NFL “very encouraged” by compliance with crown of helmet rule


Many fans dislike it and many players dislike it, but the NFL says the new rule restricting players from delivering blows with the crown of the helmet is working.

In a video distributed to the media, NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said the league believes players are doing a great job of avoiding contact with the tops of their helmets.

“We are very encouraged with the results so far,” Blandino said. “We have not seen a lot of examples of that through the first six weeks of the season.”

According to Blandino, the rule has been violated four times so far this season.

“Players are getting the message,” Blandino said. “They’re adjusting. We’ve only seen four clear-cut examples in thousands of plays, so obviously the coaches are teaching the technique out of the game and players are aware that this is something that is dangerous, and the rule is designed not only to protect the player getting hit but the player doing the hitting.”

Unfortunately, the rule is still causing some confusion for the league’s officials, who in some cases have called penalties when they shouldn’t have, and in other cases have failed to throw a flag when a player did violate the rule. The players are doing their part in complying with the new rule, and now the NFL needs to make sure the officials know when to call a penalty and when to let clean hits go.

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  1. Either the new rule is “working”, as the league contends, or this was never really a widespread issue to begin with, and the league’s new rule is a solution looking for a problem.

  2. Every game I’ve seen, any “big” is penalized. It’s dumb. These guys are paid big money, in part because of the ferocity of the game. They’re all aware of the dangers now. Let them play!!

  3. Wonder how they’ll fix all the leg injuries? Seems like every week it’s a broken leg or torn ACL.

  4. “According to Blandino, the rule has been violated four times so far this season.”

    And yet…it was called as a penalty over 50 times this year. I would LOVE to see a story on how many bad calls there were considering how many fines there were. Only four?

    I guess a lot of players are getting refund checks?

  5. An unnecessary rule that will cost someone a game one day. I love how self congratulatory these NFL types are. Way to go boys, keep fixing what isn’t broken until it actually is. Obamacare is easier to understand than the NFL rulebook..

  6. For people not interested in braking their necks, the rule was not a big item anyway. Falseflag operation makes it look like we’re “fighting for player safety”.

    The only thing the NFL cares about is the shield and the money it generates.

  7. It is good to see players not using their heads as a missile and are tackling more safely. Not being a bloodthirsty gladiatorial type fan the players safety should allows come first. The thing I would like to know if the rule changes are reducing the incidents of concussions and dingers by any amount. It seems in the NHL the rules changes and enforcement has do almost nothing to reduce head injuries which kept to the normal rate before the rule changes. If that is true in the NFL do you make more rules or just admit that unless you take out contact in a contact sport there will always be head injuries as part of the game. If that is true do you force players to retire after 1 or 2 concussions or do you have red line that is crossed if certain symptoms appear and linger.

  8. This would not be a big deal is the refs knew how to call it. Instead, they use it to manipulate the outcome of games.

    Whether they bet on games is anyone’s guess, but they certainly choose who wins now. For example, the Bucs first two games were lost because of bad calls by the refs at the end of the games. The NFL “apologized” later, but what good is that?

  9. “The players are doing their part in complying with the new rule, and now the NFL needs to make sure the officials hits go.” Really? Hell NFL officials don’t even know what pass interference is and those rules have been around for decades. You really think they these guys will get this right? Good luck with all that. Some teams and some players will be targeted and other players and teams will be given a pass. It’s always been that way and it will not change. NFL Officials are lost when it comes to understanding and enforcing certain rules as written. And it’s obvious, as we all know, some are just corrupt!

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