Frazier confirms that Cassel starts, Ponder backs up


The Vikings have bigger problems at the moment.

But the expected quarterback change (at least the first in a series) has gone down.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier told reporters that Matt Cassel would start Sunday against the Panthers and Christian Ponder would be the backup. That leaves recently acquired Josh Freeman waiting for a chance that appears inevitable.

It also sets the stage for other moves down the road with Ponder, who admitted being frustrated with the latest moves.

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  1. NFC North Final Standings:

    Vikings 10-6
    Bears 9-7
    Lions 8-8
    Packers 7-9

    Vikings play 49ers in the wild-card game and win

    Next game they play the saints and upset them and then they take down the broncos in the Super Bowl

    Bank on it

  2. But according to Frazier, Ponder still has a “bright future” with the team. Apparently they plan on hiring him to be the lighting operator at the new stadium…

  3. Good move. Ponder can’t throw the long ball. He can’t complete wobbly floaters downfield to Simpson or Jennings. At this Cassel can throw long. Ponder is a smart guy and a good runner but he simply cannot complete a pass downfield.

  4. How would Freeman’s chance be inevitable ? Cassel may go on a run while facing 8 in the box every single game. He has enough experience to beat it.

    I’m not sold on Willie Beamen….er, Josh Freeman…..

  5. Ponder continued to make the same mistakes week after week with little to no improvement, the only thing he should be frustrated with is his lack of progression-Freeman will be starting either on Monday the 21st of October or shortly thereafter.

  6. Is anyone really surprised by this? The thing that puzzles me is why Frazier continues to keep talking like Ponder is still an option for this team. Really? That sort of double speak is fooling no one

  7. r8dernation says:
    Oct 11, 2013 2:42 PM
    Wow, are they trying to aquire the worst bunch of ex-starting QB’s?
    From a Raiders’ fan? Really?

  8. I had to create an account just to counter some of the comments left by unknown viking fans. I am a long term Chiefs fan, I suffered through the Matt Cassell era, perhaps you recall the worst seasons in Chiefs history? Well you can thank Matt C. for that.

    Matt C. was a forced take over from the failed KC Patriots era… he also proved why he is and will always be a backup QB at best. Sure he has an arm but he has no decision making abilities and no common football sense… he is great at safe plays and padding stats but watching the games week after week, you get a good sense of what he is made up of: backup.

    3rd and 17, Matt C throw a 5 yd pass.. I believe he holds the record in KC for most 3 and outs in our history as well. Just to mention a few of the horrible memories of that failed era.

    Notice anything different this season with Alex Smith? 5-0, more wins then Matt C. could get from an entire season? The evidence is proof of how terrible of a QB he is and will always be. A backup of a backup he what he is and will always be. To those of you thinking he will be your answer to your season, you have no idea how awful things are going to get. After suffering through his era in KC, which almost broke the franchise, the fans finally got through to the owners and the demands of change were answered. Starting with releasing this worthless QB who set our worst season records and league worst stats.

    Great guy but terrible QB, our prayers in KC were finally answered and things improved 100%. Hope you guys can figure that out before ruining your entire season with him.

  9. hey here is a million dollar idea….

    Trade Ponder to Buffalo for Jairus Byrd.

    Helps both teams out big time and they both get a fresh start in a fairly talented line-up.

    Cut me a check.

  10. lucixir you said “Sure he has an arm but he has no decision making abilities and no common football sense…”

    My question to you is…Have you ever watched a game with Ponder?

    The Vikings realize that Cassel is not the long term answer, thus why they brought in Freeman: to kick the tires. The fact that Cassel looked 100 times better than Ponder, should tell you all you need to know.

    I don’t think most Vikings fans, except those who only drink purple kool-aid, think Cassel is the best answer…just a better answer.

    Give Freeman a week or two to understand the offense enough to use a wristband, and Cassel will be back to holding a clipboard. For now, though as sad as it may seem, he gives us the best chance to win out of what we have.

  11. Uh….Hey KC Fan…ask every 49er fan and they’ll tell you that Alex Smith “is and will always be a bust, game manager at best”….which is why Harbaugh let him go….I disagree, but they have the exact same view on Smith that you have on Cassel.

    Furthermore, not sure if you were a fan last year but KC had a ton of injuries, including Bowe and Charles, and they also have a new accomplished head coach this year. Not sure if you think any of that counts, but it does in my book.

    To put the shytstorm that happened to KC last year on Cassel is just ignorance.

  12. lucixir, you’re probably right — Matt Cassel is not the end game answer for the Vikings, hence the Freeman pickup.

    Honestly, the celebration from fans here is due to the fact that it’s someone other than Ponder as the starting quarterback. It’s true and it’s that simple. Even he performs bad, it gives us a reason to *watch*.

    That should be an indication of how fed up we are with inept quarterback play.. and, yes, it was really that bad (despite the gaggle of Ponder sympathizers who defy common sense).

  13. Viking fans are so clueless and bewildered when it comes to QB play.

    “I LOVE POND…………EHHH…..CASSELL……… wait……….. that FREEMAN DUDE! At lease one of those 3 should be good, and be able to prevent the Packers from beating us twice this year – like they have in each of the past 3 seasons.”

  14. Never could understand why the Vikings drafted Ponder. I watched many FSU games and it was obvious he didn’t have much of an arm and was effective only on passes of about 20 yards or less. He was a good scrambler but the idea with a QB is that he should throw the ball, not run with it. He’ll be a backup somewhere but he won’t win a starting job again.

  15. vikingborn70 says: Oct 11, 2013 4:14 PM

    Uh….Hey KC Fan…ask every 49er fan and they’ll tell you that Alex Smith “is and will always be a bust, game manager at best”….which is why Harbaugh let him go….I disagree, but they have the exact same view on Smith that you have on Cassel.

    You obviously are a Vikings fan. Smith was traded to KC. He led the 49ers to divisional round in 2011 and beat the Saints. Yes those Saints 36-32 sorry I know that brings back bad memories. Then if you remember the championship game when the punt returner couldn’t hold onto the ball and they lost to the Giants who won the Super Bowl. Cassell was cut by the Chiefs after they acquired Smith in the trade. When Josh Freeman figures out the Vikings offense I have a feeling that you will then see Cassell go back to the bench which is right where he belongs.

  16. I really don’t care wrong or right on Cassel/Freeman. What I’m waiting for is the front office and company who drafted Ponder just own up and admit a mistake. That would go along way with many vike fans. Maybe he needs more time to develope but it hasn’t gotten any better with the talent around him, enough said, I now have excitement again since a group of friends n family are going to the Dallas Vikes game

  17. Does changing the quarterback of one of the highest scoring NFL teams make that same team’s secondary any better? Does it beef up the pass rush? Does it make the worst pass defense in the NFL better? No. No it does not. I don’t know how Winfield would’ve performed this year but if the guy that played for the Vikings last year was still on this team they would be 3-1. Not 1-3. This quarterback crap is just the easy thing to focus on.

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