Chargers “very likely” to be blacked out on Monday night


When the Colts visit the Chargers on Monday night, eyeballs will be glued to flat screens from sea to shining sea.

Except in the place where the sea seems to shine a bit more brightly.

According to U-T San Diego, a blackout is “very likely.”  To lift the blackout, the Chargers must sell (or buy at 34 cents on the dollar) 9,000 non-premium tickets by 8:30 p.m. ET on Friday.

It would be the first local blackout of a Monday Night Football game since the final week of the 1999 season, when the Falcons hosted the 49ers.

Tight end Antonio Gates isn’t impressed by the lack of support.

It’s unfortunate,” Gates told U-T San Diego.  “You want to think that you have true fans. . . .  It’s crazy that it’s hard to sell out a Monday night game.”

The Chargers have opted not to take advantage of the rule allowing games to be televised if as few as 85 percent of the tickets are sold.  The team apparently wants to encourage folks to fill the stadium.

“It gives you a little bit of motivation when fans come out and cheer for you and it’s a full house,” Gates said. “We like to call it that 12th man on the field.  If that’s not the case, we’ve still got to go play the football game.  We hope we can get enough ticket sales for people to cheer us on.”

On Monday night, 9,000 short of a full house will be cheering while the empty seats just sit there, bemused.

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  1. Not sure how you can black-out a game on ESPN. This black-out nonsense screws over the fans and the communities so much its a surprise there isn’t more of an uproar about it. These stadiums are funded, at least partially, by tax dollars. There is no excuse to not let people watch.

  2. I can tell you that being at a Monday night game can be painful. Watching the game on TV and having all the TV timeouts is a pain. To me, it was much worse being at the game and having to sit through all the timeouts that have to take place to get commercial time in.

  3. This really makes appreciate how loyal the fans are in Jacksonville, the Jaguars haven’t had a blackout in 4 years, and they are consistently bad year to year, yet reporting such a fact doesn’t meet the ignorant national media’s agenda.

  4. What a sad fan base if true. So far this year, Buffalo and San Diego are struggling to avoid a blackout and it is only 5 games in.

  5. Having lived in San Diego for 3 years, during the Rivers/Tomlinson/Gates era, the fan base was atrocious then, so this does not surprise me. Chargers fans are akin to females at a superbowl party talking during the game, but then saying ‘be quiet’ during the commercials.

  6. bpowder85 says:

    This really makes appreciate how loyal the fans are in Jacksonville, the Jaguars haven’t had a blackout in 4 years, and they are consistently bad year to year, yet reporting such a fact doesn’t meet the ignorant national media’s agenda.

    Helps when you cover 20,000 end zone seats each game with tarps.

  7. browns627 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 10:50 AM
    LA Chargers sounds good to me..

    Look everyone, a Browns fan! LOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Agreed, covering 25% of the seats and claiming a sell out is a joke. The jags would be blacked out of every home game if they didn’t have those tarps, the owner knows it and that’s why they cover the seats and take the loss.

  9. This says a lot about the fanbase and the fact that the Chargers will never get the support for a new stadium.

    We know which team from the AFC will be in the LA market.

  10. I enjoy going to Bengals games, I go to two or three each year. But I avoided the Monday Night Football game like the plague this year. It just starts too darn late. On the west coast, maybe I’d be interested but to tell you the truth I hate NFL’s prime time games, they just aren’t worth it.

  11. Can’t sell out a home game on Monday night against the Colts? I mean, the Colts upset one of the league’s best teams, and have an exciting young QB in Andrew Luck!

    What a pathetic franchise.

  12. I’ll play devils advocate.Nfl tickets aren’t cheap.Parking is not cheap,concessions aren’t cheap.And the team isn’t very good.You not only price out families in a city that’s already expensive to live in and then trot out a crappy product people aren’t going to attend.

  13. “It’s unfortunate,” Gates told U-T San Diego. “You want to think that you have true fans. . . . It’s crazy that it’s hard to sell out a Monday night game.”

    That’s right, Antonio. It really is sad.

    9,000 tickets remain FOR A MONDAY NIGHT GAME!

    No wonder dumbolt can’t be located.


  14. It’s not that the fans don’t care, it’s that the stadium is so out of date and run down that it’s just not worth going to the game over watching it at home. If you go to a Padres game at Petco park vs a Chargers game at Qualcomm, the difference is staggering. Qualcomm is rundown, filthy, has outdated TVs everywhere, nothing but crappy concession stands everywhere, a small big screen in the stadium that you can’t even see in half the seats, etc. It’s a terrible experience to watch a game there, and it costs damn near the same price as it does to watch an NFL game almost anywhere. Not to mention a much better experience can be had at Petco for a third to a half of the price. The Padres are awful and I don’t like baseball near as much as football, but I’d rather attend a Padres game than a Chargers one. If the Chargers had a brand new stadium, that thing would be selling out every week, the fans here bleed blue and gold.

  15. Whaaaaa! The Jags cover their seats with tarps!! Whaaaaaa! We don’t like the product on the field! Whaaaaaa! We can’t afford ticket prices!! WHAAAAAA!!!

  16. Charger fan here…

    When I was on shore duty 04′-’07 I used to go to almost every home game but honestly I can’t blame the fans for not going now. Way too many heartbreaking losses, I know you stay faithful to your team but it’s more painful spending hard earned cash when the team isn’t performing at a high level, consistently. I’m in Japan now so there’s zero chance of me attending the game but even if I was in SD, I’d probably watch it on the big screen.

    Way too many fights, rude fans (yes, even our own SD fans), overpriced tickets, overpriced beers and Chargers choking away leads late in the 4th quarter to want to come out to Qualcomm stadium. Coming off a disappointing loss to the Faiders? Put on a good product and they may see positive changes.

  17. Jacksonville gets a bad media wrap and deparate people buy it. People love using the tarps as a reason Jacksonville doesn’t get balcked out. They are right, but that is only half the truth. The stadium built for the Jags were also built for the annual Florida-Georgia game. For the uneducated, the stadium the Jags play in is larger than 28 other NFL stadiums. Hence, they had to add tarps to bring it back to a normal NFL standard size stadium. If the worst team in the league is still selling out the 5th largest stadium in the league spells “ticket promblems” then i have some ocean front property in Tennessee to sell ya!

  18. Everbank Field seats 67,164 WITH TARPS, and 80,000 without tarps and seats added for FL-GA. Qualcomm seats 71,294: A difference of 4,130 seats. They need to sell 9,000 tickets just to avoid a blackout? See where this is going?

  19. I am a born and raised San Diego resident.
    San Diego is not a sports town. Too many transplants from all over the country relocate to this beautiful city.

    The problem with a MNF game is traffic. 5PM game time coincides with rush hour traffic. to compound the problem, there is only one road into the stadium. I had family fly in to see the Cowboys game two weeks ago and they said it took 3 hours to go 10 miles from their hotel to the stadium.

    Reason I don’t go to games, too many drunks want to curse you out, get in your face and want to fight. you just can’t take your kid to the stadium.

    They need to start arresting drunks at the stadium.

  20. Everyone in San Diego is a fan of the City they come from. Not many Indy fans here. We sell out Dallas, Raider, Chicago, Greenbay, Jets and some others. I don’t know why the Spanos family want’s to stay in San Diego when they have so few fans.

  21. SD fan. I have been to 1 game so far (Dallas) and have tix to see NYG 12/8. Monday/Thursday games are too difficult. Games start at 530. I get out of work at 6. Count the 45 min traffic/parking time it’s the middle/end of the 2nd quarter before I get to my seat. Screw that. I’m a HUGE SD fan but I’m not paying to see half a game. If I was on the easy coast and games started at 830 it is COMPLETELY different.

  22. Point is that size of staduim is important prior to making assumptions about fan support. The fact that one stadium has tarps is not the issue, it is all about size of stadium. Go Chargers/Go Jags!

  23. As a San Diego native I know it is a horrible sports town. San Diego is a city of transplants especially with the large military population. Most of their NFL allegiances remain with their original home. I grew up and still like the Bears because the Chargers were so awful growing up. All of my friends were the same way. San Diego is a great city for being active and playing sports thanks to the perfect weather. It is just not a great city for a fan base.

  24. I can’t believe these so called Chargers fans call themselves fans when they don’t support their team. Anybody can buy a jersey but to not go to games? Lame.

    Go Colts!

  25. The NFL is the only business in the world which actively prevents their customers from seeing their product when not enough of the product is sold. And this is in a Taxpayer funded stadium, no less. No wonder there’s a backlash to using hard-earned tax money to multi billionaires for their lavish upgrades.


    Everbank Field in Jax holds up to 77k and can even be expanded to 84K. 10k tarps were added to bring the stadium to 67k right where every single market of Jax size is. A FACT. Tarps have ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with Jags selling out. They are selling out despite an atrocious team so what is every other teams fans excuse. But everyone who doesn’t live, never been to or couldn’t care less about the Jaguars sure act as if they know more about a city and team than Jaguars fans who live, eat and breath this city and team. A little ridiculous don’t you think

  27. “True fans”….why exactly should fans be expected to pay a lot of money to go watch a team with a losing record? Maybe they should lower the ticket prices because price should be driven by supply and demand….

  28. Like a couple others have said, its really timing. The games start at 5:30 here. With SoCal traffic its just not realistic to go to a game if you have a job.

  29. “It’s unfortunate,” Gates told U-T San Diego. “You want to think that you have true fans. . . .

    Dude…..your 2-3 and you lost to the Traiders!

    How about you put a true Pro football team on the field!

  30. I am a true Charger fan and have owned season tickets for 22-years and have been a fan of the team for 32-years. In the few games that I have ever missed I give my tickets to family or friends that are Charger fans. I will not sell my tickets or allow anyone to sit in my seats that are fans of the other teams.

    I can’t defend many “Charger” fans who stop supporting the team when they are not winning. Who leave games early in the fourth quarter to get home earlier. Who sell their tickets on stubhub to anyone willing to buy them and then I have to sit next to some other teams fans. I hate that about “some” of my fellow Charger fans. We are not all like that, but too many are.

    Being a fan means filling the stadium and making a difference with noise and support. Not just when you have a top team, but every year.

    Stop making excuses San Diego! Support your team the way you are supposed to.

  31. EverBank Field with tarps seats slightly less than QUALCOMM. Next year the tarps will be removed at EverBank due to the new scoreboards and swimming pools. This year’s capacity is 67,246 with tarps. Next year’s capacity will be 66,000 with no tarps.

  32. I’m not normally one to rag on teams for blackouts (happens in almost every small market when teams are bad), but not selling out a Monday Night-er (even when it starts at 5:30) is inexcusable

  33. i guess they need to be playing somebody like the raiders, steelers, cowboys, or chesseheads to sell out…..they can always fill the place with those teams fans.

  34. High ticket prices horrible economy what else would you expect? Why the chargers did not take advantage of the lower blackout threshold is beyond me as it would stand to reason they would take advantage of it.

  35. The Fans are speaking loud and clear………“Put a winning team on the field, and DON’T charge us $25 to park and $9 for a beer!”
    When the owners and vendors do this, the fans will come back.

  36. Dude…Rivers and the gang is finally putting a winning product on the field and you won’t go see a game IN PRIMETIME ON A HOLIDAY? Wow…

  37. Does the NFL have statistics about how much blackouts help ticket sales? Because it sure seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    NFL: “Since you won’t come and pay a premium to watch this dumpster fire of a team in person, we won’t let you see this dumpster fire at all!”
    Fan: “I’m bummed now? This tough love shtick is supposed to make me want to buy tickets?”

    Blackouts make for crummy marketing, especially with the advent of fantasy football and Red Zone Channel. NFL (and Chargers in this case) should be happy that anyone wants to watch their team on TV. Taking your ball and going home means nobody wins. Stupid.

  38. tolan04 says: LA your team awaits…

    ** It can keep waiting

    browns627 says: LA Chargers sounds good to me..

    ** It doesn’t sound good to us. And since it appears you are a Browns fan,
    ** shouldn’t you be the last person encouraging a team’s relocation?

    ampats says:Oct LA Chargers & LA Rams

    ** I think the Rams would have a chance, since there is still some underlying
    ** feeling that the team “belongs” to us. I just don’t see that with the Chargers.

  39. Listening to you Charger fans whining about not ‘paying for a winner’ is cute.


    Tighten up!


    -Browns Fans

    PS- If you don’t build a stadium soon, they WILL leave.

  40. “Look everyone, a Browns fan! LOLOLOLOLOL”

    I remember when I had my first beer…..

    Oh and on topic, how does any NFL team not sell out a Monday nighter?

  41. So only “true fans” pay ridiculously inflated prices for a sub-par stadium experience typically ruined by a bunch of drunks instead of watching a better presentation at home with family and friends?

    “True fans” of what exactly? The owners pocket book? Or the team/game on the field that’s being presented better on TV?

    And to point out that it’s a Monday night game so it should draw more fans than a Sunday game is completely backwards. Monday night games are popular because of Monday Night Football….. a very popular TV SHOW.

  42. Just build a stadium in LA to house both the Bolts and the Raiders ala Staples for the Lakers $ Clips. Problem solved for both franchises & their lame blackout cities and fans. Get in the car and drive if you love your team so much.

  43. And yet they haven’t moved to L.A. yet.

    I love how we bring up the topic of a NFL team possibly playing in London permanently because the NFL give the English the worst brand of football that they can offer.

    Meanwhile the Chargers are supposed to move to L.A. even though no signs of it has occurred.

    The media needs to get a life way sooner than the team needs to leave the unfaithful and disloyal fans of San Diego.

  44. I don’t think most people understand the dynamics of San Diego. The cost of living is ridiculous over here. I have a small one bedroom apartment in downtown San Diego that costs me $1200 a month. Gas is $4.09 a gallon. We have the highest gas and electric rates in the country. 151,000 people aren’t working right now because of the government shutdown.

    San Diego is a military transplant town. People move here and bring their allegiances to their teams with them. Our stadium is almost 50 years old, decrepit and is lacking in repairs, yet they charge just as much for tickets as they do newer stadiums.

    When people in other cities look at their teams schedule, they can travel in the winter time to Baltimore, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Minnesota, New Jersey, or San Diego which one do you think they’re gonna pick?

    I have my season tix and seeing all the Cowgirl fans was f-ing pathetic. I can’t speak for the rest of the fans, but I’m a smack talking diehard. It was so great to send em home with that sad look on their faces and to tell them that they might have 5 rings but what they also have is a loss today.

    I’ll be at the MNF game talking smack to whatever Colts fans are there. It would be nice if we could get more diehards there, but between the crappy stadium, high ticket prices, $25 parking, $9 beers, the ongoing Norv/AJ backlash, and a disfunctional city government that can’t figure out that building a new stadium would attract Super Bowls that would bring money to our struggling economy, I understand.

  45. hey djvicdogg talk all the smack u want on beating the cowboys but at least when we’re losing were still selling out games and not blacking one out. besides this isn’t about the cowboys fans ruining your game day its about your pathetic teams low fan base and not being able to sell out a game and going to have a blackout on Monday night football way to go chargers

  46. Sorry djvicdogg, but don’t drop the economics of San Diego crap as an excuse for not attending a game. I just checked stubhub and you can buy a ticket for $45! You spend more than that at the stupid movie theater!

    If the Chargers were 5-0 every ticket would be sold. I am a fan of the Chargers so I go to the games. It is important to me. It is a priority. I love my team.

  47. to all the idiots who wanna say their team like the jags have sold out games 4 years in a row.big deal!! chargers sold out games 7 years in a row back in early 2000’s to late 2000’s. fact is where most nfl stadiums only hold 60,000 people the chargers satdium holds 72,000 people. and no the chargers do not have tarps on their stadium like jacksonville and oakland! i dont see people on here slammign the raiders for blackouts!!! the raiders have had the most blackouts the last 10 years of any nfl team. everyone acts liek the chargers are the only team that has had blackout problems! and idots wanna call chargers fans the worst fans in the league,its liek all these same people will say anythign to bash a teams fans. first it was bills fans,then the vikes are moving to LA,then jags fans,and bucs fans,and chargers fans! if the chargers stadium was more around the league average of 65,000 seats there really wouldnt be blackout problems! do people rememebr how often the raiders were blacked out when they were in LA? playing the LA colliseum that holds 100,000+… no of course not.the nfl needs to set a minumum attendance across the board for games to blacked out or televised. teams with larger stadiums are penalized!nfl doig a across the board attend mimimum for games to be televised would even the playing field! for gods sake people forget about half of san diegos population is military transplants who are NOT chargers fans!!!

  48. per bolts from the blue

    I’m here to calm you down. Nationally televised games rarely, if ever, get blacked out. Nationally televised games being played in San Diego, which claims Los Angeles as part of its “territory” due to L.A. not having an NFL team of their own, never get blacked out.

    Why? Because Los Angeles is the #2 television market in the country. The increased use of DVRs has made sports the only thing people watch live anymore, and Monday Night Football is the second highest rated show on television behind Sunday Night Football. Make no mistake about it, ESPN is charging advertisers a ton of money for air time during a MNF broadcast. Those advertisers expect that the top five television markets in the country will have access to the game.

    The local station that broadcasts the game (KUSI will do it on Monday), ESPN, the Chargers, the Colts and all of the advertisers have something substantial to lose if the game ends up being blacked out in southern California. So, the team will do what it can to scare a few more fans into buying tickets (in addition to Gehlken’s tweet, expect news in a few days about the Chargers getting a 24-hour extension to avoid the blackout) before someone steps up (or they group together) to buy the remaining tickets and give them to first-responders or military or something else that sees charitable.

    After all, they’ll make enough money with the game being on in L.A. (and how that affects their ratings) to cover their losses (and then some) from buying the leftover tickets. You can stop worrying about not being able to watch the game now.

  49. dont see peopel bashing the raiders who have the most blackouts in the league over the last 10 years!!!! this even with tarps on their stadium seats and the 85 % last season. if the chargers really wanted to move to LA they would have been gone by now. the spanos familky knows their largest fanbase is in san diego! in LA they would be like the clippers are to the lakers,plus the rams proboly moving back there! its not happening! the raiders imo will prob move back to LA.this is from cbs2 in los angeles per jim hill on sports central!

  50. Hey shatho1 you sound just like all those bitter cowgirl fans that were at the stadium 2 weeks ago. Have you seen the stands at crackboy stadium? They’re filled with fans of the other teams! Hey at least you got 5 rings that you can choke your chicken to!

  51. As a Packers fan living in San Diego…

    The Chargers have GREAT fans, even when they’re not doing great. The stadium SUCKS. Qualcomm is filthy and disgusting. Half of the seats available that don’t go to season ticket holders are obstructed view. When you include everything – $20 parking, $9 16oz beers – it’s one of the top 10 most expensive stadiums in the league. I would never pay to go there myself, since i’m not a Chargers fan, but even if I was why would I pay to go there when I can watch the game from the comfort of my home and save $500 (assuming I take my family with me)?

  52. hey djvicdogg what a comeback lmao! we don’t whine about our stadium having more of the other teams fans in cuz we’re still selling out and not blacking out a Monday night- er. So stop choking on your own chicken and quit whining. GO COWBOYS!!!

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