Gregg Williams not biting on questions about coaching future


The Titans were bad at playing defense last year, and pretty good at it this year.

Ordinarily, that might make the coach responsible for the turnaround a hot candidate for other jobs.

But Titans assistant Gregg Williams stepped carefully around questions as to whether he’d like to be a head coach again.

I just love coaching, no matter what position,” Williams said, via The Tennesseean. “I love being a special teams coordinator. I love being a defensive coordinator. I love being a position coach. All those things.

“So I really, in all honesty, I take no time to think about those things. I really don’t. I love being a mentor and leader of young men. I love that aspect of it, and this is a good group to be around. I get as much from them as they get from me.”

What Williams got from a coach desperate to save his own skin (Mike Munchak) was a second chance, after many around the league thought he’d be radioactive after his suspension surrounding the Saints bounty controversy.

But Williams has done a good job adapting to the Titans staff (he’s not the coordinator, that’s Jerry Gray), and easing back into the working world after less than a year off.

He signed a one-year contract with the Titans this offseason, but coming off a 6-10 season which led the owner to put everyone on notice, that’s the practical length of most coaching deals there.

But by keeping a low profile and doing good work, Williams has likely given himself chances to keep finding jobs that he loves.

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  1. He can say what he wants, but he is obviously the De Facto coordinator there already, and if they don’t give him the actual position for next season, he will go to a team that will.

    These guys are ambitious by their nature, and he’s not going to turn down a promotion, nor should he, despite how “lucky” he may or not be to be back in the league at all.

  2. If the Titans lose Gregg Williams, it’s going to be devastating for our defense next year–unless his protégé gets fired by the Lions and we get Jim Schwartz back as our defensive coordinator.

  3. G. Williams let his mouth overload his brain while he was being recorded. That’s his only crime. The “bounty scandal” was fabricated by Goodell out of “evidence” that was for the most part non-existent and often simply fabricated. The whole affair was nothing more than Goodell’s effort to manufacture favorable publicity for the pending concussion case.

    I wish Williams well. Goodell not so much.

  4. I thought the Titans gave Williams an Assistant head coach title, but maybe it was just “Senior Assistant coach”.

    But really, for all practical purposes, taking a DC job somewhere else is pretty much a lateral move, although certainly someone could throw a lot of money at him for that.

    He was actually welcomed back in TN despite his baggage, because local fans were still loyal to him from his first stint with the team. I’m not sure fans of other teams would embrace him as easily, post-bounty gate. (Although some fans never bought into the “Williams is Satan” hype.)

    Is anyone willing to give him a HC job? Unless that happens, I give the Titans a decent chance of keeping him around (provided Munchak still has a job here next year), even if it’s in the same role as this year.

  5. Williams and Jerry Gray worked together in Buffalo, but in the reverse order on the heirarchy (Gray worked for Williams, I think as a DB coach.) They are both good coaches.

  6. The fact that this guy is even allowed in the NFL is ridiculous. He paid players to hurt opposing players. That’s probably the worst thing you could ever do in the game of football. Classless and unsportsmanlike, but whatever, let’s just give him a job he doesn’t deserve, right?

  7. I would promote him if I were The Titans because his defensive schemes keep the opponent’s offensive coordinator up at night!

  8. sarcasm says:
    Oct 11, 2013 3:45 PM
    “Doesn’t deserve to be coaching football in any level. Is that better to meet your 3rd grade filter?”


    What does this even mean?

  9. hor2012 says:

    Great coach. But, in my mind he cost us a whole year to save his skin.

    He also GAVE you a SB championship. They don’t beat the Vikings in that game with another coordinator. He motivated those guys to play their hearts out for him that whole season. Most fans would trade one bad year for a SB

  10. I was at the Packer/Titans game last year….
    We weren’t even trying and Ryan Grant was walking 15-20 yards for the easiest touchdowns in his career.

    The Titan’s d had absolutely no fight from what I saw (my team’s D was 32nd two years ago, but they at least blitzed/got takeaways), so to see ’em putting in work and effort – whatever, Gregg is a good coach.

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