Giants safety Will Hill fined $15,750


Giants safety Will Hill has been fined $15,750 for hitting Eagles rookie tight end Zach Ertz in the head on an incomplete pass in Week Five, the NFL confirmed to PFT on Friday.

Ertz was deemed to be defenseless on the play, according to the league, and Hill drew both a 15-yard penalty and the fine for the offense.

The play occurred in the first quarter of the Eagles’ 36-21 win vs. the Giants. As a pass was just falling away from Ertz’s reach, Hill collided with Ertz, with the players’ helmets hitting.

Hill, 23, has notched 16 tackles in two regular-season games for the Giants in 2013.

7 responses to “Giants safety Will Hill fined $15,750

  1. When I said in preseason the Eli Era was over so many of you laughed.

    When I said in preseason that my Giants were going to compete for the first pick in the draft so many of you laughed.

    When I said in preseason that Snee, Kiwanuka, Andre Brown, Baas, Nicks, Tuck and so many others were done and would retire so many of you laughed.

    I’m not happy I was right and all of you were wrong.

  2. Terrible penalty and worse that he was fined. Both players were going to the ground when it happened. I’d say the same thing if it were an Eagles’ player that drew the penalty/fine. This league blows.

  3. Justintucksrule the Eli era is far from over. You’re a fool if you think otherwise. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and say he sucks and has lost it. The fact is he has no run game to support him no offensive line to protect him and ineffective receivers with the exception of nicks. Everyone that screamed PAY CRUZ!! Are slowly realizing he’s overrated and can’t even beat nickel corners half the time.
    Randle runs the wrong route like 70% of the time and Murphy has ouchy issues. Not to mention the almighty Reese drafting a QB probably eating into his psyche a bit.
    Watch. If the giants get some offensive lineman and an impact receiver in the draft Eli will be putting up ELIte numbers again.
    Those of you who don’t believe? Well you aren’t real fans anyway so yuck fou.

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