Deion Sanders is fired . . . by Deion Sanders’ school

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It’s still unclear whether Deion Sanders will be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting an employee at  Prime Prep Academy.  It is clear that Sanders has been fired by the charter school Sanders co-founded in 2012.

The allegations arose on Thursday.  Last night, while Sanders was in Chicago as part of the NFL Network broadcast of the game between the Giants and the Bears, the school’s board conducted an emergency meeting.

And the board decided to get rid of Sanders.

“Effective immediately, Deion Sanders is no longer an employee or representative for Prime Prep Academy,” the board said in a press release, via Deadspin.

The decision to fire Sanders fairly can be interpreted as an indication that the witnesses to whatever transpired corroborated a version of the events other than Deion’s.

It likely didn’t help Deion that he attacked the person alleging assault on Twitter:  “The Person claiming assault is a fake administrator whom does absolutely nothing to help the school, kids or teachers reach our goals.  Truth.”

In a separate tweet on Thursday, Sanders referred to “lies and ignorance.”

It’s possible that the board won’t have the final say.  On Friday, Sanders retweeted a reminder that the school’s homecoming game happens tonight.  He also strongly hinted that a legal battle is coming.

“Watch God work! What the devil meant for evil God will turn it around. The fight for right has just began. Stay tuned.”

Oh, we will, Deion.  We will.

68 responses to “Deion Sanders is fired . . . by Deion Sanders’ school

  1. So…. Guy files charges against Prime Time for assaulting him… Witnesses corroborate the claim… Prime Time gets relieved by the institution and according to Prime Tine, they’re the ones who are the evil-doers? Why can’t you just take responsibility for your actions?

  2. I commented in the other thread on this one that the victim in this is in it now for a cash grab from Deion. But the flip side of that (and this is for you Deion) is you attack someone for whatever reason at your place of business, odds are you are going to get fired.

    Maybe in the future take some time first before reacting to some guy trying to push your buttons to get a reaction there “Primetime”….

  3. Hey, Primetime was pissed that the bums that actually run the school were letting the kids’ grades slip. That’s like getting upset with Jacoby Jones for responsibly partying on a bus instead of driving around.

  4. And he’s still employed by the NFL Network?!?

    Great Way to protect integrity and image of “The Shield”…

  5. Deion is not burdened with the emotions remorse or shame that nearly all of us go through.

    It must be pretty cosmic to have never been born with the shame/remorse genes.

    Good thing he used to be able to run real fast — that make-up doesn’t serve folks too well when they’re not world class athletes.

  6. Deion, you better be innocent if you’re claiming to be a witness of God. Far to often people misrepresent religion, and give people a reason to bash it.

  7. Deion Sanders is about as good at running a school as Arne Duncan is at playing bump-and-run coverage. In other words: Stay in your lane, Deion.

  8. All you guys hanging on the fact that this guy is gonna go after money should think about it for a minute…if I assaulted you and you pressed charges it could be crippling to my average american life. For Deion? He’d never see a second of Jail time and any fine would be as minimal as possible conisdering his financial standing.

    I say get his money, it’s the only real way to hurt him back….that and his ego when he hands over the check.

  9. I would love it if the NFL Network would follow suit and kick Slime Time to the curb. His swaggering demeanor, lousy presentation, inane and banal comments and annoying tendency to talk over everyone works my last nerve.

    And if can take that mush-mouth Michael Irvin with him so much the better.

  10. Let’s not conclude after the firing.

    Let’s conclude after the lawsuits.

    There will be at least one and the details of Deion will not be pretty. No worries NFL Network viewers. One of few who could wing it on the field impromptu and have a gift for gab will likely stay employed there for those same qualities.

  11. Its only a matter of time before he screws up his cushy NFL network gig…he clearly seems disinterested at this point anyway.

  12. Imagine what the fight actually looked like. Probably a wild slap fest.. Arms flailing all over

    Mr “Business Decision” likely wouldn’t have the stones to stand toe to toe and slug it out.


  14. I’m not usually a grammar Nazi, but since education is at least a peripheral part of this developing story, I need to call out Deion for his atrocious grammar!

    He not only misuses the word “whom,” but also uses the word “began” when he should have used the word “begun.”

    Are we sure he is the school’s founder and not in fact one of its students?

  15. This further confirms my “bad guy” issue. Deion, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Hugh Douglas, Keyshawn. I just can’t seem to figure out how they end up on TV and jammed in our living room. It’s getting harder and harder to find football coverage that doesn’t include these guys. CBS seems to be the only show that doesn’t employ criminals, but they are horribly boring and I can’t understand Shannon Sharpe.

  16. Could the NFL Network please get rid of the loud mouth ex-players like Deon!! Good Lord, no NFL fan in the world relates to these dudes! I would much rather have some educated former player who has something to bring to the conversation, and isn’t praising himself every two seconds! I’m starting to like College Football so much more every day!

  17. You know you are dealing with a classy guy when he invokes god to plead his innocense. Reminds me of when Suh said “god knows the truth” after he denied stomping on EDS during that packer game. True testaments to our species these guys…..

  18. This self-proclaimed “Man-of-God” is in the daily process of filming for his upcoming television reality show about his life at Prime Prep. What happens now? Maybe he thought he could boost ratings by adding a little drama to the show. Were the cameras rolling? Btw, Deion is not the owner of “his” school. He is not even on the governing board. He never contributed one dime to this school, yet he insisted on drawing a huge salary for… what? Oh yeah, he coached the football team. This entire Prime Prep Academy was a sham and a con job from the beginning.

  19. Stop the lame jokes. The guy tried to do something good and go so carried away he endangered the institution he founded, or at least had a big hand in founding. Educational politics are very vicious, mostly because so little is at stake, other than egos. Let’s hope that all this will not impact too much on the children he was trying to help.

  20. He should be fired from the school simply because he doesn’t know when to use begun or “began.”

  21. So He slapped a guy Up who was One of The Heads of a Educational Facility that was allowing kids to FAIL! And All Y’all AMERICANS ARE MAD! Sounds VERY AMERICAN!

  22. I would say if you ask people who know the real Deion, he is a fraud–I dont know what happened here, but all Deion really cares about is all he has ever cared about, self promotion, running his mouth, being seen as important. The God and family stuff is bs.

  23. If Sanders simply kept his mouth shut and stayed out of the limelight he would certainly have been revered by every hard core football fan because he played the most difficult position in all of football with such ease.

    I just don’t get it

  24. This is the same guy that criticized pro football players that got a settlement from the NFL earlier this year. Then it’s found out he had settled a Workman’s comp claim with the NFL. Glad he not a hypocrite. Just the kind of people we need working for NFL Network. “Not.” Just one word. “Karma”

  25. thepftpoet says:
    Oct 11, 2013 2:02 PM

    I would love to watch the police chase after Deion Sanders
    Can we make that a “Primetime” event? Really though, how cool would it be to see Deion chased by the police in his Maserati, with the police staying inches from his bumper and about to stop him only to see Deion slam on the brakes, jump out and see what would normally be an impossible feat, trying to catch Deion on foot, only to see Sanders’ face as police quickly catch up and tackle him. Effing great!

  26. Deion says, “if using God can get Ray Lewis a job at ESPN then it should save my sorry azz too”

  27. Word has it that he’s set to take up an administrative position at Ball So Hard University….

  28. Come on ESPN lets get all over this as much as you did a certain coach at Penn State. Lets demand him fired as one in Penn State. Come on show your true selves.

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