Doctors think David Wilson has spinal stenosis


The Giants had their best rushing game of the season on Thursday night despite running back David Wilson’s absence from the lineup because of a neck injury.

That’s a good thing for the team because doubt is starting to grow about Wilson’s chances of returning again this season. Dan Graziano of reports that Wilson said Friday that he has been told by doctors that he is suffering from spinal stenosis. The condition is a narrowing of the spine which can put pressure on nerves and can cause the tingling feeling that coach Tom Coughlin said Wilson felt when he was injured in Week Five.

Wilson said he fears that the injury could be season-ending, but it could be worse than that if he is in fact diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Former Redskins tackle Chris Samuels’ career ended when he suffered a neck injury that doctors feel was related to the condition, as did the collegiate career of Cooper Manning and many others. Steelers rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones got the same diagnosis early in his college career at USC, leading him to transfer to Georgia and later get a clean bill of health.

Wilson is getting more opinions on his condition, so it is too soon to speculate about what any of this might mean. For now, though, it looks like Brandon Jacobs will remain the top dog in the Giants backfield.

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  1. When it rains, it pours. Wishing nothing but the best for the kid. Thats a real shame if it turns out to be true.

  2. Dang this sucks. Never like seeing injuries like this especially so early in David’s career! I always liked this guy, to bad he couldn’t get it going early in the season and now this. Hope it’s not as bad as it’s feared!

  3. Sure can’t help doing those stupid double back flips………just pack it in so I dont have to keep the deadwood on my fantasy roster any longer.

    I hope he recovers though and returns . Lotta talent

  4. Is this something than can only be discovered AFTER an injury? I would think by now this would be a standard thing to look for during pre-season physicals.

  5. No one cares about your f’n fantasy team! And he got hurt on a play where he lowered his head into Mychal Kendricks, not back flips. Goodness people just like to parrot the nonsense they hear on sports talk radio.

  6. censoredagain says:
    Oct 11, 2013 4:52 PM
    When it rains, it pours. Wishing nothing but the best for the kid. Thats a real shame if it turns out to be true.


    Gawd do i hate when people call athletes in their 20’s “kid”. hes NOT 8 yrs old!

  7. I hate that I was right again about another of my Giants. I told you David Wilson’s career was over.

    I hope he has a healthy, happy and productive life off the field.

  8. “people still think Intelligent Design is more than a theory.”

    You are insane if you think evolution is the answer. It is nearly a mathetmatical impossibility that intelligent design is not correct. At the very least evolution is in fact a virtual mathematical impossibility, and you are insane to call it any other way. its pathetic how easily you fall for “science” when you have never taken a look at any of the science used to support evolution

  9. Career OVER. Now it is time to put his degree earned at a truly excellent university to good use. He only played three years. Perhaps he earned the degree in an accelerated program, no? If not, NOW what? I hope other student athletes are paying attention.

  10. About Jarvis Jones, the Steelers have him running full speed covering kicks – and he’s a bullet to the ball.

    Man – there’s something very unsettling about that if you think about it. To cover one kick going hells bells to the ball is one thing – you’re likely going to skate. But to do it over an extended period of time – the odds go from in your favor to against you.

    Hope Jones (and Wilson) – don’t have a bad day in the spinal cord injury category: those usually go from bad days to bad lifetimes.

  11. Spinal stenosis is no joke I have it from years of street bike racing when it flares up it feels like I am standing in a raging campfire if his is bad as mine his career is in jeopardy.

  12. Green Bay lost a promising young WR to that years ago. I’m sorry for Wilson, but if the diagnosis is accurate he needs to walk away while he can.

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