Larry Fitzgerald dealing with hamstring trouble again

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The Cardinals will be in San Francisco on Sunday and one of the team’s best players may be at less than 100 percent.

Assuming, of course, that he’s able to play. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has been limited all week in practice by a hamstring injury and is listed as questionable on the team’s final injury report of the week.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that the injury is in a different spot than the one that forced Fitzgerald out of one game and hampered him in another earlier this season. Somers’ guess is that Fitzgerald winds up playing, but there probably won’t be any kind of confirmation of that until the wideout goes through warmups on Sunday.

Fitzgerald has 24 catches for 288 yards and three touchdowns this season. His numbers haven’t been helped by the hamstring issues or by Carson Palmer’s penchant for handing the ball to the other team. Palmer has nine interceptions and a lost fumble through five games, which is a lot of lost opportunities for Fitzgerald and the Cardinals offense.

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  1. Fitz was a top 3 wr in the league with warner and bolden on the other side. Without them hes a slighty better than avg receiver.

  2. Palmer may not be perfect… but… there is MUCH WORSE.

    It must be frustrating to be surrounded by old receivers/idiot receivers/stupid receivers/fragile receivers for your whole career (chad ochojohnson, t.o., chris henry, dhb, denarius moore, fitzgerald, lavernanues coles, andre caldwell, jerome simpson, etc.).

    No quarterback has had to suffer thru playing with as bad a collection of selfish losers, morons, dumbasses, and fools than Carson Palmer.

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the only dependable, stable receiver he ever played with… but… he went to Seattle, got paid, and became NOTHING.

  3. “ELITE” Joe Flacco = 5 td — 8 int — 2 fumbles

    OLD Carson Palmer = 5 td — 9 int — 2 fumbles

  4. the patriots should do all they can to trade for him before the deadline .. can you imagine brady throwing to fitz? devastating

  5. 2012 Kevin Kolb Cardinal stats.

    Appeared in 6 games, started 5 games.

    Kolb 3 wins 2 losses.

    59.6% comp %

    8 TD’s 3 INT’s

    86.1 QB rating

    2013 Carson Palmer Cardinal stats

    5 games started

    Palmer 3 wins 2 losses.

    58.9% comp %

    5 TD’s 9 INT’s

    67.0 QB rating

    The Cardinals would be better off with Kevin Kolb…

  6. As a Cardinals fan, I think it’s time for the team to cut him loose and trade him to a team with a real quarterback. They haven’t been able to get a decent QB since Warner retired. Larry is wasting his talent and career here. BUT, he is huge competent of marketing for the Cardinals, so I am afraid he’s trapped here for that reason alone. That sellout streak at UofPhx Stadium still end fast when #11 is no longer on that field.

  7. Has nothing to do with Fitz, cards or the 9ers but my thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his family. Absolutely sickening. I hope less worthess sack of garbage gets exactly what he deserves. Unbelievable!!

  8. Thanks Larry you are killing me in fantasy football.!!!!! I knew I should of stayed away from you my bad. Just like last year number 8 burned me from the texans last year.

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