Fred Jackson, Aaron Williams fined for Week Five infractions


The Bills lost to the Browns in Cleveland last Thursday night and two of their players have been fined by the league for their actions during the game.

Defensive back Aaron Williams has been hit with a $21,000 fine for unnecessary roughness. Williams hit Browns wide receiver Davone Bess in the helmet with his helmet in the first quarter of the game. Williams was penalized for the hit during the game as well.

Running back Fred Jackson has been fined $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct, an infraction he was also penalized for during the game. Jackson is being disciplined for flipping the ball at Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor on the sideline at the end of a nine-yard gain.

Jackson’s flip looked fairly innocuous, but the league’s made taunting a point of emphasis in recent years and plays like that have been subject to fines in the past. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was fined for something similar last season.

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  1. Williams’ fine was deserved. Jackson’s was not. The rules against taunting have pretty much worked. That wasn’t taunting.

  2. Jacksons FLAG wasnt warranted. He wasnt even looking and flipped the ball over his shoulder to the ref. The only reason this is a thing is because he flipped the ball over his left shoulder instead of the right and the ball landed comfortably in the hands of a lineman on the sideline.

    So now, cautiously tossing the ball over your shoulder to the ref is a 15 yard penalty and a flag? WTF NFL?

  3. Where do they come up with these #’s ???
    If Freddy’s action was taunting, then what the hell was #43 doing to E.J. after he was down on the ground holding his knee??? I would love to see the $$ amount the NFL would come up with for that — IF they saw it ?? – I Did !!!

  4. Fred is one of the classiest players in the league, a true pro. He even patted his chest in the “my bad” motion as soon as he was flagged. Got a feeling he’s smart enough with his money to not be bothered much by the fine.


  5. The Jackson fine is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. The flag alone was an INCREDIBLY questionable call and the announce team said as much. To add a fine on top of it is a slap in the face and should stand as exhibits A, B, AND C that the league has taken this taunting nonsense WAY too far.

    Jackson is known as one of the classiest guys in the league, he has a pristine reputation and is generally beloved by fans, teammates, and opponents alike. He makes far less money than any other RB of his skill level yet still donates more time and money to charity than probably 99% of the players in the league. For God’s sake the guy got a 15 yard penalty that EVERYONE agreed never should have happened and then apologized like he’d actually done something wrong. It’s just the kind of guy he is. If *HE* can’t get the benefit of the doubt in a sketchy “taunting” situation then what the hell does it take?

    That Fred gets fined for this nonsense but Gipson didn’t get flagged OR fined for standing over the injured EJ Manuel doing fist pumps is a testament to what a backwards joke the league office and officiating team is.

  6. Stephen – You got that right. #91 was making noise all night on the Browns side, including REAL taunting, when he stood over Jackson earlier in the game and waved his arms ‘no good’. God the refs in that game were terrible.

  7. Like others have said, Jackson should not have received a flag.. I have no idea why he is being fined. What defenders do after they get a sack is worse then what he did.

    It seems like in the past few years that the NFL has gone from fining players that go way over the line (malicious hits, DUIs or other legal trouble, etc.) to giving out fines for like 50% of the penalties in a game. Nevermind that the dollar amounts for fines are strange, but these things need to be handled on a case-by-case basis… Fred Jackson’s “offense” (which I dont believe was anything at all) is far different from an ACTUAL taunting that is meant to provoke or be disrespectful.

    It would also make me feel a lot better if the NFL would donate the money from fines to charity.

  8. Phil does like to talk. Fred probably was talking too. It seems like it came down to the officials paying attention after a bit of banter and construed the act as taunting.

    The odds are pretty good it was intentional toward Phil to make a statement but I mean seriously…….this mild form of taunting getting a flag, much less a fine?

    Phil was doing just fine limiting his ability to do any taunting. The word “scoreboard” is all that needed to be said.

  9. I wonder what Tim Jennings is going to get for going to his knees on an INT returned for a TD in the Bears’ win over the Giants on Thursday night.

  10. Remember when penalties only cost down and distance?
    Why is it, after the team gets penalized the player often has to write a check? Some players should be fined but, there are way too many fines being imposed now. It’s affecting the game in a negative way.

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