Peterson’s father confirms victim is his grandson

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We now know that the “tragic” personal situation that caused Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to miss practice yesterday, is, in fact, related to the assault of a child in South Dakota.

Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press spoke to Peterson’s father, who confirmed the child is Adrian Peterson’s son, but is not Adrian Peterson Jr. That clears up several conflicting reports about the child’s identity.

All I can say is, we are asking for prayers and for respect for our family as we deal with this tragic situation,” Nelson Peterson said, without commenting further.

The identity of the child should neither diminish nor enhance the tragedy, and the Vikings running back should take whatever time he feels appropriate to deal with his family, before any concern to football enters the frame.

57 responses to “Peterson’s father confirms victim is his grandson

  1. I just can’t believe someone would do that to a child. There are some crazy monsters in our world.

    I hope everything turns out ok and the child recovers fully. Our prayers are with AP and his family.

  2. I hope that every Vikings fan on Sunday cheers louder than they have ever done in the past for Adrian Peterson. I can’t even begin to imagine the conflict he is going through right now between his duties as a man and a father versus a football player. Fans like us can easily say he should be with his son at a time like this, but any athlete will say such decisions are not that simple. If he does suit up Sunday, I hope he has the game of his life.

  3. Regarding all the posts in previous articles about AP’s son and people wishing him and the son well, etc. How on earth can people being giving thumbs down to these comments. There are sick people who post here. To those who are giving thumbs down, get a life.

  4. I was reading the posts on the other articles relating to this story. CAN NOT BELIEVE folks would click a thumbs down to some of those posts when people are simply saying their hearts and prayers are with the Peterson family.

    Horrible story.

  5. Sadly, this goes on daily, constantly around the world. With the zillions of causes people take up and fight for you would think ending child abuse would be at the top of the list but tragically it is not.

  6. What kind of sick individuals would thumbs down comments wishing the recovery of a two year old who was beaten?

  7. anygivenwednesday13 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 12:50 PM
    Hoping this child recovers no matter who his genetic father is. And hoping justice is served to the human being who caused this tragedy.

    Take a look at this above comment. I notice there are currently 3 thumbs downs on this. What kind of human being puts a thumbs down on a comment like this?? How do you disagree with someone saying they want a 2 year old child to recover and the perp who beat him brought to justice? There should be ZERO thumbs downs on that comment. Kudos to anygivenwednesday for saying what was said….Shame on those of you who disliked it. Makes me sick. This is a child. My prayers are with him.

  8. This is a very sad story. What is up with someone who can do this to a child, just lock him up and throw the keys away? He doesn’t deserve any better.
    Prayers with AP and his family. There should be no thumbs down on this site today, what’s wrong with you people?

  9. Only reason why there are thumbs down on here is because the idiots are looking for some special attention. I would rather use my energy to pray for AP and his family. Especially his 2 yr old baby that is fighting for his life right now 🙁 OMG this is sooooooo sad I can’t believe this!

  10. I can’t believe stuff like this happens.

    I hope the little guy heals like his father. Then I hope the law crushes whatever coward did this.

  11. I’ll never understand why people care about the thumbs down deal. People that do it are almost certainly being jack-offs. Can’t imagine anyone seriously being upset by sympathetic messages. Just ignore it.

    Feel free to give me a thumbs down. I might even do it myself for fun!

  12. AP is young and has multiple children from different mothers? It’s called protection. We don’t need more children out of wedlock. Or, maybe he was married with the child and divorced.

    Nonetheless, I hope the person who is responsible gets beaten EVERY DAY in prision until the day he dies.

  13. I guess some of you take little internet thumbs icons very seriously. Get over it, dorks. Maybe somebody disagreed with your self-serving “thoughts and prayers” type comments. Who knows.

    As for Peterson, if ours was really a society justice, he’d be given the option of being locked in a room with that man and beating him to death, if he chose to. Then a jury of people would look the other way and acquit AD of any type of charge. Justice served.

  14. I’m sure I’m missing something but….

    This is a blood child of AP but not AP jr?

    I realize it’s irrelevant to the fact that a child was abused and my thoughts are with any child in this situation.

    Just trying to clear in my head.

  15. Vengence is mine, I will repay” says the Lord.

    God’s got this AP. Be there for your family and God will see that justice is done.

  16. As a person with thumbs I’m offended that there is a thumb’s down option as everyone knows historically that has had a negative connotation to it. I don’t care if we’ve been judging things that way for 100 years, or that when people see the symbols they don’t actually ever think of thumbs. My feelings are all that matters. Please make the change.

  17. anygivenwednesday13 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 12:50 PM
    Hoping this child recovers no matter who his genetic father is. And hoping justice is served to the human being who caused this tragedy.


    Calling Robert Joseph Patterson a “human being” is being far too generous and kind to him.

  18. Any grown man/women who would beat or molest an infant should be put to death immediately. Terrible story no matter who’s child it is.

  19. Why has Peterson returned to the team already?I get that his son is in the doctors’ care, and there’s nothing you can do to heal him faster, but simply sitting there holding him would suffice.

    I know you have work to do, but take some time off, the rest of the season if you have to. This football-is-everything mentality has to stop.

    The kid was severely beaten by the only other man in his life…I’d say having dad there to let him know he’s safe is priority #1.

  20. Very sad. And honestly it doesn’t matter who the child is, or if he was born out of wedlock, or whatever. The fact that some sick individual could do this to an innocent child is absolutely sickening. Prison is too good for people like this. Although even the other criminals do not take kindly to child abusers in prison. Karma is a bitch, and it may be sharing a cell with Mr. Patterson sometime soon.

    Thoughts and prayers go out, and hope for a full and speedy recovery for the child.

  21. I sincerely hope that the thumb downs are coming from only one or two idiots that are using every computer, phone and tablet they have to do so, and that there is not really that many pieces of human garbage on this site.

  22. poridge1214 ,
    While I agree with the sentiment, the reality is quite different. Imagine any highly paid executive (which essentially Peterson is) having a tragedy like this. A company Board would give him plenty of time, latitude. But an entire YEAR off of work? Maybe they would allow a leave of absence, and likely unpaid. But sorry.. regardless pro football is a business above all else, and the man is paid to do a job. He can’t just shirk his job and stay home for a season because he wants to show how serious of a Dad he is.
    It’s a sad situation indeed.

  23. If the little guy is anything like his dad, then he’ll come back just fine, better than before.

    Thoughts and prayers with you, AP. We’ve all got your back, whenever you need us.

  24. How do haters click the “thumbs down” button when someone is praying for a two year old child to be OK? Teams & Colors should be a non-factor… We’re talking about a defenseless child on life support!

  25. Is there no vile act humans aren’t capable of..? Harming a child is beyond my comprehension. As a father I don’t understand how AP’s mind can be on anything other than ending that sick SOB.

  26. Gotta quit crying about the thumbs down, geesh. It’s just making people go back and mark them as such.

    Now, let me get a thumbs up up in here!

    Seriously though, AP, if you can get a clean shot it’s worth the jury risk.

  27. Who cares who the father is, All I know is somebody deserves a good pounding for doing this!!! I have A.P on my fantasy team and ordinarily I’d be miffed if he didnt play, This makes me not even care

  28. gothapotamus90210 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 12:57 PM
    Forgiveness is between Joseph Patterson and God, it’s up to AP to arrange the meeting.


    I understand this emotion, I have a two year old. Forgiveness is for us on earth too. I understand the emotion this is coming from, talk like this. But it’s wrong. God loves us all. We all need to love and forgive one another.

    I do think its up to us as a society to hang MUCH more severe penalties on violent crime toward children. String up offenders with clean convictions from the town square as an example and blacklist thier families. This is a phenomanon that has to be put to bed.

    God Bless America, and Skol Vikings.

    AP needs to be strong for his son. And not look to extract “revenge” on the loser, that will come in its own time from a divine source. And it will be swift.

  29. 2 year old child. That is the definition of innocence. The family situation is of no matter. a 2 year old child was beaten to within an inch of his life. That’s all that matters.
    Pray for the little guy’s recovery.

  30. I haven’t read the story yet so I only know the basics, that a child was critically injured at the hands of an adult. Don’t really need any other info than that.

    As far as the thumbs down, I agree it’s uncalled for. The only thing I can think of is that SOME of them may be in disagreement of people saying AP should play & that pro football is a business, etc.

    Yes those things are true BUT if my child was in critical condition you better believe I would be by his side. However, none of us know the full story.

    I’m not agreeing/disagreeing with AP’s decision to play. There may be a family dynamic there that is negative/toxic & would only upset the child if he sensed his presence. There may be no change expected for some time (like I said I haven’t read the details yet). It’s not a decision I would make but we’re not AP or his family.

    As far as those posting “Go (insert fave team name)”, GROW UP! Your children & their well being is what’s important, NOT football! What if it was you or your child? You sure as hell wouldn’t appreciate somebody acting like that.

  31. Just read article that Adrian is not going to take care of business with his sons situation and playing Sunday. A little confused but just goes with my first thoughts, hoping the child is OK and taken out of a risk situation and the press getting out of this type of sports reporting to allow these players their privacy. My first concern is getting the child to a safe haven. We just concluded planning and executing this weekend Vero Beach’s first Airshow in 16 years that supports the prevention of child abuse and helping children in obtaining a safe haven that all kids have a right too. Made all the hard work and frustrations seem extremely worthwhile. I know Adrian is taking care of things for his son. He has the resources to do so where most don’t.

  32. Best wishes to Peterson, the little guy and his family.

    As for having the “game of his life”, I wouldn’t wish that for any Vikings player. Go Pack Go!

  33. If my son was in critical condition in the hospital, I could not fathom leaving his side to go work at a completely unnecessary job in the next state that I could be excused from without any resistance.

    The sympathy I have in this situation is for the child. It’s the child who has suffered from the choices of the all the adults who should have done better for him.

    If that sounds insufficiently sympathetic to the family, so be it. The *child* has my sympathy.

  34. I understand football may be trivial in comparison. But, if he plays this week…I’d be willing to bet it will be a performance like no other, ala Brett Favre in Oakland after his father passed away.

  35. I can’t believe some people are actually discussing what this means for fantasy football. Fork your fantasy football team! A child has been attacked for crying out loud!

  36. A child has been beaten, probably to eventual death, and most of the comments on this article are about some stupid thumbs up or thumbs down icons on the screen. Commenters should not be making this story about themselves.


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