 million, when their quarterback is having a pretty solid season, and they are hosting a prime time, Monday night, game against one of the top 5 teams in the league, with an exciting young quarterback. Not to mention, that opponent is a team that said Chargers not only have recent history against, but recent SUCCESSFUL history against.

  11. san diego doesnt have the fan support. I am a fan but realistically they need to relocate to a market willing to show support, but ownership also needs to put a good team on the field and give them a reason to come out.

  12. philyeagles5 says: Wow chargers colts blacked out? This is why no one is going to move to LA.


    Perhaps you need to consult a map. San Diego is not Los Angeles. Unless, of course, you regard Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as the same market. Then there’s no helping you.

  13. lets stop the slow burn of ” move the Chargers to LA” nonsense here…

    and while we’re at it stop the native American oppression crap too… the fact is very few are offfended.


  14. Ha! I’ve grown weary of the LA threat and all the possible teams that might punch their ticket to move. It isn’t going to happen. LA had it’s chance a few times and failed. London+LA=0 NFL teams.

  15. Chargers fans are speaking loud-and-clear…We are fair weather fans waiting for ownership to put a better product on the field. We don’t know how to be loyal regardless of the win-loss column….

  16. Every other team charges $20 to park and $9 for a beer yet those fans dont have a problem buying tickets to their football and baseball teams. Get a clue dummy.

  17. The Chargers look interesting this year and a new coach has the excitement back and you still can’t sell out? Yeesh.

  18. Somebody please tell me how this Chargers franchise continues to get prime time games? While being mediocre on the field and has problems filling the stadium..?

  19. You can give them a 5 year extension, there’s no fan base there. If a marque team isn’t in town, no one goes.

    Just move baby.

  20. 20 dollar parking? we had 20 dollar parking 10 years ago in all sorts of cities.

    frankly, if you know the area, 20 bucks is an OK price tag, considering how awful the lot is, you find yourself having to park elsewhere rather quickly. so to park close, you have to pay.

    they just need a new venue.

  21. Comparing San Diego to Los Angeles is somewhat goofy to say the least. just look at basketball. SD couldn’t fill 1/3 of the arena. Clippers and Lakers do well in LA, look at baseball, padres are the padres, while the dodgers are loved in LA.

    LA would embrace a football team

  22. jags have tarps and only have to sell 65k tickets as where quallcomm is 72k seats ,no tarps and no 85% rule. the raiders have had the most blackouts over the last 10 years with their stadium tarped and the 85% rule in effect starting last year! chargers had a 7 year run selling out every game back to the drew brees era! the blackouts in sd only started happening last few years! give it a rest a;ready! everyone acts liek the chargers are the only team having blackout problems. tampa,oakland(modt in nfl recently),buffalo,tenn,….

  23. Southern California is all about COLLEGE FOOTBALL, the Lakers and trendy celebs. The Rams and the Raiders both left L.A., and there really isn’t a vacuum. The team and the Spanos family deserve more support than their getting, but it’s a cold cruel world. Phil isn’t getting any younger and the roster isn’t what it was. After the Raiders dominated them last week, the heart and hope of the fanbase was damaged to the extent that the team will eat the last 9,000 tickets.

  24. a big monday night game and san diego cant sell it out? support your team or another city will take them off yr hands

  25. The Chargers fans are speaking loud-and-clear…..“Put a team on the field that is halfway competitive, dont charge $20 to park and $9 for a beer.” Is Dean Spanos even listening?

    Only $20 to park? Better not come to Foxboro buddy it’s $50 here. I’d kill for $20 parking!

  26. The chargers have been pretty decent for a while and at times have been one of the better teams in football and yet they still can’t sell out? At least the rams are terrible and for the most part have been terrible for the last 20 years.

  27. You really think a new stadium will solve the problem of no black outs? Once the newness wears off, the black outs will be back in 3 years, or less. You complain because of the $20 parking and $9 beer, build a new stadium and parking will be $30 and $12 a beer. There are too many things to do here that take away from supporting an NFL team.

  28. First of all how does a team that was 6-10 get two Monday Night Football games the following season? I thought the NFL awarded those games based on merit; teams that had good/winning records.

    Second, if that team has notoriously had great difficulty selling out home games, why give them home Monday night games?

    The NFL just gets more and more stupid each year with Fuehrer Goddell at the helm.

  29. for the people who say the chargers have no fanbase drive around san diego and look at how much chargers gear you see peole wearing or how 2 of every 3 cars on the road have chargers stickers on them. the fact is san diego is a transplant military city where the majority are fans of other teams fro mtheir own areas they are from.

    the chargers have a large fanbase.chargers games are broadcast in los angeles,las vegas as well as san vegas you see people or their vehicles sporting chargers in vegas and there are lots of chargers fans in arizona as well.when i was in hosuton recently visiting my dad i saw i seen sueprisingly alot of people driving with large charger bolts on their rear view of their truck and car..

    dont get it mixed up,the chargers largest fanbase is in san diego.spend a few days in san diego and you will see how many diehard chargers fans there are.i know the excuse of cost of living has been thrown around,but it is true to an extent here in so cal compared to other have to weight your prioirties.go to a football game or pay your bills? a one bedroom apratment here in san diego basically runs close to $1000.00/month and the old 1960’s fixer upper house runs $400-$500,000,000… the chargers have to accept responsibility as well.if they take advatage of the 85% threshold this isnt a problem.the average football stadium holds 64-65,000,000 people .quallcomm stadium holds 72,000,000 people.

  30. ^^^^^typo on the stadium numbers and home numbers. 64-65,000 avg football stadium and quallcomm holds 72,000..

    fixer upper home runs $400,000-$500,000

  31. Do you think San Antonio might have a football fan or two that would relish the chance to have their own NFL team in town? Yeah, I think so. Give them a shot at supporting this moribund franchise because they certainly aren’t enjoying much of it where they currently reside.

  32. FYI chargers havent had blackout problems till recently.they sold out every year from early 2000’s till a few years ago after people began getting fed up with aj smith letting players leave with nothing in return and replacing them with undrafted FA’s. getting nothing in return for vincent jackson,michael turner,darren sproles,(not brees he was a free agent coming off major surgery and was only only offered by two team as a free agent.dolphins,saints) fans were fed up of spanos not steppign in to put aj smith in his place while he tore down the roster of the chargers. most fans would just keep giving their money to their own team even if they sucked which is just another sucker giving their hard earned money to a rich owner who is doing nothing to improve their team. i rememebr the cardinals had blackout problems when they played in their old stadium and had all those sucky years! the lions didnt sell out all their games till their recent success!its not just in san diego that this happens!! its all about what have you done lately!!

    if you wanna bash a team for blackouts,bash the oakland raiturds! they have the most blackouts over the last 10 years in the nfl.even with their stadium tarped they led the nfl last 10 years! yes the great loyal raider fanbase has led the league in blackouts last 10 years!!!! even the 49ers had blackouts as recently as 4 years ago before they became good again!so the fanbase argument holds no water! san diego people rep san diego regardless of record! just because they dont give their money directly to spanos family by going to games doesnt mean they are not loyal. sports apparrell and merhcandise costs money and alot of people buy that stuff up in san diego.

    all this being said the city of san diego politicians need to get their heads out of their rear ends and get a stadium deal done! they need to come out of the stone-age and realize qualcomm stadium is a money pit that loses money every year! san diego is a great city.the sports fans get a bad knock,but its a city with fans of alot of different teams as alot of san diego residents are from other parts of the country.same thing as the teams in florida havign fans of other teams. i have a coupel friends who work on the buisness side for the hcargers and the spanos family doesnt want to go to LA. they arent gonna sell the team and aeg wants to own a team in order to build a is buisness partners with rams owner kroenke on soccer stadiums and teams elsewhere. the chargers are further along in the stadium issue with san diego than the raiders are with oakland.the chargers have done studies and blueprints for a few locations and a vote this fall.chargers have spent millions on research of new stadium sites in san diego and san diego county.if they anted to leave they wouldnt be spending that money and they have never not even once threatened to move! i give them credit.thye have gone the complete opposite direction of former houston oilers and cleveland browns owner bud adams and art modell. rams and raiders will be playing in LA within 3-4 years!!!

  33. san antonio is a greta sports city and great fans,but spanos has already shot down a texas move.they are californians ! i lived in houston and my best friend has lived in san antonio for decades.the alamo dome is a dump and a waste of money as in his words and alot of san antonioans!a move for any team to san antonio would have to be approved and the two oowners of the two of the top 5 most valuable teams in the nfl wont let it happen! jerry jones and bob mcnair! the nfl if it is gonna move a team is gonna focus on LA and the nations #2 tv market and all the money that comes with that the owners want in their pockets! kinda sucks for san antonio because they are justin the wrong place at the wrong time.if san antonio was in any other region they would prob have a team by now!i have been i nsan antonio for extended periods of time and chargers padres fans are no different than spurs fans.diehards,the big difference is the spurs have great ownership and do it right year in and tear out! the chargers ownership and padres ownership not so much!

  34. natelan says: Oct 11, 2013 10:04 PM

    Only 9,000 unsold tickets?

    Hey Jags, can we borrow a couple of your tarps?
    I think they sell them at walmart but you have to paint your own logo on them

  35. San Diego to LA – 121 miles
    Philadelphia to Pittsburgh – 304 miles

    Not quite the same thing. 2 hours vs 5 hours.

    Let’s face it, there are a lot of things to do in San Diego rather than paying a couple of hundred bucks to go to see the Chargers. What else is there to do in Indianapolis or Dallas? Miami is the same thing. Plus, you have a very large Mexican/Hispanic population who really don’t get into football. Soccer and baseball are their games.

  36. The capacity at the Q is larger than most NFL stadiums. Anyone ever sit in the obstructed view seats? How about the east endzone where you can’t see your end of the field? Large capacity, lots of obstructed view seats, bad ownership, and overpriced tickets ($130 for obstructed view) creates a blackout.

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