Ralph Wilson assures Bills won’t be blacked out


There won’t be a blackout in Buffalo this weekend.

The Bills got a 24-hour extension from the NFL to sell more than 5,000 non-premium tickets to Sunday’s game against the Bengals, which would allow them to avoid a local television blackout. Tickets remain available, but the game at Ralph Wilson Stadium won’t be blacked out because the guy with his name on the stadium promised to buy whatever seats he needs to buy in order to get the game on television.

“Mr. Wilson has generously guaranteed the purchase of the remaining tickets for this weekend’s game,” Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon said in a statement from the team.  “Through their energy and enthusiasm, our fans create an unparalleled home field advantage.  It’s great to share that experience with the entire region.”

It’s not known how many more tickets were sold between the announcement of the extension and Wilson’s announcement, but any that were will come off the owner’s final bill even though he likely knew he’d be making up any shortfall before the extension was put in place. The Bills are also making some of those tickets available to fans who make a donation of $20 or more to charities working on breast cancer awareness and those affected by the disease.

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  1. When Ralph Wilson Passes, the Bills will move to Toronto. This has been in the works for years. When they move up north, they won’t have issues selling tickets.

  2. I donated 20$ at a local gas station and the cashier offered me the tickets. 2 seats for 20$ I put them on the tac board at my office with a sign that says free tickets at 8:00 am. They are still there! I have 1000 people in my office!!

  3. Bills will never move to Toronto or anywhere else. Love the Bills haters though, just complete and utter morons. Ralph is in the Hall of Fame for a reason, best owner in NFL history.

  4. I know Bills fans don’t want to hear it but, moving to Toronto is inevitable.

    It’s in the works and it has been for some time now. It’s done.

  5. to all of you saying the bills will move to toronto…ever since the second year they played in toronto they havent been sold out in the rogers center either.

  6. If the Bills are sold to the highest bidder after Old Man Wilson buys the farm (which is exactly what Old Man Wilson says will happen), the the Bills will be LA bound.
    The people wanting a team in LA want to own the team outright, not just have some other owner play there, and they have very deep pockets. If Old Man Wilson kicks the bucket before a new stadium deal can be worked out – highly unlikely since Erie County is spending a boatload of cash to upgrade the old Ralph Wilson (the stadium, not the owner) – the new owners will just wait seven years until it become relatively inexpensive to break the lease with city and move the team.

  7. brbuck12 says:
    Oct 11, 2013 2:33 PM
    to all of you saying the bills will move to toronto…ever since the second year they played in toronto they havent been sold out in the rogers center either.
    There’s two big reasons for this.

    First of all, it’s the Buffalo Bills right now, not the Toronto Bills.

    Secondly, they’re charging 500 bucks a pop to watch two teams that aren’t ours.

  8. Jpaq68: when exactly did “Old Man Wilson” say the team will be sold to the highest bidder? He never said that. That scenario is speculation that has been fueled by the overly pessimistic Buffalo media. If you have a quote of RALPH WILSON himself saying that, please forward me the link because I would love to see it. Troll on dude.

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