Report: Peterson returns to team facility

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Many details remain unknown and unconfirmed regarding the situation that prompted Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to miss practice on Thursday.

We’ve reported that he is dealing with a “tragic” personal situation.  A source close to Peterson has declined to disclose any details, explaining that Peterson will address the situation at the appropriate time.  According to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Peterson has returned to the team facility.

It’s possible Peterson will speak to the media or release a statement later today, regarding the situation and/or his plans for the upcoming weekend, when the Vikings host the Panthers.

Though there’s always a presumption that football players — especially the great ones — will play, we hope Peterson and the team have a frank conversation about whether, in light of whatever he is dealing with, it’s in his best interests to play.

If the league’s teams learned anything from the 49ers’ decision to rush linebacker Aldon Smith to the field two days after he was arrested for DUI and while he was coming to grips with the intensely personal decision to submit to an in-patient rehab facility, it’s that the team and the player need to tap the brakes and explore whether playing is the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Again, we still don’t know what the specific circumstances are.  TMZ has reported that Peterson’s two-year-old son is in critical condition, and that a man has been charged with severely beating the boy.  Until those facts are confirmed, they should not be regarded as 100 percent true.

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  1. The player needs to decide whether or not he should play and should be able to do so without the opinion of outsiders who don’t know all the details or aren’t involved.

  2. Some things transcend the uniform.

    This is one of those moments. No matter who(m) you’re a fan of, this is a sad moment.

    We want our children to be safe, and innocent of the real world for as long as we can.

    Hopefully the little guy will be all right.

    All our thoughts go out to your family.

  3. I hope he didn’t feel any pressure to be there. His son is far more important than football and i’d be just fine with him taking an indefinite leave of absence.

  4. @Vikings – as a father first please encourage Adrian to stay bedside with his son until he is in the “clear”!!!

    Of course Adrian is grown man and will make his own decision but as an organization please use this opportunity to show that the NFL is just a game…we should all pray not just for a speedily recovery for Adrian’s son but also an end to child abuse worldwide.

    Unfortunately there are tons of these cases (and worse) happening every day to less famous families. The NFL should use their exposure and money to bring to light the need to end child abuse and fund organizations in this fight along with counseling to players that are parents or those that came from an abusive background in order to end this vicious cycle.

  5. I hope this man is beaten by a Vikings fan while in jail. If there are no Vikings fans in that prison, maybe just a fan of ridding the world of cowards that pick on kids.

  6. If the circumstances are true, I can’t imagine being anywhere other than my child’s bedside for the foreseeable future. Work– in this case, football– would be my last priority.

  7. He should do what he wants to do. Some people deal with grief better by keeping themselves busy with their profession, some people need to step away. It’s a personal decision, and quite frankly I don’t even think it’s appropriate to have an opinion about what he should do.

  8. After an event like that, I do not think Peterson has a choice but to play. Can you imagine all the energy it would take to not do something stupid if someone hurt your child? Peterson has the perfect outlet for such an unfortunate circumstance.

  9. as an AP fantasy owner, I would want him to tend to the welfare of his son rather than play on sunday. this is a child, not a parent or sibling. prayers to ap and his family

  10. Florio,
    In your previous report on this, the very first commenter said that this situation was horrible and sent condolences and best wishes to AP’s family.

    Incredibly, this drew 13 “thumbs down.”

    So it appears you have at least 13 readers who don’t think its bad to beat a toddler into critical condition and don’t think the family should receive condolences and best wishes.

    I’m sad for my country.

  11. If he plays Sunday, every man that tries to stop him will look like the bully that beat up his son. I don’t know how I would control that anger. I wish the best for you AP.

  12. Shocking and tragic if the last part is true, wish him the best in a very difficult time.

    For the poster who said he will run angry you must not have any children of your own to post a comment like that. Was your first thought actually that he should have a big game? My heart goes to you as well in your difficult time of need.

  13. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit.”
    (Psalm 34:18)

    Peace and blessings Adrian.

  14. Some things in life are just so much bigger then football (I realize how hard this must be for most of you to swallow) but as a RABID Seahawks fan and father of four let me say this. My prayers go out to the great Adrian Peterson during this time. Nothing is more important then our children and I pray god gives him the strength to deal with something so horrific. I pray for the child’s swift recovery and above else I pray AP makes the best decision for his son and family

  15. He should do whatever he wants to. That being said, as a father of two young boys, if one of them was just beaten to within an inch of his life and is in critical condition I cannot fathom being anywhere other than by their bedside. It is not like he is going to get fired for missing work.

  16. This event will galvanize AP’s teammates and will knit the team together. Who could not be moved by this monsterous act.

  17. I’m hoping this means good news, at least that the boy’s situation isn’t hopeless. Can’t imagine AP would leave if that were the case.

    I’m a bit torn, though–as a parent I can’t imagine leaving his side. At the same time if he’s still unconscious, and likely to be for awhile, there’s not really much AP can do except sit there and his presence could be making it harder for the hospital to do their jobs given the publicity and all.

  18. As much as we all love sports, cheer for or against teams, and come on here to talk trash to each other…this is a situation in which we all share the same beliefs.
    AP- we are fans of a game we loved to play as kids, and luckily you turned it into something bigger for yourself. Your son needs his dad right now, more that any team needs you. Take your time, enjoy your family, and we’ll all be here when you get back!
    Get well soon Lil AP!

  19. Good Luck and Prayers to the Peterson family, I hope the little man gets better, and I hope for swift justice of the coward who did this, legal or however.

  20. “If the circumstances are true, I can’t imagine being anywhere other than my child’s bedside for the foreseeable future. Work– in this case, football– would be my last priority.”

    What scumbag “thumbs down” this comment? Wow.

  21. Hope that Jared Allen, and some of the line are able to reciprocate to this individual who would hurt a child.

    As a father I cant imagine the feelings AP has right now. Hopefully he can go be with his son soon!!!

  22. When dealing with a death in our family, it was tough to do it but actually keeping busy and going to work helped more than sitting around.

    Now this isn’t a death and hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be one.

    He has to decide what is best for him to get through this. Be it putting that anger into running the football or patiently waiting at the bedside of his son.

    Only he can decide.

  23. Adrian Peterson is fortunate that he is in a financialposition which would give him the opportunity to take a leave of absence if he decides that is what is best for him and his family in this situation. Unfortunately many parents of child victims are not in the financial position to have that choice.

    If AP decides to play this week – and that is an intensely personal decision that is entirely up to AP and his family – I hope the Networks do not do any pregame stories applauding him for his courage in playing. I fearthat such stories – and emphasis on AP’s courage going forward will send the wrong message to those parents that make the other choice to deal with such tragedies by bedside vigil.

    Either choice – best wishes to AP and his family and also to all the other less famous victims of child abuse.

  24. Who on earth are the type of people who click ‘dislike’ when someone writes a comment about ‘hope Peterson’s son gets well…’ etc. Ridiculous

  25. Prayers for that poor little boy. I imagine the boyfriend will get what’s coming to him the second the prison guards turn their backs.

  26. Everyone is so quick to judge his decision. IMO the next best thing to beating the ever living piss out of this guy is to put it all out on the field. I cannot imagine the rage he has inside. Its time like this that an eye for eye is the fitting punishment.

  27. Sad… he should be with his son. I don’t understand his priorities… and you have to wonder about the Viking organization…..

  28. “Who beats a 2 year old up? What kind of an animal does that?”


    Agree, and what’s interesting about your point is that if any kind of dog did this to an infant it would already be put to sleep.

  29. As a parent, I cannot imagine what AP is going through right now. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, that something happens to your children and you are defenseless to protect them. I think I will hug my kids a little tighter tonight and say a prayer for AP and his little guy.

  30. Re: Thumbs down….

    I know that more than once my intent is to click a thumbs ups for something and accidentally click the thumbs down.

    Unfortunately it happens when you use a “smart” phone.

    Get well little guy. Hopefully he’s tough as nails like his daddy.

  31. Adrian has to deal with this in whatever way works for him. Some people can’t sit around a hospital all day during a situation like this, other people need to do that. He’s probably taking a private plane back and forth so he isn’t far away. He also has all the facts about this while we don’t.

  32. Why is he there? Needs to be by his boys bedside. In a horrible situation like this, screw football. Family should be first in any mans life.

  33. Prayers for your son and your family AP. As a father of two, I can’t imagine what you are dealing with. Be there for your family, work is nowhere near as important. As a Lions fan, I hope the Vikes get a win for you on Sunday.

  34. No matter what he decides, everyone should support his decision. If he doesn’t play, so be it. His son is more important than anything else in life. If he decides to play, so be it. Maybe he needs to do that to keep himself from having a breakdown. Whatever he decides, the whole football family should support him. Prayers to you and your family AP! I hope your son recovers from this and the monster who did it rots in jail.

  35. Who are these sick people leaving “thumbs down” marks on comments wishing the best for the kid and AP? Disgusting.

  36. Ha! A new hope for the bears! Adrian peterson is no longer mentally healthy. My thoughts go to patterson. And all you people care about are how many thumbs ups youre getting plastering it all over twitter to make your meaningless lives feel better wishing daddy would have given you one more thumbs up. Cant believe you people are posting hater comments on thumbs down in hopes to get only thums up. Such things are just as childish as a thumbs down.

  37. All you people hitting Thumbs down on this need to take good look in the mirror. If you seek attention that badly do something with your life.

    To see such a sad story and 20-30 knuckleheads hitting Thumbs down speaks to your education, place in society and general humanism (Is that even a word)

    I just take solace in the fact that I am not like you. I can look in the mirror and see a Man. Can you?

    Prayers and thoughts for AP and his family.

  38. The Vikings have a home game and his son is not very far from where he plays and practices. Let him do what he wants without scrutiny, everyone deals with things differently. I am a life long Packer fan but also a Father and I wish Adrian the best. Nobody can understand what he is personally feeling right now. Everyone is different.

  39. I can’t imagine a job that is important enough to leave your childs side in a situation like this. Go be with your boy AP, everything else will work itself out.

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