Police say Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son has died


The 2-year-old son of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has died.

Police in South Dakota confirmed to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the 2-year-old boy died, days after he was allegedly beaten by his mother’s boyfriend. Robert Joseph Patterson was arrested on charges of aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault, and the state’s attorney is now reviewing the matter for possible additional charges.

The names of the boy and his mother are being withheld, at the family’s request. Peterson briefly addressed reporters today and asked for privacy for his family.

Peterson, the NFL’s reigning Most Valuable Player, plans to play on Sunday.

329 responses to “Police say Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son has died

  1. Wow. I don’t even know what to say or think. This man better get what he deserves! Praying for Peterson and know that this Sunday’s game is going to mean everything to him. So sad.

  2. Wow, absolutely terrible. Shock waves have to go through you if you are human. A child was just beaten to death. Terrible. Thoughts and prayers to the Peterson family. Especially to his son. Rest in peace little man. So terrible.

  3. I hope the coward that did that to his son gets the death penalty . You think your tough because you can beat up a 2 year old? Rot in hell man. Godspeed Adrian I’m praying for you. No one deserves to lose a child

  4. This is tragic, rivalries don’t matter at a time like this. RIP to AP’s son and my heart goes out to Adrian Peterson go win AP a game this weekend vikes!! He deserves it. I’m rooting for you guys.

    – Packers fan

  5. I wish we could all get a hold of this guy. Hoping he gets beaten, then as he’s recovering, beaten again, over and over and over again.

    If hell is real, this dude needs to rot in it.

  6. Wow. Does south Dakota have the death penalty? Because if its ever going to be used, now’s the time.

  7. Wow this is terrible news thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian and his family, justice will be served, such a tragedy.

  8. Times like these I am all for the Code of Hammurabi. The punishment should definitely fit the crime and that man should have his ass beaten to the extent or even more than what he did to that poor child. No parent should ever have to bury their child, especially their 2 year-old child. My heart and prayers go out to you Adrian.

  9. Man, I feel terrible for both parents and their families. I cannot imagine losing a kid. And for the guy who did this, there is a nice place for you in hell, my man.

  10. Terrible news. RIP little man.

    I sincerely hope this guy dies a slow and painful death in prison. How could you possibly do that to a two year old child?

  11. This I so sad and sickening. I pray for this poor little soul. I hope the piece of garbage who did this rots

  12. Why do these things happen to such good people? AP is one of the true class acts in the NFL whom I consider a personal role model.

    If he does play, I hope he has game of a lifetime.

  13. I have a son that is 22 months. Just shy of his 2 year birthday. I cannot fathom how a grown man could lay a hand on a child that small and young – barely talk, wears diapers, cannot lift a gallon of milk on his own…. Disgusting human to physically harm anyone that young.

  14. Prayers for that poor little boy and AP and his family. Guy who did it should be shot ‘trying to escape.’

  15. I hope this Patterson child killer gets general population release in prison. The other convicts are going to play football with his head.

  16. Unreal. AD has been a class act on and off the field since he came into the league my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. This goes beyond what team you root for, get well AD.

  17. This is absolutely terrible. Instead of putting this slime ball in jail they should lock him in a room with Adrian. This guy doesn’t even deserve the death penalty, he deserves something far more severe.

  18. Rest in peace little angel, thoughts and prayers to the parents and families.

    Can’t imagine the type of monster that could do this. I have a suspicion this may have been something more as anger against AP than this unfortunate boy, who was on the receiving end… jealous that AP was the dad of his gf son

    Tragedy, just so sad

  19. Having lost a son at 8 years old, I believe I know his pain. I’ll let the criminal justice system take care of this monster but till then, my thoughts and prayers for him and his family. So sad….

  20. Sickening.

    Unfortunately this man wont get what he deserves, because what he deserves is to come face to face with Adrian Peterson.

    Days like today are when you wish people could just take the law into their own hands.

    Praying for AP, his son, and his family. R.I.P.

  21. I’m a stepfather myself and there are times that my wife’s kids get on my nerves but one thing I will NEVER do is lay a hand on them in anger. This guy needs to rot for a very long time. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Peterson family at this rough time.

  22. I’m so sorry to hear this Mr. Peterson…my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family…R.I.P….AP all day

    -packer nation

  23. Also, not for nothing, they should ask AP to sit the game out, nobody should be pressuring him to play right now, and he should not feel obligated to do so.

  24. Sadness begets more sadness. How anyone can thumbs down these heartfelt condolences is beyond me. We pray for those we have lost and also for those who are lost.

  25. As a die hard vikings fan, its awesome to see fans of other NFL teams, put all the rivalries aside. its just too bad that it takes something this tragic for fans to remember that this is just a game….in other news, I hope this P.O.S gets raped by a concrete dildo… F*ckers like that should be stretch, drawn, and quatered….

  26. I can’t even imagine. My two-year-old is the most important thing in my life, aside from her mother. With that said, I’ll skip praying to the same god who oversees this BS.

  27. I hope I speak for all the Cardinals fans, and I saw Larry Fitzgerald’s facebook page, we offer all our prayers and support to Adrian Petersen and his family in dealing with this horrible situation.

  28. Inmates have a way of dealing with fools that hurt children in prison….There is a code, even amongst criminals. Enjoy your first day in population you piece of dirt!

  29. There’s a special place reserved in hell for the jokes that are supposedly humans that harm children..God gained himself an angel today. RIP little guy

  30. This man should never see daylight again in his life. Bad to wish crime upon crime, but I hope he is shived in the shower and then tortured untill he dies.
    It wouldn’t begin to make up for what he did though.

  31. May the child rest peacefully.
    Condolences to the family.

    Maybe the child murderer can attend 1 of the Vikings practices or a team closed room meeting. Punishment can then be served.

  32. Don’t ask me why I totally support the death penalty. Chances are we’ll have to pay to feed, clothe, and shelter this baby killer until he dies of old age. Why? I have no compassion for these people. I hope God forgives them, it doesn’t mean I do nor should I pay to keep them alive.

  33. As a dad, I hurt badly for AP…
    As a Lions fan I hope he does win this week but nothing will ever take his pain away until he hopefully sees him in heaven…

    A win won’t do anything to take away the pain…

  34. My deepest condolences to Adrian and his family, my heart bleeds for you.

    “What is right” does not involve having the citizens of this nation pay for this man’s room and board and medical care for the rest of his life. That is what will happen because just like a pedophile he will never see General Population. It would be best for society for this man to die.

  35. How can any scumbag beat a 2 year old…..regardless of what the little child did…..I feel for you AP and I send my condolences to you and your family!! Take those frustrations of what that scumbag did out on the Panthers and have a career day!!!! He will get his justice from his fellow inmates……no child killer goes unpunished…..good luck AP with this situation!!!!

  36. This comment will get buried, but this story breaks my heart. I feel horrible for AP and his family for having to deal with this tragic situation. It’s pathetic when there are human beings among us who have such little disregard for human life. I truly hope that the worst possible things happen to this cowardly child-killer in prison.

    Prayers and thoughts to Adrian and his family. So so sad.

  37. I don’t condone violence but when it comes to my kids, theirs no reasoning with me. I also would be in jail because there isn’t a force on this planet that would keep me off of him!!!!!!! My prayer goes out to Mr. Peterson and his family.

  38. I am absolutely astounded that there are idiots who read PFT who rate a “thumbs down” to the majority of the comments being written by well intentioned people. Hey thumbs down idiots, a two year old child was killed by a nut-job. That little two year old didn’t deserve to die!
    Friggin unbelievable society we live in….

  39. If anyone in prison with the murderer Patterson is a football fan and is reading this, well, you know what to do. The criminal justice system drags on very slowly. The matter could be taken care of much more quickly.

  40. If was petereson I would play snther down in the nfl cuz I would be in prison and the other dude would be dead in the most oainful long last way possible.

  41. cowboysnation34 says: Oct 11, 2013 5:44 PM


    Are you kidding me? That’s what you think about? You deserve to have your ass beat

    Maybe he was just trying to say something nice? It’s more than a little hypocritical for us to speak out against violence and then condone that someone be beaten for what was a probably well-intentioned remark.

  42. As a fellow father, my deepest condolences go out to Adrian.
    My God – I cant even fathom 1% of what he is going thru.

    My thoughts & prayers are with you, fellow dad!

  43. Oh my God. Bless that beautiful little child. So horrible.

    And I’d love it if PFT released the IP addresses of those thumbing down all these comments today. We’ll take it from there.

  44. Robert Joseph Patterson, hang yourself. You’re going to die soon in your cell one way or the other. Might as well just get it over with.

  45. anyone who thumbs down condolences to peterson must be related to the scumbag who killed his son. I am pretty sure no jury in their right mind would do anything to A.P.should he decide to dispense his own justice to this lowlife.

  46. So I have read a commit or two and there’s one that says death penalty and such like this and there are actually people who clicked thumbs down. For this I am ashamed at you people these folks are the ones who have destroyed our country. What I mean to say is I can’t wait till the day the come face to face with our maker and He says to them get from me I never knew the and they pray for the mountains to fall on them. O what there probably atheists so never mind they will be safe.

  47. Rest in peace child. Prayers to the entire Peterson family, us as football fans will lift you up, support and stand behind you 100%. We’re all very sorry. Now is not about football or fantasy or trolls, this is about family.

  48. Stick that Patterson guy in a nasty prison for life!!!! He has an innocent child’s blood on his hands. Thoughts and prayers for AP and the mother.

  49. Tragedy.
    This child’s soul is in a better place now, this world can be ugly and unbearable at times

  50. My son turned 2 yesterday. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of this family. I hope this guy dies a slow painful death.

  51. The death penalty doesn’t cut the mustard in cases like this.

    For crimes of this horrendous nature there needs to be real punishment. A long, slow, torturous death is what this baby killer deserves.

    God will punish him.

  52. I’m not questioning AP but how the hell can he play this Sunday???

    This reminds me of Andy Reid coaching right after his son died.

    Take some time off, heal, please : (

  53. there are no words to describe this. i hope that those who loved this little boy can find the strength to pull together and honor his memory. for those of you who have children in your life, hug then a little tighter tonite. i am on my way home to see my son and do just that. rest in peace

  54. It never ceases to amaze me when people here hit the thumbs down after some sort of tragedy when others are offering their condolences and kind words. WTF people? Ya’ll are some heartless SOB’s. You must be a pretty miserable and worthless @%#$ since you seem to take joy from spreading your negativity.

  55. Mr Florio could you please permanently block the IPs of those that would give a thumbs down to condolences for the death of a baby? Or better yet, publish their IPs?

  56. It’s a sad commentary on the human race that many good people come in here to give their condolences and and handful of a-h0les have to down vote those comments. I pity you losers.

    Our prayers are with you, AP.

  57. 2jivecrew says: Oct 11, 2013 6:05 PM

    Oh my God. Bless that beautiful little child. So horrible.

    And I’d love it if PFT released the IP addresses of those thumbing down all these comments today. We’ll take it from there.


    What if the person thumbing these comments down is someone else’s child? You know, just like this boy is Adrian Peterson’s son.

    Furthermore, some people probably access this site via a phone or something. On a phone, it could be pretty easy to accidentally press thumb down when you wanted to press thumb up.

  58. Reminds me of a quote from the movie The Kingdom. “When we catch the man who murdered these people, I don’t care to ask even one question. I want to kill him.”

  59. mrplow3 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 6:11 PM
    “I’m not questioning AP but how the hell can he play this Sunday???

    This reminds me of Andy Reid coaching right after his son died.

    Take some time off, heal, please : (”

    For some people, time off would be more painful. Playing could be healing for him.

  60. How do you dislike statuses offering condolences to the Peterson family. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what’s important to you.

  61. Man that’s heartbreaking. I seldom have ever wished for retribution on anyone but I hope the individual responsible is haunted forever by the repercussions of his actions.

  62. I’m a Vikings fan and I’m going to the game on Sunday. AP, be with your family. Football is nothing. However, do what you want but me and my friends will be rooting for you even harder.

  63. Father-to-Father, my heart and prayers go out to you an your family Mr. Peterson. I don’t know how you can summon the strength to play this Sunday but for what it’s worth, please know that this weekend this Rams fans heart is bleeding purple in memory of your dear little boy. Again I’m so sorry. Run your tears away my friend.

  64. Who are the a-holes that can actually vote ‘thumbs down’ on peoples condolences in this awful situation? They’re next in line to get what’s coming…

  65. Nothing but love and support going out to AP and his family. I’m absolutely sickened this can even happen.

  66. So Sorry for your loss Adrian, You are an inspiration to all and my heart hurts that you can not be an inspiration to your own son. RIP little man….so sorry had to fall into the evil in this world.

    May Justice be served and you know it will. not the courts and Prison, but what will happen to you in prison. I can not wait to read the story what the inmates did to you.

  67. RIP little man. No matter what team u root for no one wants to see this happen to anyone it makes me sick to think some one could do this to a child so innocent. Our prayers r with AP and his family.

  68. Robert Joseph Patterson,

    Since I don’t believe in Hell, I hope each and every day for the rest of your miserable, pathetic life you are beaten senseless.

    Condolences to the Peterson family. REAL tragedy.

  69. Awful. Tell your children what they mean to you everyday. Not sure how AD is going to play this weekend. I know he is superman, but this is unimaginable. He will probably run for 300+ on Sunday. Prayers for his family and especially his little boy.

  70. An absolute nightmare for split custody parents. For any parent really, but not being able to be there to protect them is heartbreaking. Our hearts are with you All Day. – 12th man.

  71. dklyce44 says: Oct 11, 2013 6:02 PM
    I don’t condone violence but when it comes to my kids, theirs no reasoning with me. I also would be in jail because there isn’t a force on this planet that would keep me off of him!!!!!!! My prayer goes out to Mr. Peterson and his family.


    This is we have prison justice. The chain gang have a strong aversion to baby killers. They will take care of Mr. Patterson after the state gives him 25 to life, so essential he is DMW.

  72. For a grown man to beat a 2 year old to death is absolutely inexcusable. Horrific. I agree with the sentiments of most in these comments.

    But why on earth would anyone put a thumbs down to comments expressing outrage and wishing AP and his family well? What on earth is wrong with you? You think this behavior is acceptable? Thumbs down on you.

  73. As a father of three, all I can say is, damn.
    That’s hard to digest. If it were my son or daughter I’m not sure if I would have the self control or support network in order to let justice take its course or remain mentally stable. Good luck AP

  74. Just an absolute, horrific thing that’s happened here. My heart is hurting so much for this child who deserved so much better. We’re supposed to be protecting a child, not destroying them! Whoever is responsible, you deserve the worst punishment known to man! God bless Adrian Peterson and his family and friends.

  75. I’m literally sick over this.Parents give your children a huge hug and kiss tonight and tell them you love them…I know I will

  76. Anyone that takes the time to hit the thumbs down for sending condolonces is a disgrace to society. A man just lost his 2 year old son, what is there to dislike? Pathetic. . . My sincere condolonces to Peterson and his family.

    -700 Level Eagles Fan

  77. What horrible news. As a father of a 4 year old, I would literally lose my mind if someone ever hurt my child. This guy better get the death penalty. Where was the mother while this was happening? So many things wrong in this scenario. She should definitely be held accountable for being with a psycho like that!

    That guy deserves to get beaten to pulp and I hope the guys in prison hear of what he did. Scum bags like that don’t deserve to live among people.

  78. Having trouble comprehending such a morbid act.

    God Bless A.P.

    So… Carolina…. ummmm, good luck…..

  79. I just don’t get it. What on Earth could a child of ANY age do to warrant a beating like this? People who can’t handle the trials and tribulations of dealing with children should not ever be anywhere near them. I first read this at work and wanted to burst into tears. I can’t imagine what AP is going through.

  80. when i saw the first thread on this i posted that the sentence for the guy who choked the little boy should be 5 minutes alone with peterson. i thought that was pretty cute and of course it got lots of thumbs up. i was wrong. the sanctimonious jerk side of me made that post.

    this patterson guy is probably a psychological child inside a man’s body, most likely because he was brought up by other adult aged children. he was maybe under the influence of something or already in a bad mood because of whatever. the two year old little boy, maybe was acting like, well a two year old. all we parents know what that can be like. patterson didn’t have the strength to handle it and lost it for some dozens of seconds. that’s all it takes

    of course patterson needs to be locked up for a very very long time if not the rest of his life, but instead of anger towards him we should be feeling pity.

  81. Thoughts and prayers to AP and his family. Football takes a back seat to real life, and we can all agree that this is tragic. God bless all if them!

  82. I’m so sorry Adrian.. The good go young. So your son must have been an angel among angels… He’s in a much better place now.

    ………As for this Patterson, let the Corrections Officers collect the worst of their facility, and release those beasts on him, 23 hours a day, 365, for the rest of his worthless life. No mercy death penalty for this coward.

  83. Horrible.

    Children are precious and innocent. The 2 year old never could have done anything to deserve this.
    Prayers for the family and for all of those who have endured such tragedies every day that go unnoticed by national media.

  84. Thoughts and prayers go out to AP and his family.

    What kind of monster goes after a baby? Give this so called boyfriend the chair and flip the switch.

  85. Hideous and horrific situation. There are a lot of questions. What we know for sure is that someone’s toddler son has died because of an adult assault.

    This type of loss kills your soul. Prayers and hope to the parents for their loss and godspeed to the authorities who have identified the assailant and their efforts to punish him accordingly.

    I wish to never hear of any parent losing a child, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again.

  86. Tears are falling as i read the story and comments as my twin 2 year old boys are playing in front of me.
    Rest in Peace little one.

    AP and family my prayers are with you.

    The evil soul that did this should spend the rest of his days, everyday, knowing the fear that little angel must’ve felt.

    Sometimes this world just doesn’t make sense.

  87. My condolences to the Peterson family from a Dolphins fan in South Florida.

    May Adrian’s son rest in peace. You will be in our prayers tonight.

  88. Words from AP, retweeted by men who play for every team in the league:

    @AdrianPeterson: “The NFL is a fraternity of brothers and I am thankful for the tweets, phone calls and text messages from my fellow players”

    Simply cannot imagine the agony. Awesome to see valiant competitors close ranks around AP.

    Me & everyone else in B&G wish you peace in this time of hurt. God bless you & the child.

  89. I read this story and find myself fighting back tears which will probably flow while I watch my son through the baby monitor.

    No parent should bury their child, let alone an Angel so young. There’s so much bickering and potshots between us sports fans and this is a horrific dose of perspective.

    God bless the Peterson family with strength, the rest of the PFT family with health, and grant the “thumb-downers” with a conscience. Horrible tragedy.

  90. Thoughts and prayers goin out to AP and his family from the Billsmafia. As a father I wept when I read this thinking of my own 2 year old son. God Bless you AP and your family

  91. What is this world coming to?

    I am at a loss sometimes to comprehend the insanity and brutality of the world we live in.

    Hopefully this littlest of angels can find peace and love in the presence of JC our Lord.

    God Bless AP. I am so so sorry.

  92. A horrendous tragedy.

    May God be with and watch over you and your family during these trying times Mr. Peterson. Lots of prayer and well wishes for you from all of Vikings Nation and all other fan bases for that matter.

    I expect a standing ovation for you when you take the field at home this Sunday.

  93. No parent should have to outlive their children…there is no greater loss in this world than that of your child. Harness the rage, harness that pain and let it go on the field. You’re an incredible athlete and one of the truly good guys in the league. I am a fan of yours on and off the field, my deepest thoughts for you in these tragic times. I send you positive energy and wish you nothing but the best.

  94. There are no words, in anger or sympathy, that works for me. Here we are, the greatest nation that the world has ever known, but we cant protect our kids from devils at home, in the classroom, at sporting events? ‘ We are what our record says we are’ with this. We have to do better. I can only honor this young soul by doing something to save the next one. Writing a check, donating time to an Outreach Program, I dont know….Just feel that words aint enough, and I gotta do something to stand with Adrian on this.

  95. He plans to play. My heart goes out to him, but that’s the wrong move. What’s more sacred than your young child? Nope. Wrong move. You can honor your recently deceased mother or father and get motivated, but your kid? I hate to say it but I have to question his priorities, which at this point appear to be Dickerson’s record.

  96. Did I just walk into a sermon?
    Seriously….enough with quoting the scripture. Kids get killed everyday – Let’s not make AP a hero for having a secret love-child.

  97. Words can’t describe what this “animal” deserves.
    What is wrong with the thumbs down people on here, go and get a real life for god sake. What a waste of time you all are.
    Rest in peace “little guy” and my condolences to the Peterson family, this is just horrible.

  98. I see others were thinking the same thing here, when I was reading the first maybe 20 or so before I read anything about the dislike comments, how can people dislike comments on here,
    Adrian if you do decide to play on sunday, dedicate the game for your son and sorry panthers but I think we will be hopefully getting another W in the column.
    Another thing earlier when they said adrian was in South Dakota yesterday some people were commenting that he was getting his hgh, I believe adrian is clean and does not use drugs, and I think everyone that commented that probably feels dumb now as to the real reason why he was in SD,
    Sorry had to say that was just bugging me.

  99. This effin story here pisses me off. There was surely a number of things that could have been done to prevent this. Mostly steps that took the low life, soon to be no life, spineless coward that killed the kid could have taken. Here is what I wanna know. How was mom not at least aware that this man could be a possible threat? Unless she was aware…..

  100. As I sit here looking at my two year old son, I’m filled with anger and extreme sadness. God bless, AP and your family.

  101. I have to say that this site is so sad sometimes. How do thirty people disagree with a statement of support for guy who lost his kid?

  102. What if the person thumbing these comments down is someone else’s child? You know, just like this boy is Adrian Peterson’s son.

    Boo hoo. Garbage in, garbage out. The parents of these “thumbs downers” are obviously garbage themselves that raised their s*#t spawn exactly in their image. The gene pool needs these type of people removed for the betterment of society.

    To those of you clicking on the thumbs down icon………..you’re not being funny. You’re not being edgy or cool. And even though you’re anonymous, it still reflects upon you and the kind of person you are and the type of character you have. Because YOU know you did it, and you know what everyone thinks of you for doing it. Maybe someday when tragedy bites you and your family you’ll reflect on the type of person you’ve conducted yourself as…….as i’ve no doubt whatsoever that clicking an icon like this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the bitter and petty people you you are. You need some humility beaten into you. Your parents obviously didn’t get the job done.

  103. This dirtbag doesn’t deserve a trial. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter, and 2 grandsons ages 2 & 3. this guy should be beat to death just like he did this poor little boy……who couldn’t defend himself. Maybe if this country quit worrying so much about criminals rights and started serving up some “justice”, we’d quit seeing so many crimes like this. Tragic, just tragic. My heart goes out to you AP.

  104. There is nothing anyone can say. I hope on AP’s first carry the defense walks with him to the endzone. I hope both teams surround AP and take a few minutes to mourn with him, after the touchdown. Then the teams can start playing.


    What kind of SCUM would THUMB DOWN these comments?!?!!?

    My God, some people are COMPLETE losers.

    Im so sad for Adrian, and anyone who has to interact with someone who would THUMBS DOWN that comment.

  106. Words cannot describe the anger, and heartbreak I feel when I read about kids being hurt, killed. Makes me wanna go outside myself for just one day, find this P.O.S. and tear him apart slowly, then torture him in every worst way possible. Karma will take care of it I’m sure in prison, and in hell if there is one, hope he is Sodomized by Satan daily for all eternity. hang in their AP your in many folks thoughts and prayers.

  107. Adrian, as a father of a 2 year old Son I cannot begin to fathom what you are going through. May the knowledge that his soul is residing with our Lord in everlasting life give you and his loving family some solace in this trying time.

  108. My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family, I pray that the Good Lord brings you peace and comfort during these difficult times.

  109. I understand the “packers fan” or “lions fan” qualifications to these comments, but I don’t think there is a reason for it today. A 2 year old child lost his life because of a monster. No matter who’s child it is, related to football or not, or whatever the backstory to all of it is, this is a horrible tragedy. My thoughts go out to all the individuals involved.

    That being said, in a just world this man would have to spend 20 minutes in a locked 10 x 10 room with Adrian and whatever happens in there is free reign for those 20 minutes.

    Lastly, to all the “downvoters,” good luck at life. You are truly the scum of the earth and will probably spend the rest of your miserable lives alone and sad. I bet you aren’t so tough in reality – just cowards, trolls, that hide in the basement behind a computer screen. Everyone you know despises you. Believe that.

  110. This happens all too much..Females letting dudes around their kids..she needs to be charged with somethin also..just like DJ Quics daughter was.

  111. Someone asked further up if South Dakota has the death penalty. Yes, it does. I’m not sure if the states’ attorney can seek it in this case or what they’re going to add to his current charges.

    I live in Sioux Falls, where the boy and his mother lived. It’s very surreal to see a local news story being talked about all over the place. I found out that the mother and this boy lived about a mile away from where I do and I’m seriously creeped out knowing that I may have crossed paths with the monster who did this when I was out running errands or something. I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. It doesn’t help when the local news reported on this guy’s 9 page rap sheet and this creep has a history of violence, but little punishment for his violent acts.

    Division rivalries are not important right now. Packer Nation sends our thoughts and prayers to Adrian Peterson at this time.

  112. Murderers of children have a special place in hell and this dirtbag deserves a special send off. He should be tied to a real wrecking ball and then suspended by a crane and then a building should be brought down using the human ball in the process. If there is anything left of the dirtbag then the parts should be placed in a pile of debris and that debris should be blown to hell.

    I don’t care about cruel and unusual – the baby never got the chance to face a judge and jury. The dirtbag should also be dispensed with in as unsatisfactory and as disrespectful method as possible.

  113. Sorry to hear about that AP. From a father to a father I don’t know how you feel but I am hurt just thinking about your pain. I pray for you and your healing…

    Redskins’ Fan

  114. So sad to hear this story and then to hear how a judge ( I believe in ohio) halted an execution because of the kind of drug they planned to use. To hell with that! Scum like this deserve nothing less than the cheapest quickest death possible. A gallon if bleach costs 99 cents and the needles are a couple of bucks. If your sentenced to death I’m sorry but I don’t care if it’s painful or if it doesn’t sound humane. In most states you have to do something god awful to be put to death why in the world should we care how they are killed. This guy, put him in a room with ap and all his lineman and let them figure out how they want to put him down. He’d have as much a chance as that poor innocent child did. Maggot.

  115. I can’t even imagine what the Peterson family is going through. What a heartbreaking and disturbing event. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Take all the time you need and be patient with yourself. I hope you find some comfort with our Lord. RIP lil’ man.

  116. I dislike little kids in general but this is horrible. RIP, little guy. Best wishes to you and your family, Adrian.

    Also, I said earlier that as a Packers fan I would never hope for any Vikings player to have a career game. Change that. I’d be happy for Peterson if he had such a game this week. Come Oct. 27 and/or Nov. 24, he’ll have 2 fumbles and under 30 yards.

    But again, I’m sorry for your loss, AP28.

  117. Packer fan here. This is where the rivalry goes away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his family. May God give you the strength to see you through this tragedy and the faith to know that you will be with him someday.

  118. Whether this is a child of someone famous or not makes no difference, this is beyond tragic. Insane is more proper to understand this. The worst thing for a parent or any mentor to hear is an innocent victim’s life has ended.

    Condolences and Godspeed to those who influenced the young boys life……

  119. To the people who wrote that: you’re fighting back tears, let me say that youre stronger than I am. I haven’t cried since my 1st daughter was born 7 years ago. I lost it after reading this.

  120. Our Most Dear Savior, Jesus Christ, Let Us Understand That We Can Never Know the Wisdom Of Your Divine Plan That Such a Child of God Should Be Taken From Us. We Never Hope to Understand Why You Have Taken An Angel Already So Young, Nor Do We Question The Sacrament, and the Promise This Young Child Now Receives As A Pure Angel OF God And Love. We Know In Our Hearts That Your Love Is Beyond Our Reckoning, So While We Are Angry That Such An Angel Was Taken From Us So Young, We Embrace The Love and Eternal Care He Will Be Afforded, Just As We Damn The Person Who Brought Such A Beautiful Angel To His Appointed Place Among Your Chosen. Prayers And Love To Anyone Who Dies, Even Though It Be Gods Eternal Will As So It Written So It Shall Be, Amen.

  121. AP and his family deserve all the love and support we can give them. The animal that hurt/killed a small child should never again have a moment of peace. In this world and beyond.

  122. no one has a right to judge any one for how they deal with their emotions. true bills fan here ; but this weekend is all about AP. Heart goes out to you ap and anyone hurting from your loss

  123. sick a$$ people thats who. the ones that will amount to nothing

    Sorry for loss AP

    theuncletodd says:
    Oct 11, 2013 6:21 PM
    Who are the a-holes that can actually vote ‘thumbs down’ on peoples condolences in this awful situation? They’re next in line to get what’s coming…

  124. Its not gonna be a good thing for the panthers d this weekend..he’s gonna see that dume ass’s face everywhere..i’d be careful if i was playing against him….prayers to u ap and your famliy..keep your head up..he’ll get HIS

  125. Death penalty is the easy way out. Send him to prison and see what everyone on the inside does when they find out why he is there. Also put him on suicide watch so he can’t take the easy way out himself.

  126. So the people giving the thumbs down are in favor of the beating death of a two year old? Or are they just against the sanctimonious pouring of condolences that seems to accompnay high profile tragedies on a sports thread? Hard to say since there is no explanation with the thumbs down, but I prefer to think the later. Nonetheless, my condolences to Adrian Peterson for this senseless tradgedy.

  127. There are NO real men who could beat a baby to death, only monsters who should be extinguished from this earth! This mother put her child on danger by subjected him to this sick bastard with anger issues and being too stid to dealmwith it before it happened. You gave AP a great gift of life and your actions ripped it away in the most heinous way possible not to mention thain and anguish that this little angel did not deserve. You have to live with the death of a small child who would never have encountered this evil without your acceptance of him.

  128. Do you know why people “thumbs down”? Because its a website. Stop posting “thoughts and prayers” like it makes a difference. Nobody gives a crap. AP ain’t reading this site. And nobody wants to hear about your bratty kid and how much you love him. Of course you do – you’re supposed to, moron. And don’t tell me how “disgusting and cowardly” this guy is. No kidding, dumbass, everyone realizes that. Lastly, if you want to actually make a difference, take care of your own kids, pay your taxes, volunteer, donate to the needy. But please stop with your naive, self absorbed comments that a six year would post.

  129. How is there 30-50 thumbs down on those first 10 replies?

    Id like to see you sick bastards thumb down that with your punk fingers while adrian peterson is standing next to you.

  130. Absolutely horrendous. God bless AP and his family. Filthy…..can’t even bring your self make a positive, supportive comment? Probably be making fun of it soon……just like like Korey Stringer’s death and the I35 Bridge collapse. Stay classy.

  131. Would I be a bad person to want to watch this sorry excuse for a human BABY KILLER get beaten like this poor infant did til he dies too?

  132. “Peterson briefly addressed reporters today and asked for privacy for his family.”

    Which translates to “Oh, I know, I’ll post this on PFT!!!!” Nice work guys. Turn a horrific story and a request for privacy into page hits.

  133. First and foremost, this is a sad story. NFL or not. A true tragedy on any level.

    Secondly…for years I have enjoyed reading my fellow fans responses to stories here. I may quit tonight. The fact that so many people can give a thumbs down to a child dying just effing disgusts me!

  134. This is just awful…
    What kind of weak person beats on a two year old?

    This is awful, no one should have to go through something like this – especially good people like Adrian and his family.

  135. How can a human being be so evil to another human being who is so innocent and defenseless?

    Guys, and ladies, too, do whatever you need to do to find out all you can about who your ex is dating, if you have a child together. There are
    A lot if evil people who get to children by acting and dating like a normal person. We all must learn from this!

    God Bless this little guy. May his family find peace in their hearts, healing, and justice. But justice rings hollow in a case like this.

  136. No jail term or death sentence or even a life of constant beatings are enough for this guy. But here’s a thought…. he used his arms to beat the poor child, right? I say amputate both his arms at the shoulder, and then kick his pathetic carcass out to make his way as best he can. And, just so begging is more difficult for him, tattoo “I killed a baby” on his face. That should set a wonderful example to all the other pricks out there who can’t keep a rein on their temper around children.

  137. God bless you & your family AD

    My 2yr old son & I will pray for you. Every night before bed, we say goodnight to items in his room, including “Goodnight Day” to the NFL Football that you signed.

    The motto I speaks over my son is FIERCE-BRAVE-HONORABLE. The way you apply yourself to your craft reflects these values.

    Justice is the Lord’s. He has peace for you beyond all understanding.

    God bless you

  138. God’s peace upon the Petersen family. Let no one question his decision to play or not to play Sunday. That is between him and God and I support him in that decision.
    As for that murderer? Send his ass over to Singapore or Malaysia with details of his behavior. They’ll know what to do with him!
    Peace, BC, Steeler fan in York, PA

  139. Its a terrible story, but please don’t forget that unfortunately there are probably several other families. That have suffered similar tragedies, not only this month week, but probably even that day.

    I wish Mr. Peterson the best, but I also would like to wish the best to families that have had to deal with this, but don’t get the acknowledgment because they don’t work where their name is spoken nationally week in and week out.

    No one should ever find out, what its like to live through that sort of nonsense.

    I wish Peterson and anyone else that has to fight through that mess the best.

  140. happytwinsfan:

    Really, pity for this monster???

    Screw that, he needs to be ripped apart at the seams, completely dismantled and then left for dead.

    Pity is the reason these bastards keep doing their thing.

    My God man, SMH.

  141. Thumbs down to the doubters who begin their comments with ‘if there’s a God”, “if there’s a hell”…..

  142. My heart is broken for Adrian Peterson today. Just awful news. Thoughts and prayers out to you and your family. AP all day.
    – a packer fan

    Wow, how uplifting. That you, a packer fan, were able to set aside your differences with the vikings for this matter. Such a man you are, mr. packer fan.

    Adrian- May your son rest in peace and may peace be brought to your family
    – Signed, another human being

  143. glad4sgone says:
    Oct 11, 2013 7:11 PM
    A Packer fan is thinking of you this day, Adrian Petersen. My sincere condolences…
    Really cool that you were able to set aside your differences with the Vikings today Mr. Packer Fan.

    Adrian- May your family find peace and justice be served.
    -Signed, another human being

  144. 27 year old assaults a 2 year old. some things in this world I will just never understand I guess. Really no words other than I’m sorry, I don’t really get how something like this can happen.

  145. Thought I could put this into words. I cannot. It’s the worst thing that could ever happen. I couldn’t even imagine losing one of my children. I would die on the inside. Mr. Peterson my deepest condolences.

  146. Very sad news, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. The part that is even more sad is that event like this take place daily in this county and it only comes to light because it happened to a star RB.
    Hey NFL instead of ramming pink down our throats every year how about doing something for awareness of child abuse. Maybe another horrible story like this then may be prevented.
    RIP little man

  147. I have two boys of my own. They are teenagers now, but I know I would protect them with my own life. God bless your little man and may he rip. I hope you have the strength to get through this. Your son will still be rooting for his favorite player, HIS DADDY!!!! Times like this, I wish we as a country would punish an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He deserves to be in a public stoning. I don’t like to spout hateful messages, but a two yr old child. Come on man!!!!! God bless tou AP, you will get through it.

  148. He CHOPPED IT FOR CHUM ! Just like the Pack will do to the Queens on Oct 27th. this was a bad omen for all of you Queens fans and Packer haters. It’s in the Runes Loki has willed it ! Queens season is over ! Another year without an SB.

  149. Do a little research. AP has / had NOTHING to do with this kid. The only difference between him and the dirt bags running around this country denying their kids is AP can run the ball.
    Send your condolences to those that cared for and loved this child.
    Peterson did neither.

  150. Yes, everyone, please acknowledge cretins on here fishing for attention with contrary comments. Only a full borne psychotic could not feel heartbroken over a baby’s murder, and I’m sure even the crass posters share the same sentiments despite their childish antics.

    There does seem to be a trend of tragedy in the personal lives for many associated with the NFL, possibly as a result of the commitment the industry requires leading to an imbalance of professional to personal life. Maybe it’s just a reflection on society in general, as modern life has chipped away at family strength and importance.

  151. So sorry for AP and his family, that said, I hope the “mother” is charged with reckless child endangerment and accessory to murder for ever bringing her child around this POS!

  152. No parent should ever have to bury a child. True football fans have APs back during this rough time. God bless.

  153. I don’t think this sad child means as much to Peterson as the rushing record…..sorry to say. THAT is more a “sign-of-the-times” than the murderous event itself.

  154. The hardest part of working at a Children’s Hospital is that we see similar cases all the time……..fortunately they don’t all end this tragically. Anyone that can hurt an innocent child is beyond sick. My prayers are with his little soul.

  155. Phillipians 4:7 – “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

  156. I see Packer fans are still displaying their distasteful nature. Making this about Peterson instead of the loss of a child to violence (i.e. stellarperformance once again not living up to the name). Better hope there isn’t such a thing as karma.

    Obviously they’re the ones clicking the thumbs down; even on posts that don’t mention Peterson (in case you can’t stand him) prayers, soul or angel (in case you aren’t religious) or the death penalty or prison justice (in case you’re anti violent justice). Yes, we have people on this site clicking thumbs down on posts simply acknowledging the tragic death of a child and how horrible it is. Think about that for a second. What are these people really saying? An what does it say about them?

  157. wow, packer team comments on this thread? really? even if for just a ruse, pitiful and sick, get some help

  158. I will never understand how someone can hurt a innocent child, Once again My thoughts and prayers go out to AP and his family.

  159. First, Thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian and his family. What a tragic thing to happen to any family especially when a baby is involved.

    Second, I saw someone post derrogatory comments about Adrian not knowing this child or spending any time with him. While you are “researching” as to post that type of crap, please also put your google to use and “research” how long it takes to resolve paternity cases in most states. My son had to go back and forth to court with my grand babies mom for 2 years before support and visitation was ordered and he was disputing paternity.

    Lastly, this thread is full of “how could someone do this?” All that can be said is that evil exist and there is no cure for pure evil. What is troublesome about this, like so many other cases (Casey Anthony) there will be some slick as oil lawyer that will go to bat for this guy and come up with any reason to keep him out of jail. There will be some evidence that will be omitted because well that just may be too much proving he did indeed kill this baby.

    A precious life is lost and we can’t bring him back, but people could honor him by making sure this sick bastard and every monster that commits such a crime never gets away with it. Until we as a nation say “enough is enough” and start seriously dealing with those that prey on children unfortunately we will continue to hear too many cases like this!!!

    Rest In Peace Little Angel!

  160. Oh, by the way, I am a Packers fan, and Adrian Peterson is a great player. Wish we had him on our team. I do not know what he is like off the football field. My thoughts and condolensces go out to him.

    As for those making despicable comments, or thumbing down the respectful comments of others, they are cowardly trash. Trust me, the Green Bay Packers organization and the overwhelming majority of Packers fans would want nothing to do with them.

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